WSU First Anniversary Show Report

WSU First Anniversary Show, Despite the Rain, The Fans Still Came Out In Droves

Despite the totally shitty weather, the ECPW Arena was packed. This speaks volumes about how good this promotion has become as fans braved the wizard of oz like rain and wind to get to this show. I was “drafted” to work security , like these ladies need any security. They could kick my ass, your ass, and everybody in the buildings ass. Since I was ring side all night, here is what went down

Ring Announcer Destiny welcomes the fans to the show.

Roxy Cotton and Rick Cataldo come out with some gibberish on the mike. Kong comes out to a pop and kills them both. Roxy is power bombed onto to Rick for the win.

Soul Sister Jana beat Annie Social. Annie attacks Jana after the match . A returning Laticia makes the save.

Amy Lee and Missy Sampson come out. Missy explains that due to her recent emergency surgery, she isn’t cleared to wrestle tonight. Mercedes and Angel come out, make fun of Missy , then kick her. Missy says she has a replacement, Awesome Kong. Amy works the bulk of the match , then tags in Kong. Amy takes the pin, but Kong thinks Amy stole the win. The two get in each others face. Amy wants Kong in a no dq on the next show.

Nikki Roxx over Cindy Rogers. Great match, why TNA hasn’t picked up Cindy is a mystery to me. This girl works her ass off in the ring. Nikki gets the win.

Missy’s Manor. Missy has Lacey Von Erich come out. Lacey is a real pretty blonde with model like looks. Missy goes on about the Von Erichs giving her the break to get into the business. She asks Lacey if she can manage her on the next show. Lacey agrees.

Alexa Thatcher vs Alere Little Feather. Good match , Alere has her drinking gimmick going strong. Alexa gets the win, but Nikki Roxx storms the ring , laying out Alere, then pummeling Alexa until Cindy Rogers makes the save and sets up a tag match for the next show. Dawn Marie agrees to ref it.

Intermission: Kong and Mickie Knuckles sign and pose for pictures in the ring. Wrestlers Steve Mack, Kenny Omega, Danny Demanto, Ian Rotten, and Kevin Mathews were hanging out at the show.

2nd Show

Mercedes Martinez defeated Micky Knuckles in what might have been the best technical match of the night.

Alexa Thatcher and Cindy Rogers beat Nikki Roxx and Alere Little Feather. Alere came out with a beer. Nikki pushed her out of the ring. Alere hit the floor, played dead and sipped beer for most of the match. Nikki worked the entire match againth Alexa and Cindy. Alere hooked Nikki’s leg , setting her up for the pin. Alere quickly ran to the back.

Roxy Cotton, Rick Cataldo, and Annie Social vs The Soul Sisters and Alere Little Feather. 3rd match for Alere who came out with two beers. Good tag match with The Soul Sisters and Alere getting the win.

Lacey Von Erich with Missy Hyatt vs Angel Orsini. Lacey ring attire looked like it came out of Victoria‘s Secrets. Almost had a wardrobe malfunction as Lacey’s puppies seemed ready to pop out at any moment. Not that myself and the fans didn’t appreciate the view. Missy yelled for Lacey to “use the claw” They brought back the claw, next Ford will bring back the Pinto. You just know Hansen got wood over the claw thing. Angel submitted to the claw.

Amy Lee and Awesome Kong beat the ever lovin shit out of each other. This was one of the best and most out of control brawls I have ever seen. Out of the ring, into the bleaches, chair shots, trash can shots, at one point Kong picked up part of the bleachers and thew it at Amy. They pretty much destroyed the place as they spilled over the guard rails, then just tossed them aside. Amy was busted open. Kong picked up the win. Amy called for a rematch.

Just the fact that fans came out in this shitty weather shows how over WSU has become. I would love to see these shows go monthly. Even though CZW, JAPW, and some others shows were running, the place was almost SRO. Why all these guys run on the same Saturday is crazy. In a perfect world these promoters should try and space out their dates as there are four weekends in a month. I wanted to go to JAPW , but after seing the trees down and power out in some spots, I called it a night. If anyone is going to Monster Mania next week, stop by my table, say hello and buy some of my stuff.

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