History of the Ladder Match

LadderA Ladder Match is a type of match in professional wrestling that is most commonly used to describe a match where an item (usually a title belt) is hung above the ring, and the winner is the contestant who climbs a ladder and retrieves the item. The ladder itself becomes a key feature of the match, as wrestlers will use the ladder as a weapon to strike the opponent(s), as a launching pad for acrobatic attacks, and frequently these matches include impressive falls from the top of the ladder. However, there were very few matches in which the hung item must be used in a special manner in order to win the match, such as striking the opponent with the item.

Ladder matches are often used as a finale to storylines and it is more common to have symbolic briefcases (usually “containing” a contract for a future championship match) or championships belts hung above the ring. Ladder matches and their variants (such as TLC and Full Metal Mayhem) are often used in feuds that involve a dispute over possession of an item (such as a stolen title belt or the “paperwork” for the contractual services of a manager). Ladder matches are almost always fought under no disqualification rules. [Courtesy of Wikipedia.com]

The first ladder match that anyone seems to have a record of was in 1972 for Stampede, and it is believed to have been the idea of the original Dan Kroffat, who was a Stampede booker and headliner at the time.

Sept 1972StampedeDan KroffatTor Kamata1st ladder match
07/01/1979StampedeBig Daddy RitterJake RobertsN American title
July 1983StampedeBret HartBad News
07/21/19921st in WWFBret HartHBKI-C title
03/20/1994Wrestlemania XRazor RamonHBKI-C title
08/27/1995SummerSlamHBKRazor RamonI-C title
08/30/1998SummerSlamTriple HRockI-C title
02/15/1999RAWThe RockMankindWWF title
06/27/1999King of the RingVince/Shane MSteve AustinWWE control
10/17/1999No MercyThe Hardy BoyzEdge/Christian“Best of 5” finale
09/25/2000RAWThe Hardy BoyzEdge & ChristianTag title titles
01/21/2001Royal RumbleChris JerichoChris BenoitI-C title
04/01/2001WrestlemaniaEdge/ChristianHardyz/DudleyzTLC 2
05/20/2001Judgment DayKurt AngleChris Benoit3 match series
05/24/2001SmackDownBenoit & Jericho3 other teamsTLC 3
08/19/2001SummerSlamRob Van DamJeff HardyI-C title
10/21/2001No MercyEdgeChristianI-C title
05/27/2002RAWRob Van DamEddie GuerreroI-C title
07/01/2002RAWUndertakerJeff HardyUndisputed title
07/22/2002RAWRob Van DamJeff HardyI-C/Euro titles
10/06/2002RAW RouletteKane6 othersTLC 4
12/15/2002ArmageddonTriple HHBK3 match series
05/18/2003Judgment DayEddie G/TajiriTeam AngleTag Team titles
09/29/2003RAWRob Van DamChristianI-C title
09/12/2004UnforgivenChris JerichoChristianI-C title
03/10/2005SmackDownKurt AngleMike HaywoodAngle Invite
04/03/2005WrestlemaniaEdge5 othersMITB
08/21/2005SummerSlamRey MysterioEddie GDom custody
10/03/2005WWEEdgeMatt HardyLoser leaves
01/16/2006RAWEdgeRic FlairTLC
04/02/2006WrestlemaniaRob Van Dam5 othersMITB
08/15/2006ECWSabuRVD#1 contender
10/24/2006ECWRob Van DamBig ShowFor a title shot
09/17/2006UnforgivenJohn CenaEdgeTLC
11/20/2006RAWJeff HardyJohnny NitroI-C title
12/17/2006ArmageddonLondon/Kendrick3 other teamsTag Team titles
04/01/2007WrestlemaniaMr. Kennedy7 othersMITB
06/06/2007One Night StandThe Hardy BoyzWGTTTag Team titles
12/10/2007RAW 15th AnnJeff HardyCarlito CoolI-C titles
03/30/2008WrestlemaniaC.M. Punk7 othersMITB
06/01/2008One Night StandEdgeUndertakerTLC
04/05/2009WrestlemainiaC.M. Punk7 othersMITB
08/23/2009SummerSlamC.M. PunkJeff HardyTLC
12/13/2009TLC PPVChristianS. BenjaminECW title
12/13/2009TLC PPVDegeneration XJerishowTLC
07/18/2010MITB PPVKane7 othersMITB match
12/19/2010TLC PPVJohn MorrisonKing Sheamus#1 contender
12/19/2010TLC PPVDolph ZigglerKofi Kingston and Jack SwaggerIntercontinental Title
07/17/2011MITB PPVDaniel Bryan7 othersMITB match
12/18/2011TLC PPVTriple HKevin NashSledgehammer
07/15/2012MITB PPVJohn Cena5 othersWWE title
12/16/2012TLC PPVDolph ZigglerJohn CenaMITB contract
07/14/2013MITB PPVDamien Sandow6 others#1 contender
07/18/1987GABDusty RhodesTully BlanchardBarbed wire
01/25/1997Souled OutEddie GuerreroSyxxUS title
01/17/1999Souled OutBill GoldbergScott HallTaser
