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Wednesday September 23, 2009

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9/21 ECW TV results from Tulsa, OK: Yoshi Tatsu over Paul Burchill; Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson over Brandon Young & Dustin Starr; and Christian over Zack Ryder.

The Raw crew are currently on tour in South America. They run tonight in El Salvador, Thursday in Honduras, Saturday in Guatemala, and Saturday in Mexico. The Smackdown/ECW crew are en route to Europe. They run Thursday in Madrid, Spain and then Friday in Nice, France and Saturday and Sunday in Paris. We’re looking for reader reports from all of these shows to [email protected].


Lauren Mayhew, a 24-year-old singer/actress, started with WWE Tuesday at the Smackdown TV tapings in Tulsa. She will be doing the Lilian Garcia role of singing the National Anthem and ring announcing. I didn’t find this out until today but she had a meeting WWE people in Stamford, CT on
9/7 and they later decided to hire her. She has a musical background and has been involved in showbiz since the age of 8. As a teenager she signed with Sony Records forming part of the pop band PTY, who never made it big, but did tour and support the likes of Destiny’s Child, ‘N SYNC, and Britney Spears. She has cameos in episodes of CSI: Miami, Law & Order, Joan of Arcadia, Medical Investigation, and had a recurring role for one season of NBC’s American Dreams. She is also part of the upcoming MTV series Private High Musical. It’s expected she will remain on the Smackdown brand to work TVs. Not quite sure where this leaves Justin Roberts as we had been told Howard Finkel was handling Raw in the short term.

The legendary Danny Hodge attended the tapings in Tulsa. Hodge, 77, sits on the Oklahoma Professional Boxing Commission, which regulates professional boxing, wrestling and MMA in Oklahoma.

The top matches for Smackdown at Hell in a Cell with be CM Punk vs. The Undertaker for the World title, and Batista & Rey Mysterio vs. Big show & Chris Jericho for the tag titles.

Dennis Miller said on his radio show Tuesday that he will be hosting an episode of Raw later this year.

There is interest in bringing in Tyler Black, and Mark and Jay Briscoe, who are probably best known for their work in Ring of Honor.

The Miz and John Morrison appear on next Tuesday’s Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader on MyNet. Other upcoming episodes will feature Michelle McCool, MVP and Big Show.

Matt Hardy turns 35 today.

The Hart Dynasty and Maria are appearing Thursday at the Cold Stone Creamery in Times Square around 5pm.


BG James was interviewed by James Guttman at
www.WorldWrestlingInsanity.com. When asked whether he was caught off
guard by his release, he said: “To be very honest, I was caught very
much by surprise. They were using me as a road agent for the house
shows, TV, and pay-per-views, but what surprised me the most was the
house shows. I was really the only agent they had going out on the road
for all the house shows they were doing every weekend.  So that kind of
caught me by surprise because I didn’t think they would just call me one
day and say, ‘You’re done. Thanks for all your work.’ I kind of thought
that maybe if I got let go it would be, you know, they would give me
some time or something.  So I was caught by surprise for sure.” He said
he would love another opportunity with WWE: “I see [Triple H and Shawn
Michaels] come out and they’re great, man. They get a huge pop. For me,
that would be something that would be ideal. But I’m not in that ring
shape like they are. They’re working every weekend or working every
other weekend.  I just haven’t been in the ring in a while. So I might
just be a nuisance to them. I think for a couple of pay-per-views, that
would be a good pop.”


The Karl Afflis story that ran everywhere last week appears to have been
a hoax. Somebody thought it would be a cool prank to fake his death, and
even his ex wife and kids thought he had passed on until he turned up
alive and well on Monday. Afflis is the son of Dick the Bruiser.

Scott Storch, a hip-hop record producer, in a recent interview with
Details magazine claimed he only produced Brooke Hogan‘s album
Undiscovered because he felt pressured by Hulk Hogan. He was quoted as
saying: “I love Brooke, but I did that s**t because her father was
putting all sorts of pressure on me. Sure, it was fun. But the thing is,
I didn’t make one good bit of music when I was high on coke. Not one

Hogan on the Bubba radio show Tuesday morning in Tampa claimed that the
voicemail where he threatens Chase Holfelder was a rib. The rest of his
segment consisted of Bubba ripping Vince Russo. Hogan also put Cena,
Orton, Edge and Batista over saying they were great guys. He said if he
came back to WWE he would love to work a program with Jericho.

Jon Heidenreich and King V (Big Daddy V) were added to the Hulkamania
Tour. Lacey Von Erich was apparently pulled due to signing with TNA but
they have hired a bunch of no name bikini models to be eye candy

Yahoo at http://tinyurl.com/nho4xr has a story on Dwayne Johnson’s
upcoming movie, The Tooth Fairy.

Johnson has been attached to the Columbia Pictures comedy, The Other
Guys, according to Variety. The movie has a cast that includes Samuel L.
Jackson, Will Ferrell, Steve Coogan and Mark Wahlberg. Johnson will
reportedly play an elite cop who pisses off his co workers by doing such
a good job. Sounds just like the wrestling biz…

IWF presents Fall Brawl this weekend in West Paterson NJ. More info at


RE: New Chris Benoit book

I have no idea who these people are or how they are related to Chris
Benoit. With all this stuff about Michael Jackson, I am sick of people
dissecting dead people’s lives. Let the family get on with there lives
in peace. This is a disgrace to humanity unless I am misinformed. Anyone
trying to make a buck off someone’s else pain derserves to go to hell.

Chris in Independence, KS


On the Angelina Love visa issue – there are several different kinds of
visas, so it’s entirely possible Love has a valid visa to be in the US,
but not one that allows her to work here.  The rules on work visas have
really been tightened up with all the hysteria about illegal aliens in
the US.  Sad thing is, it only hurts the law abiding people – the crooks
who bring in truckloads of illegals to work on farms, etc, are still
running like nothing ever happened.



I’m a rarity in sports entertainment, I was born with a condition called
Cerebral Palsy. That in itself is a challenge, but after doctors said I
wouldn’t live a year, I did! At nine years old, the wrestling bug bit
me. Unable to walk, I follow it by TV! I did attend a show and meet the
late Ray “The Crippler” Stevens.

The rare part is I do all my work in bed, typing on a keyboard and using
a monitor  mounted on a corrugated pipe above me! Even rarer is my
talent for spotting great writing. Mike, keep up the good work!

WWE is improving, TNA has a great future. I will stake  my life on its
future. We the fans deserve a real rivalry. Smackdown is not a true
rival of Raw or even ECW I had been an online columnist until a loved
one died of leukemia. WWE’s tri-branded monster will  never be what it
needs to be, until it realizes each territory  has to have a different
attitude, separate  from the WWE initials!
I am a lifelong fan of the sports entertainment/pro wrestling industry.
I have my own agenda, that is the health of future wrestlers. Steroids
must go away. I use this term for any harmful drug, including anabolic
steroids, hallucinogens, etc. Enough for some, is never enough for
others, no drug is the answer! When will they learn? That is the eternal



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