ANARCHY Wrestling TV taping results January 11, 2014

anarchyANARCHY Wrestling TV taping results January 11, 2014

Cornelia, GA


TODD SEXTON announced that his match with STEVEN WALTERS would not occur as Walters had family issues and could not be at the show.  MISS RACHAEL with BJ HANCOCK & JOEY RHYMER came out.  Rachael told Todd she noticed that not only was Walters not there, but Seth Delay, Sal Rinauro, and Ace Rockwell had abandoned Sexton too.  Todd challenged Hancock & Rhymer to a 2 on 1 Streetfight.

CB SUAVE & TOMMY PENIRELLI (Hot Commodity) came to the ring and Suave reminded the crowd that at Season’s Beating he won the Battle Royal and now could challenge for any title at any time.  Penirelli interrupted him several times upset that Suave won the Battle Royal and not him.

HATE JUNKIES def HOT COMMODITY after Penirelli accidfently hit Suave setting him up for Only to feed him to Strynyn’s top rope powerbomb.

KEVIN BLUE retained the Young Lions Title defeating ALEX AVGERINOS.  CB Suasve cam out to ringside but back off of challenging Blue.

BJ HANCOCK & JOEY RYMER w/MISS RACHAEL def TODD SEXTON with a doubleteam spike piledriver.  Sexton was carried out on a body board with his wife at his side.


MIKE POSEY came to the ring and told the crowd what really happened at Season’s Beating was that Franklin Dove needed GUNNER, AJ STYLES and COREY HOLLIS, his own partner to beat him, and that Dove had bribed the impressionable Hollis.  Posey said all was not back to normal with him and Hollis and their Alabama Attitude team.

MIKE POSEY def KAMERON KADE after the top rope leg drop (Alabama Jam)

MISS RACHAEL came to the ring with ANTHONY HENRY and explained why Fans called Henry the 5 Star King.

BILLY BUCK def ANTHONY HENRY w/MISS RACHAEL after a superkick in a good match.  Postmatch CB Suave slid into the ring as Buck was recovering with his back turn but Buck turn and saw him before Suave could take advantage.

ICEBERG SLIM (ICEBERG & SLIM J) def UNFORGIVEABLE BLACKNESS (SHADOW JACKSON & NEMISIS w/VANDAL) to become the new Anarchy Tag Team Champions.  Prior to the match Jackson had told Iceberg that he was a wanted man for what had happened in the cage, and that GETER was coming back to get revenge.

Crowd was 130+.   Next Anarchy taping is January 25.  GETER vs ICEBERG is scheduled for that taping, plus SHAUN TEMPERS challenges KEVIN BLUE for the YOUNG LION’S TITLE and it’s COREY HOLLIS vs BILLY BUCK for the TV Title.  WASHINGTON BULLETS face ACE ROCKWELL & STEVEN WALTERS, plus MIKE POSEY, SLIM J, UNFORGIVEABLE BLACKNESS, HATE JUNKIES and much more.

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