Researcher FAQ

The Online World of Wrestling website is happy (and proud) to be a website for wrestling fans and by wrestling fans. Sure we get input from the workers themselves but really everything on the site is for you.  As you have likely discovered by now, OWW cannot be undertaken by a single person. That is why OWW enlists fans to help track down information to make the site more complete.  With over 5000 profiles, there are plenty of blanks that need to be filled and everyone should be encouraged to contribute a little bit to help the cause.  Even the tiniest piece of information, such as a hometown, or a real name, makes a big difference.  Send the information to OWW and we will add the information to the website.

Here are some tips for contributing to OWW:

01. COPY & PASTING:  The most important rule of researching for OWW is DO NOT COPY/PASTE information from another website or submit something word for word as it appears in other publications. Unless it is a direct quote, which is a rare instance.

02. SEND IN BULK:  Instead of sending each piece of information in a separate email, save and compile a list of information and then send it at the end of the week, or every two weeks.  Its a lot easier for OWW this way.

03. OFFICIAL RESEARCHERS:  Obviously OWW cannot add every single person who contributes as an “official” researcher.  We do try to list people who make significant contributions on the Content Contributors page. However, if a researcher’s contributions become consistently impressive and adhere to the guidelines, we have no problems adding you to our official crew of researchers.

04. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL: The reason OWW is so popular is because it’s neat, tidy and easy to navigate.  We try to pay extreme attention to detail to make the website look as uniform and professional as possible.

Check match results, wrestler profiles, and news stories to see the preferred OWW formats!

05. PROPERTY: All contributions to the project will become exclusive intellectual property of and Black Pants Inc. (