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Tuesday June 16, 2009

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6/15 Raw TV results from Charlotte, NC: Chris Jericho over Rey Mysterio to retain the IC title; Tommy Dreamer over Christian to retain the ECW title; Randy Orton over Big Show, John Cena & Triple H in a four-way to win the WWE title; Mickie James over Rosa Mendes; CM Punk over Edge & Jeff Hardy in a three-way to retain the World title, Carlito & Primo Colon over the Hart Dynasty; and Triple H won a battle royal to earn a title shot at Orton next Monday in Green Bay.

The big news out of the show was the announcement of Donald Trump as the new gimmick owner of Raw. Almost nobody live bought the idea and were groaning as this went down as I imagine were most people watching at home. I understand this was an idea that someone at NBC came up with and Vince ran with it. This won’t be a long term storyline as Trump doesn’t come cheap and he isn’t going to be appearing on Raw every week. When he does his segments they will most likely be pre taped. Perhaps we will get McMahon vs. Trump II down the road, or maybe they could have Rosie O’ Donnell purchase Smackdown — I joke.

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy for the World title was the only announced match for The Bash in Sacramento next Sunday. Next weeks Raw will feature (commercial free) Randy Orton defending the WWE title against Triple H in a Last Man Standing match so God knows how they are going to sell this PPV. At least they have two full hours in which to try.

The Smackdown/ECW tapings are tonight from the Coliseum in Roanoke, VA with Evan Bourne vs. Mark Henry; DH Smith vs. Christian; and Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger in a non title match for ECW, and CM Punk vs.
Rey Mysterio, and Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy taped for Smackdown.
We’re looking for reader reports from the show to [email protected].


USA Network sent out a press release this morning touting Donald Trump as the new owner of Raw. Some media outlets are already reporting this release like its a legitimate business transaction. TV Guide at
http://tinyurl.com/negca7 ran a story. When they contacted the WWE, a rep told them that McMahon and Trump “are both great promoters, and (the
sale) is as real as anything else in Donald Trump and Vince McMahon’s world.”

Sobe Entertainment (who coincidentally represent Brooke Hogan and lists her rapper boyfriend Stack$ as CEO) filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Paul “Big Show” Wight, his wife Bess, and the WWE in Miami-Dade County Court on Monday. Sobe claims they advanced Wight $1 million to buy a house in 2007, plus $84,000 a month, on Wight’s promise that the company could manage him as he trained to become a professional boxer.
Sobe says that Wight refused to perform, and also failed to disclose he owed the IRS $450,000. Now the IRS has filed a lien on Wight’s house.
Sobe are demanding $2 million from the Wight and up to $15 million in damages from the WWE for “tortuous interference” for re-signing Wight in 2008. You can view the filing at http://tinyurl.com/nmp6as. WWE attorney, Jerry McDivett, said he wasn’t aware of the suit when
contacted: “WWE has not been served with any such suit. Merit less and frivolous suits are filed every day in this country.”

On a related note, there is no movement on the suit filed by Jody Hamilton (Deep South Wrestling) against the WWE back in March over DSW being dropped as a WWE developmental territory. DSW is seeking $320,000 in damages and $56,000 in personal injury for Hamilton for emotional distress.

WDBJ TV in Roanoke at http://tinyurl.com/lfqfbq has interviews up with Mark Henry and Tony Atlas, who spent his teenage years in Roanoke, to push tonight’s TV taping. Atlas makes some comments that probably should have ended up on the cutting room floor.

Matt Hardy is expected to have his cast removed soon after he broke his hand at Backlash. Hardy wrote on his Twitter: “I’m officially declaring myself healed and ready to get back to serious business on TV and in the gym.”

A funny note from the Smackdown show in Hershey, PA on Sunday. Chris Jericho was hiding the title belt that he carried to the ring because it was actually the Women’s title. The story going around was that Jericho accidentally left his IC belt at a hotel so as a rib the locker room decided he should carry Melina‘s belt to the ring instead.

