New WSU “Best of 2007” DVD available!

Cover Art:
“WSU BEST OF 2007”
This DVD also features the first ever release of the Angel Orsini vs Jana WSU Championship match from JAPW on 6/28/08.
This DVD chronicles WSU’s first year, with 15 huge matches for less than $9! This is a great DVD for people wanting an abridged history of WSU and wanting to save money on our previous titles.


This DVD also features the best production we’ve ever had. DOI’s Sean McCaffrey & WSU commentator Sean Hanson go through the backstories & history of every match on this DVD, as there’s over an hour of exclusive content that’s never been seen before!

This is a perfect DVD for anyone wanting to get their feet wet in WSU, as it is a double disc DVD, where you really get your monies worth.


Alicia vs Becky Bayless 3/3
Talia vs Daffney 3/3
Alicia vs Luna 5/5
Alicia vs Amber 6/23
Alicia vs Luna vs Amy Lee vs Nikki Roxx 7/14
Amy Lee & Luna vs Diva Killaz 7/14
Alicia vs Alexa 8/17
Traci Brooks vs Nikki Roxx (Ivory Special Ring Enforcer) 8/25
Alexa vs Cindy Rogers 9/22 (Surviving the game)
Angel Orsini vs Amy Lee 9/22 (Surviving The Game)
Alicia vs Christy Hemme 9/22
Alicia vs Becky Bayless 12/22 (world not enough/last woman standing)
Alicia vs Melissa Stripes vs Alexa Thatcher 12/22
Alicia vs Sunny 12/22
Angel vs Jana 6/28 From JAPW

This DVD features exclusive backstage promos.
Commentary by Sean Hanson & Missy Hyatt

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