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Masked Wrestler List

This is the official masked wrestlers list

The earliest known masked wrestler in the United States was The Masked Marvel who famously “crashed” the international tournament, which featured many of the top stars of the “Farmer” Burns-Frank Gotch era, held at the Manhattan Opera House in 1915. In North America, many professional wrestlers have traditionally worn masks after they had been used in an area, or “territory”, that their popularity and drawing ability diminished, it would be an easy way for a wrestler to begin working in a new area as a “fresh face”.  (source: Wikipedia)

Masked Man Alias
Abyss Chris Parks
Akanat Professor Toru Tanaka
Aldo Montoya (WWF) P.J. Walker
American Anarchy American Anarchy
American Dragon Bryan Danielson
Arachnaman (WCW) Brad Armstrong
Arachnaman (Georgia) Scott Armstrong
Arachnoids (WWF) The Headbangers
Assassin #2/#1 (Georgia) Jody Hamilton
Assassin #1/#2 (Georgia) Tom Renesto
Assassin #2 (Mid-Atlantic) Hercules Hernandez
The Assassins (Indianapolis) Guy Mitchell and Joe Tomasso
The Assassin (Portland) David Sierra
Avatar (WWF) Al Snow
The Avenger (JCP) Reggie Parks
The Avenger (Omaha) Frank Sexton
The Avenger (Stampede) Owen Hart
Awesome Kong (GWF/WCW/Memphis) Dwayne McCallaugh
Badstreet (WCW) Brad Armstrong
Batman (WWWF) Tony Marino
Battle Cat (WWF) Brady Boone
Battle Cat (WWF) Bob Bradley
Beetlejuice (WCW) Art Barr
The Best (ICW-Poffo) Bob Roop
The Best (ICW-Poffo) Bob Orton Jr.
Big Machine (WWF) BlackJack Mulligan
Big Van Vader (New Japan/WCW) Leon White
The Black Avenger (Vancouver) Moose Morowski
Black Atlas (Georgia) Tony Atlas
Black Blood (WCW) Billy Jack Haynes
Black Cat (NJPW) Victor Mar
Black Diamond (Late 1970s) Terry Yorkston
Black Knight (WWF) Jeff Gaylord
Black Knight and Red Knight (WWF) Barry Horowitz and Steve Lombardi
Black Panther (San Francisco) Frank Sexton
Black Phantom (Tennessee) Frank Sexton
Black Scorpion (NWA) Al Perez (Clash of Champions)
Black Scorpion (NWA) Ric Flair (Starrcade)
Black Terror (Vancouver) Bobby Graham
Black Tiger (NJPW and WWF) Marc Rocco
Black Tiger (NJPW) Eddie Guerrero
Black Venus Jeanne Kirkland
The Blackhearts (Stampede) Tom Nash and David Heath
The Blackhearts (WCW/All-Japan) Tom Nash and Dave Johnson
Blitzkrieg (WCW) Jay Ross
The Blue Blazer (WWF) Owen Hart
The Blue Infernos (Florida) Lee Fields and Bobby Fields
The Blue Infernos (Tennesee) Gypsy Joe and Pepe Lopez
The Blue Infernos (Tennesee) Gypsy Joe and Frank Martinez
The Blue Knight (WWF) Greg Valentine
The Blueprint (OVW) Matt Morgan
The Bo$$man (Los Angeles) Karl K. Lauer
The Bullet Bob Armstrong
The Brown Bombers (Alabama) Bobby Eaton and Arvil Hutto
Canadian Cougar (FIP) Tony Kozina
Captain USA (WCCW) John Studd
Charlie Brown (Mid-Atlantic) Jimmy Valiant
Checkmate (World Class) Tony Charles
Checkmate (World Class) Les Thornton
Cheetah Kid Ted Petty
Christmas Creature (USWA) Glen Jacobs (Kane)
The Claw Tom Andrews and Mike Kelly
The Clones (Memphis) Pat Kelly and Mike Kelly
The Cobra (WWF and NJPW) George Takano
The Conquistadors (WWF) Jose Estrada and Jose Luis Rivera
The Conquistadors (WWF) Edge and Christian
The Conquistadors (WWF) The Hardy Boyz
The Cosmic Cowboys (WCCW) Kerry Von Erich and Kevin Von Erich
Crimson Dragon (TNA) Chris Hamrick
Crimson Knight Big Bill Miller
Crimson Knight II Gene Kiniski
The Crusader Dewey Robertson
The Crusader #2 Billy Red Lyons
Crypt Keeper (W*ING) Jose Estrada Jr.