Ric Flair, Shannon Moore and Puerto Rican legend  Carlos Colon (father of Carlito and Primo) were among those visiting backstage at Raw. Flair told some people that the current plan is to keep him off TV for a while longer to sell the Orton punt from three weeks ago. Flair’s son David and Ricky Steamboat Jr. were sat ringside during the show.

Some off camera notes: Santino Marella vs. Chavo Guerrero was taped for Superstars… I think most people noticed, but CM Punk had “MISAWA”
written on his wrist tape as a tribute… A lot of people were groaning when they made the announcement that Donald Trump was the new owner of Raw… After ther show Triple H had some fun. He tossed his elbow pads into the crowd but accidentally hit a young kid who started crying. To make a mends Hunter brought him into the ring for a pose down. Then he stole JR’s hat and pretended to be a cowboy by shooting pretend guns at a camera. He posed at the top of the ramp with all the announcers to close the show. (Thanks to Michael Carpenter, Samantha S., and many

Smackdown on 6/12 did a 1.8 rating.

Kofi Kingston is the latest victim at www.reelwrestling.com

Variety at http://tinyurl.com/n7rpq6 has a story on Michael Pavone replacing Michael Lake as executive VP of WWE Studios. The story noted that Lake leaves the company just a few months after 12 Rounds tanked at the box office, despite a huge push on WWE TV.

WQUAD.com at http://tinyurl.com/npbnma have a contest where you can win front row tickets to the Raw show in Moline, IL on Saturday.


Taz at http://tinyurl.com/mtdwzw answers more questions from fans on his
Facebook. He said he would like to try his hand at doing some MMA
commentary. On the passing of Misawa, he wrote: “I never had the
opportunity to meet this world class competitor and true legend in our
business but I was extremely familiar with his work and was always
impressed with his ability and his credibility he brought to the Pro
Wrestling industry. For many years Misawa was the measuring stick in the
great country of Japan. My thoughts and prays are with his friends and

www.shoptna.com is now selling Jim Cornette‘s Midnight Express
Scrapbook. I haven’t ordered this book yet but am told its amazing.

Jenna Morasca is doing a photo shoot today for People magazine.


Kris Zellner reports that Cesar “Guerrillero” Valentino who starred for
EMLL and UWA throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s died this morning at the
age of 68 due to an undisclosed illness. Valentino debuted at the age of
17 in 1958 in Veracruz where he worked the local scene until 1962 when
he joined EMLL where he starred for 13 years before joining Francisco
Flores’ UWA. It was in the UWA where he had maybe his greatest successes
as he defeated Anibal America Salvaje to become their first UWA World
Jr. Light Heavyweight champion on November 20th 1977 in Mexico City and
held that title for 441 days before losing it to Gran Hamada on February
4th 1979 in Mexico City. Cesar would battle greats like Anibal, Canek,
El Solitario, Villano III, among others during the glory days of UWA
when they were one of the biggest promotions in the world. Cesar would
go on to become a booker for the upstart AWWA that was run by Televisa
along with a boxing promoter from Los Angeles named Don Fraser with Lou
Thesz as the figurehead president and he won the AWWA World Jr. Light
Heavyweight Title in a match against Tully Blanchard on August 12, 1983
at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. It wasn’t long though before the
AWWA folded and Valentino kicked around Mexico, Guatemala, and other
countries until his retirement in 1993.

AAA wrestlers El Mesias (Ricky Banderas), Billy Boy and Hijo del
Tirantes were arrested on Monday night after a show in Ciudad Juarez,
Mexico after they got into an altercation with a 31-year-old man who was
upset that the wrestlers were using cocaine in his car. The wrestlers
beat the man up but were later released from jail on bond. The incident
was news all over Mexico this morning.

Bad week for Linda Bollea. Her rep, Gary Smith, issued a statement
claiming that Tampa-based DJ, Bubba the Love Sponge was “cyberbullying”
her. Bubba, real name Todd Clem, is a long-time friend (some say flunky)
of Hulk Hogan, who is pretty much using his Sirus radio show to bash
Linda on a daily basis. Smith said that Bubba has “a cult-like following
and has instructed listeners to verbally attack Linda if they see her in
public.” He said that Linda has already suffered disturbing attacks and
acts of vandalism to her personal property. Smith added that Linda is
now considering joining a lawsuit that other people have filed against
Bubba over comments he has made about them on his show. Smith also
claimed that Hulk has been leaking Linda’s home and cell phone numbers
to fans who have left threatening messages. “I’m simply trying to move
on with my life and these people won’t let me live in peace,” Linda
said. “I just want them to leave me alone… I’m afraid of them; the
things they say are frightening and vicious. These are dangerously
disturbed people.”

