Frequently Asked Questions


1. My name is _________. I am an Independent Wrestler. Can I Have a Profile?

To get an OWW profile, please complete the application process.  For more information, please read this.

2. Can I write a column/article for Online World of Wrestling?

You sure can!  For more information on how to submit your columns please read this. You are expected to RESPECT the rules of OWW before submitting articles.  The editor-in-chief of the website has the final say concerning site content.

3. Can I submit my promotion’s roster to be listed in the “Promotions” section?

Please submit your promotion name, promoters name, territory and website to be added to our promotions list and links page.  It is your responsibility to send us updates, and then OWW will update the website as soon as possible.

4. Can you give me contact information for wrestlers or promoters?

No.  We will not betray anyone’s trust and give away their contact information.  This puts their privacy in jeopardy.  Please refer to the Wrestlinks section and see if the wrestler in question has an official website.

5. Can you send me pictures of certain wrestlers?

No.  All the pictures we have are already on the website.

6. Can my website be an affiliate of OWW?

Please send us your information and the OWW staff will review the request.  We will make a determination and let you.

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