WSU Double DVD Taping 1/10

In what many paying fans are calling the best womens show they’ve seen all year, WSU returned to Boonton, NJ with another double-dvd taping filled with great wrestling, drama and excitement. Both shows built the excitement to a fever pitch as we head to the 2nd Anniversary Show on March 7th.


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DVD Taping One

WSU commentator Sean Hanson kicked off the show and said that he was on strike. Hanson said he was going to remain on strike until Rick Cataldo was reinstated by WSU. Hanson said that he had his lawyers working on the case. Hanson said he would not sleep until this matter was resolved.

Melissa Coates vs Miss April went to a 10 minute time limit draw. After the match, Rain ran out. When the fans asked for 5 more minutes, Rain said they weren’t worth it. Rain then told the audience she had plans for domination and would become the new WSU champion.

Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison d. (Team Wigwam) Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson
In Alere’s comeback match, Kylie Pierce was once again able to spoil Alere’s day. After Kylie put Alere out of action over 6 months ago with a kick to the neck, Alere was seeking revenge. Team Wigwam knew they’d be wrestling Kylie but didn’t know who Kylie’s mystery protege was. Kylie announced that it was Lea Morrison, the person that Kylie defeated in her first match back in WSU. Kylie has taken Lea under her wing and under this new partnership, Lea picked up her first win in WSU. However, in post-show news, a rematch has been signed for these two teams, and with Team Wigwam now knowing what they are in store for, expect Team Wigwam to get their long awaited revenge!

Rain d. Rachel Summerlyn
In a match between two WSU newcomers, Rain defeated Rachel Summerlyn in what many fans are calling an excellent technical wrestling match.

In a special edition of Missy’s Manor, Missy Hyatt introduced #1 Contender Mercedes Martinez. Missy put over Martinez’s trials and tribulations in her quest to become WSU Champion. Missy also spoke a little “Spanglish” and told Mercedes that she thinks Mercedes will dominate 2009! With Martinez giving some last few words before the big cage match, Missy then interviewed the struggling Soul Sisters. The Soul Sisters, Jana & Latasha, haven’t been on the same page in recent months. Missy tried to forge a bond, as Missy managed the Sisters a long time ago and wanted to patch up the differences. However, Jana wasn’t hearing any of it. Latasha stated she had a big announcement and wanted to tell everyone, but before she could tell everyone, Jana cut her off and said that the time for talk was over and asked for their opponents to be brought out.

Brooke Carter & Reyna Fire d. The Soul Sisters
In their second match together, WSU’s hottest rookies, Carter & Fire, picked up a huge win over the Soul Sisters. This match wasn’t without any drama however, as Latasha refused to tag in. With Jana having to take the brunt of the action, Carter was able to pin Jana, giving her team their first ever victory!

After the match, The Soul Sisters squared off. Latasha said that Jana wouldn’t let her talk all day. Latasha said the reason she didn’t wrestle is because she came up positive on a pregnancy test! In a scene right out of Maury Povich, Latasha said that she didn’t go to the hospital yet since she just found out, but didn’t want to miss the show for Jana. Latasha said that she will be rooting for Jana in her singles career and if she is truly pregnant, then in 9 months they will come back and win the tag titles. Jana thought it over and after a false embrace, laid Latasha out with one of the most brutal clotheslines you’d ever see. Jana then proceeded to splash Latasha from the top rope. Latasha was rushed to the hospital while Jana just blankly stared at the crowd. It was like Jana was possessed by a dark force. WSU would like to apologize to our fans for Jana’s actions as WSU does not condone the despicable acts that occurred on Jana’s behalf on 1/10. < /DIV>

Former 2-time WSU champion & current commentator Alicia came out next to interview Cindy Rogers. Rogers said she was there to address the rumors that she had bad news. Rogers said that the only bad news was for the WSU locker room, because she is coming back on 3/7! Rogers said she has eyes on the WSU Championship and plans on taking the championship when she returns. Alicia & Cindy, former tag team champions in another company, embraced, as it looks that the Road to The Championship for Cindy Rogers starts on 3/7!

