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NECW returned to the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA this past Friday night in front of another sellout crowd for a night of great action and stunning developments as we head into BIRTHDAY BASH 7.

In the opening contest, former NECW Tag Team Champions, PRIDE (Dan Freitas & Brian Nunes) made their NECW return to defeat The Wild Boys, Billy King and Mikey Lynch, with a combination flying body press-electric chair drop.

Sheldon Goldberg and Kyle Storm came to the ring an brought out the Dynasty of Champions.  Last week on NECW TV, Goldberg told Dillinger that according to NECW rules, no wrestler can hold two titles simultaneously and that he had to choose whether to reamin Triple Crown Champion, or one half of the NECW Tag Team Champions.   Choosing to keep his Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, Dillinger vacated the tag team titles, apparently a surprise to “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards. NECW Management then announced the beginning of a tag team title tournament to crown new champions. At that point, Brian Fury came to the ring demanding to know what it was going to take to get a shot at D.C. Dillinger.  Fury informed the crowd that he was the number 2 contender, behind “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards.  A match was then made between Eddie Edwards and Brian Fury for later in the night. If Fury could defeat Edwards, he would receive the next shot against DC Dillinger. Brain Fury was then attacked by Max Bauer and TJ Richter, leaving him laying injured in the ring and leaving his match later in the night in question.

“The Exotic” Kristian Frost returned to action and was victorious in his match, pinning Danny Jaxx.

In a return grudge match, Rick Fuller was disqualified for hitting “The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks with a chain. Fuller proceeded to beat on Siks leaving him in a bloody heap and choke slamming official J.T. Franks.

In a great see-saw battle, NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, DC Dillinger retained the title by pinfall over NECW TV Champion Brandon Locke following a modified power bomb.  The TV Title was not on the line in this match.

The leader of the Dynasty of Champions Sean Gorman came to the ring with a special challenge for Nikki Roxx and said he would face her, should she accept, at BIRTHDAY BASH 7 in wrestling’s first “Ballroom Blitz” match. While he did not get into stipulations, he then challenged Roxx to come to the ring. Roxx’s music hit and the curtains parted. Instead of the fan-favorite Roxx, out came World Women’s Wrestling champion Tanya Lee carrying an inflatable doll dressed like Roxx! Gorman proceeded to beat up the doll and go to pin her until Lexxus ran from the back and broke up the insulting display. This led directly into her title match with Lee. Lexxus seemed on route to her third straight pin fall on the champion, this one with the title at stake. Gorman interjected himself by hooking the leg of Lexxus leading to Tanya Lee escaping with a pin fall and her title reign still intact.

In the gauntlet match challenge, “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion faced the team of DNA: “Sensational” Scott Reed, Max Bauer, and “The Talent” TJ Richter. In the event that DNA beat Alex Arion, he would be forced to retire. If Alex won, his brother Frankie would be reinstated. Arion pinned Reed nearly seconds into the match. He then was holding his own against Bauer who finally began to use his size advantage to take over on Arion. After proving unable to pin Arion, Richter commanded Bauer to take the sacrifice role and threw him a chair. Bauer deliberately got himself disqualified by bashing the skull of “The Golden Greek”. Richter quickly got in the ring trying to steal the win to no success. In the end, the crowd erupted as Alex Arion rolled up Richter for the pin fall win. As a result, Frankie Arion was reinstated. Frankie, waiting at the front door stormed the ring cleaning house and hugging his brother after regaining his standing in NECW after a 10 month absence.

From there, “Straight Edge” Brian Fury overcame his earlier injuries to face off with “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards with a shot at the NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Title at stake. D.C. Dillinger blatantly interfered at ringside, until senior referee, Rich Bass ejected Dillinger from ring area and ordered him to the back.  Fury and Edwards continued an intense back and forth battle.  Just when it looked like Fury has things sewn up, D.C. Dillinger returned to ringside, but his interference, along with manager Sean Gorman backfired.  An Oklahoma Roll scored Fury the fall and the title shot at the BIRTHDAY BASH 7, August 18th  in Quincy.

NECW President, Sheldon Goldberg, enraged from the blatant disregard for the rules by Dillinger came to the ring.  First, he congratulated Fury on his victory.  He then told the champion that in order to keep Edwards, Gorman or anyone else from interfering at BIRTHDAY BASH 7, the match would be held in a 15 foot high steel cage!  Sabotage then attacked Fury and continue an assault until all of the fan favorites rushed from the back to chase them off and help Brian Fury from the ring.

NECW returns to live action on Saturday night, August 18th for BIRTHDAY BASH 7: CAGED FURY.  Tickets are aon sale at all FYE locations and online at www.NECWwrestling.com.