11/08/1999NitroBill Goldberg3 othersUS title
12/19/1999StarrcadeChris BenoitJeff JarrettUS title
12/20/1999NitroJeff JarrettChris BenoitUS title
07/18/2000NitroJung DragonsThree Count
08/13/2000New Blood RisingThree CountJung Dragons6-man tag
10/02/2000NitroKonnan & MisterioThe Boogie Knights
12/17/2000StarrcadeHelms/Moore2 other teamsTriple ladder
10/28/1995Hardcore TVMickey WhipwreckSandmanECW TV title
02/02/1997CyberslamThe EliminatorsRVD & SabuTables/ladders
01/10/1998House PartyThe SandmanSabuStairway to Hell
05/15/1998Matter of RespectSand/TD/SpikeDudley BoyzStairway to Hell
01/10/1999Guilty As ChargedJustin CredibleTommy DreamerStairway to Hell
01/07/2001Guilty as ChargedSandmanCorino/CredibleTLC and canes
08/15/2006ECWSabuRob Van Dam#1 contender
10/24/2006ECWRob Van DamBig ShowFor a title shot
12/13/2009TLC PPVChristianS. BenjaminECW title
07/17/2002NWA:TNASabuMalice#1 contender
07/24/2002NWA:TNAKen ShamrockSabuNWA title
08/28/2002NWA:TNAJerry LynnStyles/Low KiTriple ladders
10/02/2002NWA:TNAAJ StylesJerry LynnX Division title
10/09/2002NWA:TNASyxx-Pac7 othersX Division title
03/19/2003NWA:TNARavenAJ Styles#1 contender
04/09/2003NWA:TNADusty RhodesBrian Lawler(Old) NWA title
07/23/2003NWA:TNAAJ StylesDLo BrownNWA title
08/13/2003NWA:TNAFrankie KazarianMichael Shane#1 contender
03/17/2004NWA:TNAAbyssAJ Styles#1 contender
05/26/2004NWA:TNAEric Young3 othersWorld X-Cup
06/02/2004NWA:TNAJeff Jarrett4 othersKing of Mountain
07/14/2004NWA:TNAThe NaturalsAMWDouble ladders
11/07/2004Victory RoadJeff JarrettJeff HardyNWA title
02/13/2005Against All OddsAbyssJeff HardyMetal Mayhem
06/19/2005SlammiversaryRaven4 othersKing of Mountain
05/14/2006SacrificeChristian CageAbyssMetal Mayhem
06/18/2006SlammiversaryJeff Jarrett4 othersKing of Mountain
10/12/2006IMPACTChristian CageSamoa Joe
02/22/2007IMPACTJerry Lynn4 others#1 contender
06/17/2007SlammiversaryKurt Angle4 othersTNA title
02/28/2008IMPACTJames StormEric YoungDrinking title
05/11/2008SacrificeGail KimRoxxi LaveauxWomen’s Knockout Title
08/28/2008IMPACTA.J. StylesKurt AngleAngle’s Olympic Gold Medal
09/14/2008No SurrenderSonjay DuttJay LethalLadder of Love
10/23/2008IMPACTAbyss & Morgan3 Other TeamsWorld Tag Team Titles
11/06/2008IMPACTSojournor BoltTaylor WildeWomen’s Knockout Title
02/23/2009IMPACTAlex Shelley3 OthersX Division Title
06/21/2009SlammiversarySuicide4 othersX Div KOTM
03/21/2010Destination XKazarian3 others#1 contender X
04/05/2010IMPACTMr. AndersonKurt Anglekeys to the steel cage door at Lockdown
07/08/2010IMPACTJeremy BuckDouglas Williams
07/15/2010IMPACTBeer MoneyMotor City Machine Guns
09/23/2010IMPACTA.J. StylesSabu
02/13/2011Against All OddsJeff HardyMr. AndersonTNA title
08/12/2012Hardcore JusticeAJ Styles3 others20 pts BFG
11/11/2012Turning PointJeff HardyAustin AriesTNA title
07/11/2013IMPACTGail KimTaryn Terrell#1 contender
10/20/2013Bound For GloryChris Sabin4 othersX Division title
09/15/2007Man UpBriscoe BrothersSteen/GenericoMan Up PPV
09/26/2009Ladder War IIRichards/EdwardsSteen/GenericoROH tag titles
09/17/2011Ladder War IIIAll Night ExpressBrisco Brothers#1 contenders
12/16/2012Final BattleKevin SteenEl GenericoROH title
04/01/1994SMWTracy SmothersChris CandidoBlue Grass Brawl
10/26/2001WWAJuvi GuerreraPsicosisCruiserweight
11/09/2002CZWRuckusSonjay Dutt & Chri$ Ca$h
10/13/2002FWAJody FleischFlash BarkerBritish Heavyweight Title
11/22/20033PWRavenSandman/SabuTLC match
12/13/2003CZWThe JokerChri$ Ca$h
08/14/2004Ballpark Brawl IIIA.J. StylesHart/SabuTLC match
12/11/2004CZWThe MessiahFlash/KaosLadder/scaffold
09/17/2005ECW talentSabuSandmanStairway to Hell
02/13/2006WSXVampiro/6-Pac8 OthersWSX Rumble
11/12/2006WSXAlkatrazz/HawxKaos/AguileraTLC match
12/20/2006OVWKatie LeaBeth PhoenixWomen’s title
04/28/20072CWDizzieSlyck Wagner2CW title
08/11/2007CZWScotty VortekzCloudyJunior Heavyweight Title
10/13/2007CZWRuckusHuman Tornado
10/27/2007JAPWArchadiaGrim ReeferNew Jersey State Title
12/13/2008CZWRyan McBride4 OthersJunior Heavyweight Title
01/25/2009ChikaraJimmy OlsenVin GerardYoung Lions Cup
07/21/2011WSUMercedes MartinezAngel OrsiniWSU title
10/22/2011PWGEl GenericoKevin SteenPWG title
06/23/2012CZWDrake YoungerRory MondoLadders/lights

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