Bubba denied the stalking allegations on his show on Monday. He said
Linda is looking for fifteen minutes of fame and he wasn’t going to
bother responding to her. Hogan called into the show to plug Brooke
Knows Best on VH-1. He talked about attending Game 5 of the NBA Finals
in Orlando on Sunday. He said he was seated near Tiger Woods and his
wife, and claimed Woods wanted to beat up Chris Brown who was also at
the game over the deal with Rihanna.

The St Petersburg Times at http://tinyurl.com/ncjgmm ran a follow up on
Monday’s court hearing over Hogan wanting to reduce Linda’s monthly
$40,000 alimony. Hogan’s attorney called several witnesses claiming that
Linda was spending the alimony on drugs and clothes for her boyfriend
Charlie Hill. Tracy Morgan, Linda’s former hairdresser, testified that
she cashed checks for Linda who she claimed then used the money to buy
drugs. She said that Linda was hosting wild parties and serving alcohol
to minors and allowing them to do drugs in the Hogan family mansion.
Linda’s attorney said that the checks to Morgan were payments in advance
for haircuts because Linda felt sorry for Morgan as she was having
financial problems due to a terminally ill granddaughter. Morgan also
testified that she would close her salon to other customers when Linda
had an appointment. “She’s always drunk when she’s in the salon and gets
belligerent,” Morgan said. “It’s embarrassing.” She said Linda’s
favorite combination for getting high was smoking marijuana and taking
roxycodone pills. Hogan’s attorney said he still has many other
witnesses to testify. The next hearing is on 7/23. TMZ at
http://tinyurl.com/ls26g9 also picked up on the story.

Brooke Hogan was on Loveline with Dr. Drew last night in Los Angeles.

Interview with King Kong Bundy at http://tinyurl.com/m48ony who can’t
understand why he isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame. I gave up trying to
understand the HOF years ago. Bundy noted that he has had five foot
operations in the last two years and is currently working on a standup
comedy routine.

Scott Hall, Terri Runnels, Nikki Roxx and Dawn Maire are all appearing
this weekend at the T-Bone Walker Blues Festival in Linden, TX. More
info at www.tbonewalkerbluesfestival.com.

One of our readers sent us this photo (http://tinyurl.com/ns632k) of
former WWE star Virgil who can be seen any where there is an autograph
opportunity. Notice anything? The picture was taken over the weekend in
Middletown, PA.

Ring of Honor’s HDNet show is now available on the Playstation Network.

Nick Gage, the indy wrestler that nearly bled to death after severing an
artory in a match two weeks ago, returned for CZW at the Arena in
Philadelphia on Sunday. He did a spot where someone poured gasoline on
him and threatened to set him on fire.

ROH wrestler Tyler Black is a guest tonight at www.blogtalkradio.com/PSP
with Jimmy Rave and Sal Rinauro. The show begins at 9pm ET and you can
call (347) 324-5735 to join in the conversation.

Warrior (the former Ultimate Warrior, Jim Hellwig) turns 50 today… The
Sandman turns 46.

George the Animal Steele will be appearing at the Bulington, VT Lake
Monsters on 9/2.

The Slam Wrestling website at http://tinyurl.com/kl8scp has a Q&A with
Koko B. Ware.

Diva-Dirt.com presents WGN’s Diva of the Day, Katie Lea at



Loving the return of the newsletter; great work.

Must disagree on you saying no Kurt Angle matches on the upcoming SmackDown set. There have been lots of Angle matches on WWE compilations over the last couple of years and I’m sure there will be a few on this compilation. It would be criminal not to and they know that. Plus with Angle’s contract up in September he might be back in WWE by the time it comes out.