Curry Man (Japan/ROH) Christopher Daniels
Cyclopes (EMLL) Tug Taylor
Dante (Tennessee) Hans Steiner
Dante (Memphis 90s) Tommy Heggie
Dark Patriot (GWF and ECW) Doug Gilbert
Dark Secret (SMW) Brian Armstrong
Deadeye Dick (WCW) Randy Colley
Deadhead (USWA) Ken Raper
Delikado (WSX) B-Boy
The Destroyer (International) Dick Beyer
The Destroyers (1982-Toronto) Mike Kelly and Pat Kelly
The Destroyer (Lexington) Randy Savage
The Destroyer (Portland) David Sierra
The Detroit Assassin Butch Miller
The Diamond Back Brian Kendrick
The Ding Dongs (NWA) Jim Evans and Richard Sartain
Dink (WWF) Tiger Jackson
Dirty Yellow Dog (Florida) Barry Windham
Dixie Dynamite (SMW) Scott Armstrong
Doctor Blood (Georgia) Dale Lewis
Dog Catchers (Memphis) Doug Vines and [Insert]
Doink (History) Doink History
Doink I (WWF) Matt Borne
Doink II (WWF) Steve Keirn
Doink III (WWF) Ray Liachelli (Apollo)
Doink IV (WWF) Steve Lombardi
Doink (Texas) Dusty Wolfe
Doink (NWC) Mark Starr
Doom (WCW) Butch Reed and Ron Simmons
Doomsday (Tennessee) Glen Jacobs (Kane)
Dos Hombres (WCW) Ricky Steamboat and Brad Armstrong (TV)
Dos Hombres (WCW) Ricky Steamboat and Tom Zenk (Slamboree)
Double X (AWA) Red Osbourne
Dr. Blood (Texas) Dale Lewis
Dr. D Carl Stiles
Dr. Death (Oklahoma/WWF) Steve Williams
Dr. Feel Good (Deep South) Terry Taylor
Dr. Frank (Memphis) Tommy Gilbert
Dr. X (AWA) Dick Beyer
Dr. X (Omaha) Bill Miller
Dr. X (NWA 1970s) Jim Osborne
Dr. X (1977) John Horton
Dr. X (Late 1970s) Frank Monte
Dr. X (WCW 1990s) Randy Colley
Eagle (All-Japan) Jackie Fulton
El Dopo (WWF-referee) Howard Finkel
El Generico (Canada/ROH) Rami Sebei
El Gran Luchador (WWE) Eddie Guerrero
El Grande Pistolero (Memphis) Gypsy Joe
El Medico (LA) Apollo Jalisco
El Samurai (NJPW/WAR) Osamu Matsuda
El Santo (Lucha Libre) Rodolfo Guzman Huerta
Eliminators (Memphis) Perry Saturn and John Kronus
The Executioners (Florida 1960s) Bud Kowarko andCharlie Bruce
The Executioners (WWF 1970s) Killer Kowalski and John Studd
The Executioners (WWF 1970s) Kowalski and Studd and Nikolai Volkoff
The Executioner (Buffalo) Donn Lewin
The Executioner (Southeastern) Frank Savage
The Executioner (ICW) Randy Savage
The Executioner (WrestleMania) Buddy Rose
The Executioners (WWF 1990s jobbers) Duane Gill andBarry Hardy
The Falcon (All-Japan) Steve Armstrong
Fantasia (WCW) Brad Armstrong
Fire (Memphis) Don Bass
Fire Cat (WCW) Brady Boone
Flame (Memphis) Roger Smith
The Flame (Alabama) Jody Hamilton
Freedom Fighter (WCW) Brad Armstrong
Friday Buddy Wayne
Furface Brutus Beefcake
The Galaxians (Memphis) Dan Davis and Ken Wayne
Giant Ninja (WCW) Ron Reis
Giant Machine (WWF) Andre the Giant
The Gladiator Ricky Hunter
Gobbledygooker (WWF) Hector Guerrero
The Goons (Memphis) Wolfie D and J.C. Ice
The Grappler (Florida) Johnny Walker
