Alan Wojcik blogs about joining OWW Radio

As many of you know this past Tuesday I made my debut as part of the well established OWW Radio show (Online World of Wrestling) becoming the co-host with Nick Anthony. A few weeks back the show sent out an e-mail asking people if they wanted to help behind the scenes. I replied asking if they were looking for on-air talent, but they declined and I politely declined their offer to be a producer. I figured they might be after my contacts in the business, but then reviewed their website and saw they had all that and more.

Flash forward to about two weeks ago and Nick Anthony writes me directly asking if the interest in being on-air talent was still in my mind. To be honest I was totally caught off guard. I didn’t expect an e-mail, figuring they have their thing going and I have my thing doing on-line interviews, book & DVD reviews and event results. Before talking to Nick I checked out a podcast of a recent show and told my wife and friends that know of my wrestling background, “This show is great, why the heck do they want me? I wonder if they ‘re going to want me to stop doing my wrestling work outside their show.”

Well after a few phone and Skype conversations later Nick and I were on the air with Aaron Kendrick on February 16th. But in the days leading up to it everything became totally messed up as my body betrayed me and welcome to a sinus infection, which caused me to sound horrible on the phone. This of course brought out anxiety about sucking ass on-air. A chat room production session occurred Sunday as I watched the Against All Odds PPV (Thanks to Tim Stein and WTR Productions for the hook up.) That chat session calmed my nerves enough to be ready for the broadcast which went off without any problems. As I wrap this up I want to thank Nick, Aaron, Cory, NDX, Shockage, my friends and the fans on the OWW Radio and the OWW Genesis message forum for welcoming me to their world and I hope I don’t disappoint anyone who listens to OWW Radio on the Tuesday nights that Nick Anthony is occupied elsewhere.

Alan Wojcik

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