— James Gallagher


I just wanted to send in my thoughts on the late Mitsuharu Misawa. I
don’t even know if this is the correct way to do this or not but I
figured I’d give it a shot. The name Mitsuharu Misawa is not one that
your average wrestling fan would ever expect to come across and that is
a giant shame. Misawa was the fourth Generation Ace of AJPW if we use
the connection to the JWA and Rikiodizan, Jumbo Tsuruta was actually the
third, and pretty much what we all want our favorite wrestler to be,
respected not only among his peers but the nation in which he lived. He
accomplished the ultimate goal of having the fans actually believe that
what they saw in the ring was the real deal.

I was first introduced to Misawa by a friend of mine in the wide world
of the internet who had introduced me to NJPW and decided that I had
earned my stripes. I was ready to “walk the King’s Road.” hamming it up
like he always did. He sent me the infamous 6/3/94 bout. Being on a dial
up connection back then it took about 27 hours for the entire bout to
load to my computer. What I saw in that match changed how I looked at
the business. Much like ECW this made me proud to hold my head up
proclaiming my pro wrestling fandom to the people that donned full NFL
gear and worshiped at the alter of Madden more reverentially than most
religious fanatics. The way they built up the bout and the risks they
took to tell the fans that nothing else mattered but what went on inside
of the ring. It was more impressive to see the moves that the two where
willing to do to each other, the slow motion videos I’ve seen of the
match really show how impressive and harmful the moves where.

Misawa’s accomplishments have been talked about and discussed at great
detail at this point so I’m not going to discuss that rather I would
like to take the time to explain why, in my opinion, he is no longer
with us.

Misawa was a part of five men that are labeled “The five corners of
heaven.” along with Kobashi Kenta, Akiyama Jun, Akira Taue and Toshieki
Kawada (sp) that fans in Japan consider the producers of part of the
greatest matches ever. Fans, as John Cena can tell you, hate change and
want their heroes to live forever in little glass cases that help them
to never age or weaken. Fans never want to let go even when the hero is
gone.  Misawa was that hero to the fans in Japan. It’s almost like
reading a tragic epic when watching the last couple of years in NOAH’s
history. Misawa tried to get over four men as the next generation of the
business but each time he failed because the fans refused to accept that
they could be anywhere near as good as the five corners. Couple this
with the horrible influx of MMA where it became almost impossible for
anyone to work softly thanks to it now being in the minds of the public
that it really only did take one shot to the head to knock someone out.

NOAH manged to weather the storm thanks in no small part to Kenta
Kobashi the charismatic hero whom people expect to die in the ring in
hopes of fulfilling his goal of returning Pro Wrestling to it’s former
glory in Japan. Which Misawa hoped would finally provide his escape
plan. He could put Kobashi in his Ace role and then work on building the
next generation. These plans where dashed when it was discovered that
Kenta had Throat cancer. And thus Misawa had to pilot the Ark yet again,
weathering beat down after beat down gradually the effects of all those
five star matches became obvious. I don’t exactly know why the people
refused to let him go even when he made his last GHC Heavyweight title
match storyline “I’m too old to keep going please like my chosen one.”
But the people refused. So he suffered along until hope arose in Kobashi
yet again at his return bout when they sold out Budokan Hall and had to
set up TVs outside so the fans who had gathered but couldn’t get in
could watch.

Things where looking up until it was discovered that Kenta’s elbow was
shot and he’d need to be out for another six months. The final death
blow was the loss of the network TV deal due to Kenta’s uncertain future
in the sport and the general ratings down turn during his departure.

This would lead to generally decent tours but not what they needed. They
needed something to happen, they needed Misawa to help another of his
next generation to glory by winning the tag titles.  So one more time
Misawa would take up his mantle to try to save the day.

I don’t know if what I’ve typed here will make it to the news letter but
if it doesn’t then I hope this will.

Please if you have any extra money you plan to use to buy things related
to wrestling and support a Japanese promotion with a DVD purchase. For
the sake of the business as a whole put off buying the Macho Madness DVD
and treat yourself to something from the far east. I can promise you it
will be as good if not better than what the WWE feeds us.

— Preston Steelman


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