The Grappler (Oklahoma/Texas) Len Denton
The Grapplers Len Denton and Tony Anthony
The Great Wizard (WCW) Kevin Sullivan
The Green Panther (SanFran) Pat Fraley
Haito (WCW) Paul Diamond
Handsome Stranger (GWF) Marcus Alexander Bagwell
Hangman (LA) Neil Guay
The Hood (LA) Johnny Mantell
The Hood (LA- 1 night) Ron Starr
The Hood (Portland) Ricky Santana
The Hood (World Class) Jeff Gaylord
The Hornet (SMW) Brian Keyes
Hulk Machine (WWF) Hulk Hogan
Humongous (Tennessee ’84) Mike Stark
Humongous (USWA) Randy Lewis
The Infernos (Original) Frankie Cain and Rocky Smith
The Infernos (Original) Stan Pulaski andRon Gibson
The Infernos (Original) Curtis Smith andRon Gibson
The Infernos (Memphis 1980s) Ron Gibson and Stan Vachon
The Interns (Florida) Billy Garrett andJim Starr
The Interns Billy Garrett and Tom Andrews
The Interns (Memphis) Roger Smith and Don Bass
The Iron Duke Jim Mitchell
Jacob Duncan Ryan Wilson
Jamie San (WCW) Jamie Noble
Jason (Calgary) Karl Moffat
Jason the Terrible (W*ING) Roberto Rodriguez
(New) Jason the Terrible (W*ING) Tracy Smothers
The Jet Brian Kendrick
Jimmy Jack Funk Jesse Barr
The Juicer (Portland) Art Barr
Kane (WWF) Glen Jacobs
Kato (WWF) Paul Diamond
Kendo the Samurai I (SMW) Tim Horner
Kendo the Samurai II (SMW) Bobby Blaze
Kendo the Samurai III (SMW) Brian Logan
The Killer Bees Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell
The Killer Bee (New Japan) Brian Blair
Kim Chee/Friday (WWF) Jim Dalton
Kim Chee II (WWF) Steve Lombardi
King Killer (USWA) Mike Miller
Kowabunga Ninja Turtle (SMW) Brian Hilderbrand
Krueger, Freddy (W*ING) Doug Gilbert
Kwang the Ninja Juan “Savio Vega” Rivera
Lacrosse (All Japan) Jungle Jim Steele
Lady X (LPWA) Peggy Lee
LazorTron (NWA) Hector Guerrero
Leatherface (USWA) Ken Raper
Leatherface (USWA) Mike Samples
Leatherface (W*ING – Original) Tim Patterson
Leatherface (W*ING) Doug Gilbert
Leopard Mask Leopard Mask
Lord Humongous (Alabama Mid-80s) Jeff Van Camp
Lord Humongous (Continental) Sid Vicious
Lords of Darkness (WWF) Duane Gill and Barry Hardy
Los Espelicitos (WCW) Ricky Santana and David Sierra
Mariposa (Lucha Underground) Cheerleader Melissa
The Masked Assassin (Toronto) Guy Mitchell
The Masked Avenger (World Class) Chris Adams
The Masked Avengers Lars Anderson and Ole Anderson
The Masked Bat (Tennessee) Bob O’Shocker
The Masked Canadian Roddy Piper
The Masked Champion (Oklahoma) Randy Colley
The Masked Convict Stan “Uncle Elmer” Frazier
The Masked Destroyer (Florida) Killer Kowalski
The Masked Infernos (SMW) Brian Keyes andAnthony Michaels
The Masked Marvel (40s-50s) Robert Maines
The Masked Marvel (1972-Toronto) Ron “Bull” Johnson
The Masked Marvels (NC) Billy Garrett andJim Starr
The Masked Menace Killer Karl Kox
The Masked Outlaw (NWA) Dory Funk Jr.
