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Sunday October 11, 2009

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10/10 Raw house show results from Bristol, TN: Cryme Tyme over The Hart Dynasty; R-Truth over Drew McIntyre; Eve Torres & Melina over The Bella Twins; Sheamus over Shelton Benjamin; John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler; Kane over Matt Hardy; Christian, Hurricane & Tommy Dreamer over William Regal, Kozlov & Jackson; and Rey Mysterio over CM Punk.

The show was close to sell-out with 1,500 paid. They have taken the Abraham Washington Show on the road. They did a spot with Mysterio and Punk as the guests early on to set up the main event.

10/10 Smackdown/ECW house show results from Terre Haute, IN: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero; Jack Swagger over Primo; Jamie Noble over Heath Slater; Chris Masters over Santino Marella; Mickie James over Beth Phoenix; The Miz over Kofi Kingston; MVP & Mark Henry over Legacy; and John Cena over Randy Orton by DQ when Legacy ran in.

Show drew around 7,000.

We’re looking for reports from the WWE shows today in Toledo and Huntington to [email protected].

Raw is live Monday from Indianapolis, and Smackdown/ECW is taped Tuesday in Louisville. There is also a Smackdown house show Monday in Pikeville, KY.


WWE has sent out another new survey asking fans to vote on a new name for the Judgment Day PPV in May. The options are either Riot Control, War Games or Multimania. So it would appear they are thinking about bringing back the War Games concept which has been brought up every year since the purchase of WCW.

NBC sent out a press release noting that Nancy O’Dell and Maria Menounos are “stepping into the WWE ring to fight ALS.” Menounos said she is a lifelong wrestling fan and used to watch WWF shows with her father as a
child: “The art of professional wrestling, I feel, is an underrated attraction. Wrestlers don’t get the respect they deserve, especially from those who say it’s fake. I’d like to see any of these people get in the ring 340-plus nights a year and have their bodies slammed against plywood. The choreography doesn’t make hitting that mat hurt any less.
In addition to what they endure, the WWE performers are unique and rare for they are both an athlete and an artist. I wonder how many famous actors or athletes could captivate a live crowd of 20,000 people, having to speak to them, in character, via microphone and later grapple inside the ring? No other performer in the world of sports or entertainment must meet such a demand and I doubt few could. I am beyond excited and flattered to guest host ‘Monday Night Raw.’” O’Dell also noted that Vince McMahon taught her how to do a headlock and talked about her son being a huge fan.

WWE Studios are casting for a 15-year-old to play a younger version of John Cena in his next movie, Axley’s Road, which shoots in New Orleans in December. The film will be straight to DVD about a boy who suffers a lot of tragedy and ends up on his high school wrestling team against the wishes of his mother. Academy Award-nominee Patricia Clarkson is rumored to play the role of the mother.

For some reason YouTube has suspended the WWE channel.

West Virginia’s Herald-Dispatch interviewed Dolph Ziggler at http://tinyurl.com/yjxflhv. The reporter brought up his Wellness Program violation and Ziggler was quoted as saying: “That was a worse case scenario… Be careful what you get into and who you are associated with. It can easily be taken away. I had month to think it over. I said I won’t make that mistake again.”

There is a story on WWE coming to Bristol, TN at http://tinyurl.com/yjbuyxz with a 68-year-old women hoping The Rock was going to show up, because he “turns her on.” Seriously.

The Memphis Flyer at http://tinyurl.com/yh6hrue has a story on Jerry Lawler teasing bringing Rev. Al Sharpton to Memphis.

Smackdown TV in the Memphis area has been pre emptied for movies for the past two week’s on MyNetwork and currently airs on The CW.

The Hartford Courant at http://tinyurl.com/yjagn3x has a story on Linda McMahon’s Senate rivals ripping her for her Democratic contributions over the years.

A local news channel in Jacksonville, FL featured a story about a young boy who has a tumor behind his eyeball and wasn’t expected to live much longer, and showed John Cena at his birthday party with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Matt Hardy is teasing on his Twitter that brother Jeff has changed his look and cut his hair.


