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Friday June 5, 2009

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6/4 Superstars TV results: Goldust & Hornswoggle over The Brian Kendrick & Jamie Noble; David Hart Smith over Tommy Dreamer; and Jeff Hardy & R-Truth over Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler.

There is a WWE Supershow (all three brands) on Saturday night at the Pensacola, FL Civic Center. The line up includes John Cena, Jeff Hardy & CM Punk vs. Randy Orton, Edge & Chris Jericho; Christian vs. Jack Swagger; and Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy.

Sunday is the Extreme Rules PPV from the New Orleans Arena. TV next week has Raw on Monday at the Cajundome in Lafayette, and the Smackdown/ECW taping is Tuesday at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS. As always we’re looking for reports from these shows to [email protected].


Smackdown tonight has Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison; Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth; CM Punk vs. Umaga; Melina, Gail Kim & Eve Torres vs.
Michelle McCool, Layla & Alicia Fox; Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler; and Edge vs. Rey Mysterio. This was said to be a great show worth going out of your way to watch.

John Laurinaitis made some cuts in developmental on Thursday before the FCW TV tapings. Confirmed so far as let go were Maverick Darsow (son of Barry Darsow), Jon Cutler, and Lupe Viscara, a tall Hispanic bodybuilder type. One of these cuts was originally a suspension, but at press time we can’t go on record with additional details as we are still investigating. More releases are expected.

Jeff Hardy has spoken for the first time on his contract status with WWE. When asked if he would still be with the company in six months, Hardy told Danny Salas on 94.9FM in California: “Yes, it’s very possible. There is nothing concrete. I know there are rumors out there about me no re-signing but (myself and WWE) haven’t decided that yet.
Time will tell. Don’t believe anything you hear but there is a very good chance, so we’ll see.” You can listen to the interview at http://b95forlife.com/pages/Salas.html where Hardy also talks about his ladder match against Edge this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Hardy also called into 106.7 WJFK out of Washington. He said the Mr. Kennedy firing was a shock to the entire locker room and put him over as a great
talent: “He’s got so much talent. It was really sad. I don’t know if it was the right move, but we’ll see.” He noted that the company is releasing a few guys right now but said, “it takes a lot to shock me, so I’m pretty much prepared for it.”

Joey Styles obviously heard about Jim Cornette lambasting him on his Podcast. Styles today on his Twitter at http://twitter.com/WWEJoeyStyles was further airing his strong political views. He wrote: “Our marxist president is in the Middle East apologizing for the USA and snubbing Israel. The disgrace continues… Obama hid from his middle name, Hussein, during the election and now brags about how many Muslims live in America. He’s a fraud… By the way, he used taxpayer money to turn ownership of Chrysler and GM to the UAW which donated millions to his campaign. That’s a payoff!”

The company is looking for creative writers again at www.wwe-careers.com. Qualified candidates should possess: BA/BS in Film, TV, Drama, Media Studies, Communications or equivalent (so don’t try and claim you have a degree in a field you don’t like Linda McMahon), a minimum of three to five years writing and production experience in network television (if they find out you know anything about wrestling or read the Internet your screwed), professional TV staff experience in drama and comedy a plus (this means you have to laugh at Vince’s bad jokes and kiss Kevin Dunn’s ass), be highly creative (make Vince think your ideas are really his), be plugged into pop culture and trends (suggest Kid Rock and Peter Gabriel do concerts at Wrestlemania), be able to work closely and effectively with talent (don’t piss off Randy Orton, and if someone shits in your bag take it like a man), have a strong understanding of WWE’s audience (“Yes Vince, what a great idea…
you truly are a genius!”), must be willing to relocate and be a team player (are you willing to work 20 hour days on no sleep without ever complaining, and if your wife complains, hire a nanny?), and also not be opposed to a flexible travel schedule (this means moving a TV taping almost 1000 miles because either the NBA, Stan Kroenke or the Federal Government is out to get Vince and he has to show them who has the bigger penis).

Speaking of Kroenke… KROENKE is the pre sale password for the WWE’s reschedule 8/7 show in Denver, CO. Awesome.

WWE reported it latest KPI’s as of 4/30 revealing that Wrestlemania 25 was estimated at doing 975,000 buys. I imagine that the company is thrilled with that number as even though the internal predictions were 1 million, which it may still do, most industry insiders, including myself, were predicting between 750-850,000. We don’t know the overseas break down but for the first time ever the show was on PPV in Mexico which gave the number a boost. 975,000 buys puts Wrestlemania 25 as the fifth most purchased show in company history behind Wrestlemania 23 (Battle of the Billionaires), WM24 (Edge vs. Undertaker, Ric Flair vs.
Shawn Michaels, Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather), WM17 (Steve Austin vs.
The Rock) and WM21 (Hollywood themed show with Batista vs. Triple H and Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels). The company also reported that Backlash three weeks after WM25, which was an awesome show, did 185,000 buys. For the past five years that show has averaged around 200,000 buys and is among the least purchased shows of the year.