The Masked Rebel (Tennessee) Sonny Fargo
The Masked Russians Pedro Godoy and Juan Sebastian
The Masked Scyscraper (WCW) Mike Enos
The Masked Strangler (Indianapolis) Guy Mitchell
The (New) Masked Strangler (Indianapolis) Bobby Vann
The (New) Masked Strangler (Indianapolis) Leroy Redbone
The Masked Superstar Bill Eadie
The Masked Superstar II (Mid-Atlantic) John Studd
The Masked Superstars (Mid-Atlantic) Karl Von Steiger and Don Greene
The Masked Terror (AWA) Jay York
The Masked Tornado Unknown
The Master of Pain (Memphis) Mark “Undertaker” Calloway
The Masters of Terror (Memphis) Dan Davis and Ken Wayne
The Matador (Alabama) Jerry Stubbs
The Matt Classic (WSX) Colt Cabana
Max Moon (WWF) Paul Diamond
The Medics (Tennessee) Tony Gonzales andDonald Lortie
The Medics (Florida) Billy Garrett and Dick Dunn
The Medics (Florida) Billy Garrett andJim Starr
Mega Maharishi (PNW) Ed “Col. Debeers” Wiskowski
Mephisto (Tennesse) Lou Papineau
Mephisto (Memphis 90s) Romeo Rodriguez
Midnight Rider (Florida and NWA) Dusty Rhodes
Midnight Rider (Mid-South) Bill Watts
Midnight Rider (GWF) Sam Houston
The Mighty Yankee (Gulf Coast-1950s) Ray Villmer
The Mighty Yankees (Texas-1960s) Moose Evans and Giant Evans
The Mighty Yankees (Tennessee-1960s) Frank Morrell and Eddie Sullivan
The Mighty Yankee #3 (Tennessee-1960s) Ron Wright
The Mighty Yankees (Tennessee-1960s) Tony Russo and Pepe Lopez
The Mighty Yankees (1970s) Gary Fulton and Frank Morrell
The Mighty Yankees (Florida-1980s) Bob Cook and Jerry Grey
Mil Mascaras Aaron Rodriguez
Minnesota Wrecking Crew II (NWA) Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos
Miser (Lexington) Angelo Poffo
Mister M (AWA) Bill Miller
Monster, The (LA) Tony Rodriguez
Mr. America (WWE) Hulk Hogan
Mr. Florida Paul Jones
Mr. J.L. (WCW) Jerry Lynn
Mr. M (Indianapolis) Hard Boiled Haggerty
Mr. M (Indianapolis) Waldo Von Erich
Mr. Madness (WWF) Randy Savage
Mr. Knoxville Ron Garvin
Mr. Olympia Jerry Stubbs
Mr. Pro (Vancouver) Buck Ramstead
Mr. R (Georgia) Tommy Rich
Mr. R (Georgia, vs. DiBiase) Brad Armstrong
Mr. Wrestling (I) Tim Woods (Woodin)
Mr. Wrestling (Tennessee) Dick Steinborn
Mr. Wrestling II Johnny Walker
Mr. Wrestling III Pat Rose
Mr. Wrestling III Steve Corino
Mr. X (Vancouver 1960s) Frank Townsend
Mr. X (Vancouver 1970s) Guy Mitchell
The Mummy (Los Angeles) Benji Ramirez
The New Spoiler (Wild West) Jeff Gaylord
Nic Grimes (WSX) Sara Del Rey
The Nightmares (Continental) Danny Davis and Ken Wayne
Nightmare Freddy (Continental) Doug Gilbert
Nightmares (Alabama) Dan Davis and Ken Wayne
NWO Sting Jeff Farmer
The Patriots (Toronto) Mike Kelly and Pat Kelly
The Patriot (1974) Mike Thomas
The Patriot (GWF/WCW/WWF) Del Wilkes
The Patriot (Independent) Tom Brandi
The Pegasus Kid (NJ) Chris Benoit
The Pittsburgh Penguin Brian Kendrick
The Phantom (WWF) David Heath
The Phantoms (USWA) Jerry Faith andTroy Haste
Prince Kharis (SMW) Rob Mayze
The Pro (WCW) Mike Awesome
The Professional Doug Gilbert (1970s)
The Professional #2 Paul Demarco
Puma (California) T.J. Perkins
Punisher (WCCW) Mark “Undertaker” Calloway
Purple Shadow (SanFran) Bill Longson
Rasputin (Portland) Black Angus Campbell
Red Hangman (SanFran) Tom Rice
Red Knight (WWF) Barry Horowitz
Red Knight and Black Knight (WWF) Barry Horowitz and Steve Lombardi
