WWNLive Alerts – February 15, 2013


WWNLive Alerts – February 15, 2013

We are in WrestleCon season and the big announcements start right now!!! This WWNLive Alerts has major breaking news so let’s get to it….

He’s back!!! Shingo is finally making his return to Dragon Gate USA on April 6th and April 7th in Secaucus, NJ at WrestleCon.

Shingo is one of the best and most exciting wrestlers in the world. We are thrilled to have him back after over two years. This leads us to our next item….

February 11th: Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano sent an open contract to Japan for his next Title defense. He demanded one of Dragon Gate’s best. Shingo has stepped up and signed the contract. It will be Johnny Gargano vs. Shingo for the DGUSA Title on April 6th at WrestleCon.

Shingo is back in DGUSA and ready to challenge for The Open The Freedom Gate Title.

We want to remind you that the Weekly Special is in effect on last year’s Show Of The Year. The fans voted DGUSA Open The Golden Gate as the 2012 DGUSA/EVOLVE Show Of The Year. We want you to see it! You can get the DVD or iPPV now for just $10 each! You know this is a bargain because it was voted the Show Of The Year. Act now at www.DGUSA.tv or www.WWNLive.com because the special ends this Friday.

We can also confirm that Open The Dream Gate Champion & 1/2 of the Open The United Gate Champions CIMA as well as Akira Tozawa and EITA will all wrestle on the April 6th and 7th DGUSA events. There will be more Dragon Gate talent added, too.

Brian Kendrick will be returning to DGUSA and he will make his EVOLVE debut at WrestleCon. We’ll have much more on this soon. We are very excited to have Kendrick become a regular part of EVOLVE/DGUSA.

Tickets for DGUSA and EVOLVE on April 5th, 6th and 7th are now on  sale at www.WrestleCon.com or 267-519-9744. Good ringside seats are almost sold out so don’t delay. Here is the talent list for DGUSA on April 6th and 7th:

-Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano

-Open The United Gate Champions CIMA & AR Fox -Shingo

-Akira Tozawa with Christina Von Eerie -Ricochet

-The Young Bucks

-Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon of D.U.F.

-Brian Kendrick

-Chuck Taylor

-Jon Davis

-The Super Smash Brothers of Player Uno & Player Dos

Rich Swann

-Samuray Del Sol


-Uhaa Nation

-Plus more to be added!!!

Brian Kendrick is becoming a big part of the WWNLive universe. First, he had a great showing vs. Johnny Gargano at DGUSA Heat a few weeks ago. Now he is heading back  to DGUSA, making his debut in EVOLE and he is wrestling on the FWE free preshow  iPPV!

Family Wrestling Entertainment returns to live iPPV this Saturday, February 16th, with No Limits. Pre-order now at WWNLive.com.

FWE is pulling out all the stops so that you can sample their product. There will be a free preshow on iPPV at 7:00pm EST. with the paid iPPV kicking off at 8:30pm EST. The free preshow is absolutely loaded. Here is the stacked lineup that you can watch for FREE this Saturday:

Winner gets a Tri-Borough title shot on iPPV Brian Kendrick vs. Paul London Gauntlet Match – Winners get a tag title shot on iPPV Young Bucks vs. All Money is Legal vs. Diamond Inc vs. Azrieal/Bandido vs. Midnight Sensations Carlito’s Cabana w/Special Guest Matt Hardy!!

We appreciate your time and thank you for opening up and reading this WWNLive Alerts. We are now in the process of finalizing the lineups for DGUSA and EVOLVE at WrestleCon. We will be back when we have major match announcements.

We aren’t fooling around anymore. It’s time to pull out the big guns. Stay tuned….

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