So far the Starrcade DVD had sold 107,000 units and The Best Of Saturday Night’s Main Event DVD has sold 108,000 units. There is a great website at www.wrestlingshop.com where you can order both of these titles with free shipping.

Two WWE 24/7 roundtable shows will be taped next Wednesday. Jim Ross
reports: “The two Roundtable shows will be concerning Wrestling with Patriotism and Giants in the wrestling biz. The Patriotism show will address utilizing stereotypes in creating  rivalries while Giants will be about wrestling’s biggest superstars and what made them great and who came up a little short and who should have been better considering their natural gifts. I do not know when these two shows will air on 24/7 but assume it will be a few months as these programs take enormous editing.
Mean Gene Okerlund will host this foray and the panel will include, as of now, Michael Hayes, Sgt. Slaughter, perhaps Pat Patterson (not
confirmed) and me.”

Evan Bourne, who is a smart kid, at http://tinyurl.com/on44en crows the company line that the WWE version of ECW blows Paul Heyman’s “out of the water.” I don’t think he was wearing a headset when he did that interview.

Ric Flair claimed in today’s New York Daily News that the decision to quit Ring of Honor was all his idea. He said: “I announced I would be leaving them (ROH) last week at the Philadelphia show because it would be on HDNet and I felt it wasn’t right for me to be appearing for the WWE and ROH while singing the praises of both. I only have a verbal agreement with them to make appearances.” When ask about wrestling again, he said: “Well, let me say that under very special conditions I would consider wrestling again.”

Victoria (now TNA’s Tara, Lisa Marie Varon) has been erased from history on the WWE.com alumni section.

The Top 10 Sports DVD Chart from the 6/13 issue of Billboard Magazine:
1. WWE: Wrestlemania: 25th Anniversary; 2. UFC: Best Of 2008; 3. UFC 91:
Couture Vs. Lesnar; 4. UFC: Ultimate Knockouts 6; 5. UFC 92: Nogueira Vs. Mir; 6. UFC 93: From Dublin, Ireland; 7. UFC: Best Of 2007; 8. UFC
90: Silva Vs. Cote; 9. UFC 88: Breakthrough; 10. WWE: Greatest Stars Of The 90s. You can order Wrestlemania 25 and many of these titles with free shipping at http://tinyurl.com/p4aor2.

The WWE stock was up to $13.49 yesterday, its highest in a long time. I don’t think the news that Chris Masters was returning had anything to do with it as I read on one website. At press time the stock was trading up another $0.34 at $13.83.

Gaming Ring interviews John Morrison at http://tinyurl.com/nvapmd. He said he would love a program with Jericho.

Marvel.com at http://tinyurl.com/m3h34b has a story with Kofi Kingston who is a huge comic book collector. He says he see’s a lot of similarities in himself to Spider-Man. Did I miss something here?

The New York Post reported earlier this week that Madison Square Garden will be rebuilt on its current site at cost of more than $500 million.
All that will remain the same are the exterior walls and the ceiling.
The lower half of the arena bowl will be rebuilt in time for the 2011-12 Knick and Ranger seasons. The upper half will be done in 2013. This could turn into an issue down the road as WWE have been at odds with MSG in recent years over the rise in costs to run shows.

CM Punk Q&A in the Pensacola News-Journal at http://tinyurl.com/lpqbkl pushing the Supershow on Saturday night. When asked if he wanted to do movies like John Cena he said he was happy to stay in the ring. Good idea. On his finishing move he lends from KENTA: “I pick the guy up in a firemans carry, boost him over my head and throw him down. As hes falling toward the mat, I knee him directly in the face. Its called ‘go to sleep’ because they wouldnt allow me to call it the ‘go to hell.’ It knocks guys out.”

This is the homemade video pitch to creative that probably saved Zack Ryder’s job: http://tinyurl.com/r8fozx – Woo, woo, woo!

Tiffany is donating proceeds from her items auctioned off at Auction.WWE.com to Hope Children’s Home in Tampa. A really nice gesture.


6/4 TNA Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: Sheik Abdul Bashir & Kiyoshi
over Daniels & Suicide; Beer Money, Inc. over Chris Sabin & Consequences
Creed; Daffney over Taylor Wilde; Matt Morgan over Jesse Neal; and Samoa
Joe over Kevin Nash in a Six Sides of Steel King of the Mountain

6/4 TNA house show results from Kent, WA: Chris Daniels vs. Suicide was
a time limit draw; Taylor Wilde over Velvet Sky to win a shot at
Angelina Love; Angelina over Taylor to retain the Knockouts title; Eric
Young over Matt Morgan; AJ Styles over Daniels & Suicide in a three-way;
and Team 3-D & Jeff Jarrett over Beer Money, Inc. & Sheik Bashir.

