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Monday April 20, 2009
by Mike Aldren


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WWE is in the midst of a European tour with Raw on tape delay tonight from the O2 Arena London, England. We’re looking for reader reports with any off camera notes from the show to [email protected]

Raw tonight has Batista vs. Chavo Guerrero; Kane vs. CM Punk; Melina vs.
Beth Phoenix for the Women’s title; John Cena vs. Chris Jericho; Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show; and Triple H vs. Randy Orton. There is also the kiss cam segment with Khali and Santina Marella.


We are also looking for reports from the Smackdown/ECW/Superstars taping from the O2 on Tuesday, and the tour dates this coming week in Cardiff, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast and Geneva.


Jeff Hardy may soon be done with WWE as he has 3 months left on his contract and is yet to sign an extension.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat has been added to Backlash.

Some notes from the European tour. Matt Hardy was busted hardway in a match with brother Jeff in Cologne, Germany this past weekend. He needed
13 stitches to close the wound but is otherwise okay. There was a funny incident in Scotland in a match between Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho.
They were teasing that Jericho would unmask Mysterio but the mask accidentally slipped off into Jericho’s hands. He then started heeling the crowd and dropped it to allow Mysterio to put it back on. Then later the mask came off for a second time and Mysterio had to roll under the ring to put it back on… Mickie James appears to be off the tour as we got an email saying she was hanging out over the weekend at a chilli cook off at a radio station event in Richmond, VA. No word yet on why she didn’t travel with the rest of the crew… During the tour they announced new dates in Ireland for November billed as the DX Reunion
(Raw) and Undertaker Rest In Peace (Smackdown) tours. This would presumably be Triple H and Shawn Michaels in tags doing the DX gimmick.
There were some reports online saying that The Undertaker is retiring following the tour due to the tour title but there is nothing to it…
Michaels is also off the tour as he is taking time off right now which was requested before Wrestlemania… In Nottingham last night they did an angle where CM Punk defended his Money in the Bank briefcase against Jericho… Kelly Kelly has been working the tour as guest referee during Diva matches.

Shad Gaspard of Cryme Tyme at http://tinyurl.com/ctuhqb wrote a MySpace blog ripping on Internet Wrestling websites: “I don’t read wrestling news websites or magazines (excluding WWE Magazine) for one simple reason. They are bullshit. Just like you all before I got into WWE I did read them, but ones I got in I learned that the people who write and control these publications aren’t reporters or journalist, they are ass holes who write 5% fact and 95% bull shit (I’m being generic). Their sources usually give them half info so they have to make up the rest and they always contradict what they print later.” In the rest of the blog he talks about all the women

The debut edition of Superstars on WGN on 4/16 did a 0.9 rating. The average prime time show on the network does around 360,000 viewers so a positive result however you look at it.

12 Rounds with John Cena fell to No. 20 at the U.S. box office grossing $255,000 over the weekend. The domestic total now stands at $11,322,000.
The biggest draws overseas are Australia ($579,091), Singapore ($280,522), Malaysia ($253,783), UAE ($223,609), and the movie should also do okay opening in the UK on 5/27.

Cena is expected to begin work on his next movie in May.

Trish Stratus did a interview talking about why she didn’t appear at Wrestlemania. She admitted being asked to participate in the Diva battle royal but wanted any return to be more special: “I’ve always said to come out of retirement is a big deal to me, so if I was to come out it is for something special. To be honest, I feel Wrestlemania is a place to create memorable moments in one’s career, and frankly, with 25 women in the ring, I was just not sure how anyone could come out having their Wrestlemania moment, maybe if it was a little clearer that could be accomplished for someone, I would have been part of it.”

Former Diva Ashley Massaro on her Twitter account is claiming she will be returning to WWE at Summerslam. I guess it’s a good way to keep your name out there.

The Royal Rumble was announced for 1/24/10 at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

ECW on Sci-fi (soon to be Sy-Fy) returns to it’s 10pm start time from 5/5. This is due to the change in taping schedules with the Raw/Superstars being taped on Monday’s and Smackdown/ECW on Tuesday’s.

WWE’s TV deal in South Korea with C.J. Media expired and wasn’t renewed.
It’s actually a pretty big deal to the company as the contract was worth over $5 million.

Brian Fritz at http://tinyurl.com/dcnmep interviewed Brett DiBiase about his family, Wrestlemania, FCW and more.