10/10 house show results from St. Cloud, MN: Hernandez over Sheik
Bashir; Homicide over Daniels; Matt Morgan over Eric Young; Beer Money
over The British Invasion & Motor City Machine Guns in a tag team
elimination match; ODB over Madison Rayne; and AJ Styles over Samoa Joe.

The show drew around 300, really poor in a college town with apparently
very little advertising. Former AWA announcer Mick Karch was in
attendance with his family.

TNA run today in Mankato at the 5,000-seat Verizon Wireless Center. It
will be interesting to see how they do. WWE sold out here in August.


You have to see the funny side of this story. The November 2009 cover of
Playboy magazine features Marge Simpson to mark the 20th anniversary of
The Simpsons. Originally the cover was earmarked for Traci Brooks who
was told she was bumped in favor of the late Farrah Fawcett. Playboy
released a picture of the cover shot on Friday featuring Marge, artfully
concealed behind a chair in the shape of the iconic Playboy Bunny logo.
You can view the cover shot at http://tinyurl.com/ygqommy.

Jeremy Borash pushes Bound For Glory at www.feelthepain.net. He
confirmed Sting is in talks with the company regarding a retirement tour
next year. He also shot down the false report about a Knockout being
pregnant that was started by Tammy Stych.

Announcer Lauren Brooke announced that she just got engaged.

Bobby Lashley has a new website where you can ask him questions about
wrestling, MMA or weight training at www.askbobbylashley.com.

Taz turns 42 today.


Mike Mooneyham at http://tinyurl.com/yj5rjt4 has a great article on the
new Gordon Solie book, with comments from Jim Ross, who insists Solie
was the greatest wrestling announcer in history.

There is a good story on Chris Hero at www.thewrestlingdaily.com.

Hollywood actor Luke Perry talks wrestling with Ric Drasin at
http://tinyurl.com/ykw46bu. Perry’s son is taking classes at Ric’s
school in California.

Buddy Landel was interview at www.InYourHeadOnline.com pushing his
upcoming appearance at the www.LegendsoftheRing.com convention. He
talked about fighting personal demons during the past few years. He said
he goes to the gym now every day and has dropped 70 pounds. He told a
story about sharing a hotel room with the Iron sheik in the mid 80s. He
woke up in the morning and blood was everywhere, including all over the
Sheik’s moustache. It turned out that a women Sheik had picked up was on
her period and Sheik had a wild night with her.

An upcoming issue of Men’s Fitness magazine will include excerpts from
Hulk Hogan‘s new book. Apparently here he talks about his steroid use,
and thoughts of suicide. I wonder if he outs Howard Finkel in the book.

Solofa Fatu, Jr. the former Rikishi turns 43 today and Sam Houston turns
47… Houston is currently incarcerated in Louisiana stemming from
multiple DUI offences.

Wrestle Talk Radio tonight at www.wildtalkradio.com.

Former TNA ref Rudy Charles http://tinyurl.com/yf5nndo was apparently
guest of honor at the “Catskin Days Parade” in Carrier Mills, IL.


I find it remarkable, that one person by the name of Vince McMahon can
create such wrath, anger and hatred on such a high level to this day.
Being hated, seems to fit Vince like a glove. Vince is evil, as I
examine in my up coming DVD release titled ” Superstar Billy Graham
exposes Vince McMahon.”

Vince McMahon does not have blood running thorough his veins, he has
venom, so much venom it would make any snake proud. Money is always the
bottom line, people make deals with and sell their souls to the devil
for the money. My wife Valerie made a comment about [Ted] DiBiase and
his sincerity and found him wanting. I will cast no stones, however.

I gave the ministry, speaking, traveling evangelist deal a try and found
myself doing it only for a pay day. I actually went into prisons and
tried to convert murders on Death Row. They did not need converting,
they needed to be executed and then sent on the fast tract to hell.
Money, in the end always wins, can’t do without it. I don’t know Ted
DiBiase’s heart, but I do know he is now employed once again by the

Paul Roma makes a good point about DiBiase, saying if he was legit, he
wouldn’t be back working for and with the devil.

Superstar Billy Graham


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