Current WSU Champion Angel Orsini then came out to cut off Cindy Rogers. Angel said Cindy will never have a chance of beating her. Angel talked about her huge cage match on the second DVD taping. Alicia also presented Angel with a brand new WSU championship belt, which we’ll have pictures of soon on Angel threw down the old championship and said that only has beens have held it, just like Alicia! Angel then said if Alicia wrestled Angel when Alicia was champion, then Angel would’ve sent her into retirement before Alicia retired! This was a very heated moment that is MUST-SEE material. It seems that there is something brewing between these two WSU icons.

Despite not being a fan favorite, especially after all the things she said during this interview, Angel then took time to address the crowd and thanked the 125+ people that came out despite a blizzard and a huge winter watch in the tri-state area. With it being rumored to snow 6-12 inches, the loyal WSU fans came out and WSU thanks everyone for coming out. Angel was also thankful to the fans who have supported the company and made it clear here.

For the WSU Tag Team Championships
Amy Lee & Taylor Wilde d. (c) The Beatdown Betties (Annie Social & Roxxie Cotton)!!!

Taylor Wilde has done it again. Just like how she did on TNA television, Taylor saw an opportunity and made it golden!

Awesome Kong was unable to make the event due to injuries. However, that didn’t stop Lee from finding someone that she knew very well to replace Kong. Lee buried Kong on the microphone and made it clear that she wasn’t happy with Kong’s disrespect for her by not showing up despite being hurt. Lee said she had a back-up plan and brought out Taylor Wilde.

In a match that was less than 3 minutes, Wilde & Lee dominated the Betties and definitely laid the beat-down on the Betties! Wilde & Lee became Tag Team Champions, the first WSU gold that Amy Lee, who’s been with WSU from day one, has won.

This concluded our first taping. However, WSU honored big time fan Jake Lloyd with a birthday cake and celebration, as WSU Champion Angel Orsini busted out a big cake which she served to fans during intermission.


Show 2

Melissa Coates d. Reyna Fire w/Brooke Carter

In a rematch from show one, Rain d. Rachel Summerlyn with nefarious tactics

Sean Hanson came to the ring to announce that after getting the ACLU lawyers on his side, the ACLU put WSU into a position where they were forced to re-hire Rick Cataldo! Hanson celebrated in glee & joy that his boy-friend and the new-age diva Rick Cataldo was finally back in WSU.

Jana d. Brooke Carter w/Reyna Fire
After picking up a pinfall win over Jana in a tag team match, Brooke Carter found herself a victim of Jana’s wrath. Jana debuted her new finisher, a modified sit down front face lock, forcing Carter to submit. After the match, Jana would not break the hold. Reyna Fire tried helping Jana, only for Jana to beat her up too! Jana snapped and destroyed Carter & Fire. However, LATASHA ran out from the crowd and grabbed a chair, scaring Jana away, as Jana left the ring. Latasha said she just got back from the hospital and that her tests were negative and she is not pregnant. Latasha then said it’s ON for 3/7 as it will be Latasha and Jana for the first time ever one on one in WSU!

For the WSU Tag Team Titles
New Champions Amy Lee & Taylor Wilde came out for their scheduled match with #1 contenders, Team Wigwam. However, Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison came out and said since they beat the number 1 contenders on the first taping, they deserve a shot at the gold. This brought out the Beatdown Betties who made a case for a title shot, as they wanted to exercise their automatic rematch clause. Amy Lee said she didn’t care who wanted to fight as long as their was a fight, and an impromptu 4 corners tag team match was set-up for the tag team titles!

The Beatdown Betties (Roxxie Cotton/Rick Cataldo/Annie Social) d. Amy Lee/Taylor Wilde, Team Wigwam & Kylie Pierce/Lea Morrison in a Four Corners Tag Team Match to WIN the WSU Tag Team Titles

In a wild and incredible match, all 8 wrestlers wrestled very fast and very furious. Towards the end of the bout, the personal animosity between Pierce/Morrison and Team Wigwam reached an all new level, with both teams brawling all over the building and eventually to the back. Rick Cataldo emerged and came to the ring. Cataldo, who’s been feuding crazily with Annie Social for the last several months about their spot in the Betties, went to go hit Annie with one of the title belts. Annie ducked and Rick hit Amy Lee, the same Amy Lee that booted him out of the company in October! With Wilde on the floor, Amy was prone for a loss as she was knocked out. All three Betties jumped on Amy for the pin, giving the belts to all 3 Betties! There is mass confusion right now and it seems whereever the Betties go, chaos follows!