The show drew what the building claimed to be 1200 although we recieved
and read several reports all stating there was no more than 800 in
attendance. All postitve reports including a PPV quality three-way with
Daniels, Styles and Suicide.

The TNA tour continues tonight at the Abbottsford Arena in Abbottsford,
BC followed by the South Okanagan Centre in Pentiction, BC on Saturday.
We’re looking for reports from both shows to [email protected].


TNA have just announced a sponsorship deal with Stacker 2, which was a
WWE sponsor for many years.

The Epics TV show tonight in the UK has Mick Foley hosting the first
King Of The Mountain match with AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven vs.
R-Truth vs. Chris Harris from Nashville in 2004; AJ Styles vs. Raven vs.
Sean Waltman vs. Abyss vs. Monty Brown from Slammiversary 2005; and
Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Abyss vs. Christian Cage vs. R-Truth from
Slammiversary 2006.

There is deal where if you buy a ticket to NASCAR’s Lifelock 400 race on
6/14 you get a free ticket to Slammiversary on 6/21 at The Palace of
Auburn Hills, MI. For more info you can call the Michigan Speedway
ticket office at 1-800-354-1010.

Jenna Morasca has just been accepted to Columbia for a masters degree in
Psychology. She could probably get a better lecture from Dutch Mantell.

Kevin Nash, Traci Brooks and SoCal Val will be appearing at the Steel
City Con (http://www.steelcitycon.com) in December at the Monroeville
Convention Center in Monroeville, PA.


At www.howard.tv you can watch Brooke Hogan‘s train wreck appearance on
Howard Sterm. She was also on ABC News last night promoting her reality
show. She confirmed her recent boob job and noted that there will a
special show looking at her family before Sunday’s debut of Brooke Knows
Best on VH-1.

There is a Hulk Hogan Appreciation Day on 7/10 in Bridgeview, IL at
Toyota Park. Hogan will be signing autographs from 2-6pm as well as
being appreciated, I guess.

Interview with former TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx at

Torrie Wilson survived early elimination last night on NBC’s I’m a
Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here. She placed in the bottom two for votes
with Angela Shelton, who was voted off the show. Ratings have bombed.
The premiere on Monday did a 4.0 but was down to a 3.2 for the show last

From a frustrated reader in Tampa who can no longer get HDNet: “I called
Brighthouse today to cancel the HD Pack since they no longer carry
HDNet. It was explained to me that I shouldn’t cancel because they are a
few days away from finishing negotiations on a new contract and that it
is their intent to bring HDNet back on the line up. I still cancelled
anyway, because really, the Ring of Honor show hasn’t been good enough
for me to keep the channel. If it gets good, I’ll consider coming back.
But there’s more than enough wrestling on now. Also, for those that
don’t know, Brighthouse Tampa is now carrying WGN HD with the standard
lineup of HD channels. I think it’s channel 746. This is good because
WWE Superstars is now available in HD and we now get all WWE programming
in HD. I just wish that Brighthouse would carry SpikeTV HD so I could
watch Impact in HD too.”

Bret Hart is back the UK on 7/11 doing a Q&A and autograph signing at
iceSheffield in Sheffield, England. For tickets you can call 01246
431079 or 01246 432189.

There is a new book coming out looking at the life and times of lady
wrestler Mildred Burke. The book titled The Queen of the Ring: Sex,
Muscles, Diamonds, and the Making of an American Legend is written by
Jeffrey Leen of The Washington Post. The promotional material reads: ‘At
only five foot two, Mildred Burke was an unlikely candidate for the
ring. A waitress barely scraping by on Depression-era tips, she wanted
more, and she saw her chance when she witnessed her first wrestling
match. Even against all odds, she knew that she could become a female
wrestler. What followed was a gritty, glittering testament to the golden
age of wrestling, when beauty and brawn captivated the world. Burke, who
passed away in 1989, was a huge star in the formulative years of women’s
professional wrestling, performing as World champion for several decades
as well as promoting and training. Once married to promoter Billy Wolfe,
she had a really colorful life as both a wrestler and a promoter.’

The Honky Tonk Man headlines for the IWF on 6/24 in West Paterson, NJ.
More info at www.WrestlingIWF.com
The Iron Sheik will be appearing at K&S’s Summer Sizzler on 7/25 at the
Radisson Hotel in Carteret, NJ. More info at www.kandswrestlefest.com.

Frima Studio has a deal with The Game Cartel, and Trish Stratus is
signed on to participate, to develop the first ever player-conceived
console video game. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks.

Diva-Dirt.com presents WGN’s Diva of the Day, Gail Kim at

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