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AS I SEE IT Bob Magee Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Who in the HELL in WWE allowed the following song, by the group Cobra Starship to go out as the song for the Great American Bash

“Just let me ask you:
Hey, have you heard of my religion?
It’s called the Church of Hot Addiction
And we believe that God has lust for everything Tonight I am the drug you can’t deny… “

The title of the song just happens to: “Church of Hot Addiction”. Talk about the worst timing possible in the world… After EVERYTHING that’s happened over the last three weeks, what could WWE be thinking to allow this song with this title to go on as a theme for their PPV?

Can all of you just see this title as the headline for a cable show on WWE and steroid use…or a headline for a weekly supermarket paper with Chris Benoit’s face all over it?

Good God Almighty….

Here’s news about another promotion trying SOMETHING to educate their wrestlers about the dangers of steroid and painkiller use.

Eastern Pro Wrestling (EPW) and SlamTech Wrestling University are happy to announce the first Wellness Program Event as part of our new Wellness Program. The event/seminar is still in the works, but has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 18th, and is open to ALL independent wrestlers/wrestling students in the New England area. The seminar will start at 7:00 pm and run about two hours. The location will be the Fall River Police Department meeting room at 685 Pleasant St in Fall River, MA.

I want to make something clear about this event and the EPW Wellness Program in general. This is NOT an anti-steroid campaign or witch-hunt. Of course steroid abuse will be discussed, but it is only one of many topics being covered. Some of the other topics include:

– General health issues for wrestlers
– Alternative pain treatments
– Substance abuse and how to get help if you need it
– Mental health and how to get help if you need it
– Natural bodybuilding
– Dangers of steroid abuse

These are just some of the topics being addressed and ALL are being presented by medical professionals/experts in each field. We here at EPW/SlamTech have put this together NOT because an individual with obvious mental health issues committed heinous crimes, then took his own life.

However, the statistics that have come to the forefront as a result of this act have made us even more aware of something we all already know. Too many professional wrestlers die at an early age. You all know the statistics and probably like most of us, have chosen to push them from your mind. That is until now. From this point forward, we want to try to educate and assist all independent wrestlers and students to all of the pitfalls of this industry and how they can try to avoid them. We’ve always touched on these things with our younger wrestlers/students, but never at the level that we will be from now on.

This is a FREE seminar and all of the panel members have donated their time to this cause. We sincerely hope that every independent wrestler in the area will consider coming. This may be an EPW/SlamTech sponsored event, but it’s not just about and not just for our locker room. It’s for all of us. We want everyone to be healthy and pain-free. Too many guys are getting hurt and suffering the consequences of it. This seminar is mandatory for all Slamtech members and we invite anyone from ANY school to this event. Please come down.

More information regarding the overall wellness program will be announced at the event. Please forward any questions you have to [email protected].

Sadly, such a program is too late for George Caiazzo, known better to all of us as John Kronus, who was found dead in his girlfriend’s apartment this past week. The cause of death is not known at this time.

For any respectful fans that wish to attend, the viewing will be on Wednesday, July 25th from 4 to 8 PM at Salvatore Rocco and Sons Funeral Home
– 331 Main Street, Everett, MA. The telephone number is 617-387-4180. The funeral service will take place at 10:00 am at Saint Anthony Church – 52 Oakes Street, Everett, MA. Phone Number is 617-387-0310. For those interested in sending flowers, contact Everett Florist at 617-381-9090.

Until next time…

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