WWE Superstar Roman Reigns talks to Total Wrestling Magazine in Issue #2

Total Wrestling magazineWWE Superstar Roman Reigns talks to Total Wrestling

Total Wrestling Magazine is a an online-exclusive offering, free to all fans worldwide.

Issue 2 of the popular publication includes interview with WWE Superstar Roman Reigns as he talks about the mentality him and his team mates Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had when they debuted The Shield last year. “One thing we wanted to establish coming in is that we’re like wolves, just aggressive and foaming at the mouth, and we’re just trying to break stuff.

“Looking back over this past year, I think we’ve done just that.”

An action packed issue 2 also features interviews with TNA Champion AJ Styles, Bully Ray and former ROH World Champion Davey Richards.

With columnists and contributors including WWE alumnus Matt Striker, TNA veteran Sharkboy and UK up-and-comers The Blossom Twins and The Blackpool Blonds, as well as extensive coverage from the US, UK, Japan and the rest of the world, plus a strong focus on social media.

Total Wrestling Magazine is changing the way wrestling is covered. The issue is out now and can be viewed via www.twmag.co.uk and https://www.facebook.com/totalwrestlingmag.

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