WWE copying ideas from TNA?

Source:  WrestlingNewsSource.com

There is a report going around from the Wrestling Observer who are said to be confirming that WWE are indeed copying from TNA’s Impact.

WWE’s  new voice-over at the start of the show is said to have directly been influenced by Vince McMahon. The story is reportedly built around Vince being shown an “Impact tape” and admitting that “WWE can do it better”.

Eric Bischoff followed this up with a RT from a fan saying:

“Saw #WWE using your backstage camera angles along with the voiceover in the opening video. #EricWins.”

Kurt Angle, AJ Styles & other top TNA talent have all openly said and acknowledged WWE’s copy around certain ideas.

Question:  Do you think WWE is copying TNA’s ideas?  And if so, is that a bad thing?  Don’t all companies borrow ideas from the others?

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