After the match, Annie & Rick fought over ownership of one of the tag belts. This eventually led to Annie challenging Rick to a LOSER LEAVES THE BETTIES match on 3/7, a match that Roxxie Cotton certainly has an interest in. Who will Roxxie want to win this match? What is going on with the Betties? We’ll have more soon!

It was announced that also on March 7th WSU will be opening up a womens wrestling hall of fame. The first inductee will be none other than MISSY HYATT! We will have more on Missy in the upcoming weeks.

Upcoming WSU dates were also announced as on 3/7, WSU presents the 2nd Anniversary show. Then on 4/10 WSU returns with the Womens J-Cup Tournament. On 4/11, WSU returns with the King & Queen tournament.

After a brief intermission, we were ready for one of the best and most barbaric and insane matches in WSU history.

For the WSU Championship
(c) Angel Orsini d. Mercedes Martinez


This match shattered all expectations. This match left Orsini a bloody mess and Mercedes Martinez sporting a huge shiner on her eye. At one point in the match, Martinez dove off the top of the cage, 20 feet in the air all way down on Orsini! It was one of the most awesome display of athleticism and grace that you’ll ever see in womens wrestling!

During the dive, Mercedes also laid out a referee. Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison ran out to interfere, as it seems that Orsini hired some back up for the night. However what Orsini wasn’t counting on was Team Wigwam running out to pull Pierce & Morrison off the cage. However, another referee was knocked down in the process.

With both refs down, Mercedes climbed over the cage and hit the floor and we seemingly had a new champion. However there was no referee to make the call. All of a sudden, RAIN came out and started to beat the crap out of Martinez. Rain laid out Martinez and threw her back in the ring. It was later revealed that Rain & Orsini have forged a working relationship, as Orsini was the one who brought Rain to WSU. Rain was the special surprise and she was making her intentions felt.

However, Mercedes valiantly fought back and defied the odds until Rain threw handcuffs into the cage. Orsini handcuffed Mercedes to the cage and was able to crawl out of the cage through the cage door, which was kindly opened by Rain.

Orsini was named the winner as the ref only saw Orsini out of the ring and missed Mercedes getting out of the ring first.

Despite winning the match, Orsini wasn’t satisfied. Orsini & Rain wanted to cement their domination in WSU. Both attacked the handcuffed Mercedes. Martinez was left defenseless and forced to eat shot after shot.

With Martinez left seconds away from needing major medical attention, the lights went out in the building. Finally the big surprise was here, as Rain wasn’t the original surprise as thought!

With the lights back on, a hooded figure took off her hood and went to work. It was none other than JAQUELYN MOORE/MISS JACKY!!!!

Jacky went ape-shit in the ring, destroying Orsini & Rain. Orsini & Rain left the ring, as Jacky helped Martinez up.

Jacky announced that she’s been watching WSU and there is no way this can continue to go on. Jacky was there as a liason to Dawn Marie and said she had some news. Jacky said Martinez wasn’t going to get screwed like this on her watch. Jacky announced that on 3/7, we would be having one more match between Martinez/Orsini, this time a BULLROPE MATCH!! However, Jacky said due to all the interference in this match, if anyone interferes they will be fired from WSU. And to make sure we don’t have any fragile referees in this match, Jacky named ALICIA the special guest referee! Angel didn’t make friends with Alicia on the first taping but will Alicia call this match down the middle?!?!?!

WSU also has a signed (photos taken with the wrestlers signing) WSU championship belt. This was the old WSU championship belt that was retired on 1/10/09 for our new belt. This is the belt that Alicia, Alexa Thatcher, Sunny, Nikki Roxx & Angel Orsini wore. The belt is autographed by Alicia & Angel Orsini. WSU is now accepting bids for the belt. Anyone interested in purchasing this piece of WSU history can email [email protected]

We will have complete show coverage, news and details on in the upcoming days.

WSU thanks all the fans who braved the cold and made it out. WSU will be releasing both of these dvds within 2-3 weeks, so make sure to check out the website for all the information.

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