WWE donated some merchandise to Dawn Marie‘s Wrestlers Rescue charity which is trying to raise $20,000 for Dr. Death Steve Williams. They want to get a device to help him communicate after his battle with throat cancer.

Mark Henry returns to OVW on 4/29 for a meet and greet in Louisville, KY. More info at www.ovwrestling.com

WWE returns to Edmonton for the first time in fours years on 8/11 for a Smackdown/ECW taping at Rexall Place. Tickets go on sale on 5/16 through www.ticketmaster.ca


4/19 Lockdown PPV results from Philadelphia, PA: Eric Young over Danny Bonaduce in the preshow; Suicide retained the X-title in an Xscape match over Kiyoshi, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Black Machismo & Consequences Creed; ODB over Madison Rayne, Sojo Bolt & Daffney in a Queen of the Cage match; The Motor City Machineguns retained the NJPW Jr. titles over Team No Limit and LAX in a three-way; Matt Morgan over Abyss in the Doomsday Chamber of Blood match; Angelina Love won the Knockouts title over Awesome Kong & Taylor Wilde in a three-way; Team 3D won the TNA tag titles over Beer Money, Inc; Team Jarrett over Team Angle in Lethal Lockdown, and Cactus Jack won the TNA title over Sting.

The Impact tapings are Tuesday and Wednesday back at Universal in Orlando with AJ.Styles vs. Kevin Nash for the Legends title; Taylor Wilde vs. Sojo Bolt with the winner getting a title shot at Angelina Love; and a “huge announcement” by Team 3-D.

Bobby Lashley has no contract with TNA other than a handshake. Both sides are hoping to reach a deal where Lashley could work TV and still compete in MMA. His appearance last night at Lockdown came as a surprise to the locker room as he was sneaked into the building during the show and only a handful of people knew he was coming in.

Chuck Palumbo said he is talking to Jarrett about coming in.

Kurt Angle exposes the business at http://tinyurl.com/cvxr4j

The Baltimore Sun has a Q&A with Alex Shelley at http://tinyurl.com/dbztac

IGN at http://tinyurl.com/c9yg5z interviewed Mick Foley pushing TNA over WWE… Foley will be signing autographs at the Reading Phillies game on 4/24.

Alex Marvez at http://tinyurl.com/dz94rm has a story on Daffney talking about dumping the Sarah Palin character.

The 4/16 edition of TNA Impact did a 1.3 rating.


Larry Sweeney at http://tinyurl.com/clc4jp wrote an angry blog saying he quit Ring of Honor (technically his contract was expiring) and said that Cary Silkin treated him like a “red-headed stepchild” due to his personal issues.

I don’t know if this is even legal but the 11-year-old son of actor Luke Perry, who has been taking classes at Ric Drasin’s wrestling school, wrestled against Nikki Tsugranes on Saturday night in El Segunda, CA.
Nikki won the match as Perry watched on.

The American Wrestling Rampage group announced another tour of France in November with dates in Strasbourg, Caen, Lille, Le Mans and Nantes

Bret Hart in the UK promoting his book had huge turnouts for his signings. We’re told he drew nearly 1,000 people in London for a signing at Waterstones. Globe reader Brian Elliot at http://tinyurl.com/dya8zr has a video interview up with Bret at a signing in Belfast, Northern, Ireland.

There is also a fun Q&A with Bret at http://tinyurl.com/dh3u2s talking about how crazy the Ultimate Warrior was and how Butch of the Bushwackers almost died a couple of years ago due to toxic poisoning saying the doctor thought it came about due to Butch licking so many heads.

www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/oww/radio/ has interviews from the 2009 Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in Las Vegas with Luna Vachon, Jim Duggan, Ross Hart and The Iron Sheik.

Jimmy Snuka will be appearing at the North Carolina Wrestling Association event in Clayton on 4/25.

WG Diva of the Day — Marysehttp://tinyurl.com/dxnswt

On this day in wrestling history: Today marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of Rick Rude… 9 years ago today Triple H defeated Tazz in the first ever match between a WWE champion and an ECW champion… 12 years ago today the Road Warriors captured the WWF tag titles over Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith at In Your House 14 in Rochester, NY… 21 years ago today Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard defeated Lex Luger & Barry Windham for the NWA tag titles… And 23 years ago today the AWA presented Wrestlerock ’86 from the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN.



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