Red Knight (Memphis) Del Rios
Red Masked Marvel (Tennesse) Jack Larve
Red River Jack (WCCW) Bruiser Brody
Red Shadow (Tennessee) Dick Dunn
REDRUM Johnny Stamboli
Rellik Johnny Stamboli
Repo Man (WWF) Barry Darsow
Rey Misterio Miguel Angel Lopez Diaz
Rey Mysterio Jr. Oscar Gutierrez Rubio
The River Rat Brian Kendrick
Russian Assassin I (NWA) Angel of Death
Russian Assassin II (NWA) Jack Victory
Screaming Eagles (WCW) Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin
Senior X (LA) J.C. Dykes
Sensational White Phantom Nick Bockwinkel
The Shadow (WWWF-1963) Clyde Steeves
The Shadow (Alabama) Norvell Austin
The Shadows (WWF) Randy Colley and Jose Luis Rivera
Shanghai Pierce (WCW) Mark Canterbury
Shark Boy (Indy/TNA) Dean Roll
Shinobi the Oriental Assassin (Ohio) Al Snow
Shinobi (WWF) Al Snow
Silver King Cesar Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez Barron
Silver Streak Vic Christy
Siva (Crockett 1994) Tony Norris
The Spider (Indies) Randy Savage
The Spider Lady (WWF) Fabulous Moolah
The Spiders (USWA and WWF) The Headbangers
The Spoiler (#1) (Georgia) Don Jardine
The Spoiler #2 (Los Angeles) Ron Starr
The Spoiler #2 (Mid-Atlantic) Paul Vachon
The Spoiler #2 (Montreal) Verne Seibert
The Spoiler #2 (Detroit) Johnny Davis (Ed White)
The Spoiler (Memphis 1984) Frank Morrell
The Spoilers (Florida) Don Jardine and Bobby Duncum
The Spoilers (Oklahoma) Don Jardine and Buddy Wolfe
The Spoilers (Texas) Don Jardine and Smasher Sloan
Stagger Lee (Memphis) Koko Ware
Stagger Lee (Mid-South) Junk Yard Dog
Starblazer (NWA) Tim Horner
Starship Coyote Scott Hall
Starship Eagle Dan Spivey
The Stomper (Oklahoma) John Quinn
The Student (Detroit) George Steele
The Super Assassins (WCW) Warlord and Barbarian
Super Black Ninja (WCCW) Keiji Muto
The Super Destroyers (Knoxville) Steve Travis and Don Kernodle
The Super Destroyer (Amarillo) Frank Sexton
The Super Destroyers (WCCW) Bill Irwin and Scott Irwin
The Super Destroyer (GWF) Bill Irwin
The Super Destroyers (GWF) Bill Irwin and Gary Young
The Super Destroyer 3 Salvatore Bellomo
The Super Destroyer (AWA) Don Jardine
The Super Destroyer Mark II (AWA) Sgt. Slaughter
The Super Destroyer Mark III (AWA) Neal Guay
Super Dragon Daniel Lyon
The Super Gladiator Ricky Hunter
The Super Gladiator (CWF) Tony Rocco
The Super Infernos (Memphis) Doug Gilbert andDon Smith
The Super Invader (WCW) Hercules Hernandez
Super Machine (WWF) Bill Eadie
Super Ninja (AWA) Steve “O” Olsonoski
Super Ninja (WWF) Rip Oliver
Super Olympia (Alabama) Arn Anderson
Super Shockmaster (WCW) Fred Ottman
Super Strong Machine (Japan) Junji Hirata
Super Vader (UWFi) Leon White
Super Zodiac I (WCCW) Gary Young
Super Zodiac II (WCCW) Cactus Jack
Superfly (WCCW and Central States) Ray Candy
The Superstars (Knoxville-1975) Dick Dunn and Leon Baxter
The Superstar (Tennessee) Bill Eadie
Sweet Brown Sugar (Memphis) Koko Ware
Sweet Brown Sugar (World Class) Skip Young
Sweet Ebony Diamond (NWA) Rocky Johnson
Tennessee Stud (Memphis) Ron Fuller
Tennessee Stud (II) (Memphis) Robert Fuller
The Terrorist (AWA) Brian Knobbs
The Texan (WCCW) Blackjack Mulligan
Texas Dirt (Memphis) Dutch Mantell
The Texas Outlaw (Vancouver) Bobby Bass
The Texas Outlaws (Memphis) Doug Vines and Jeff Swords
Texas Red Red Bastien
Thunderfoots 1 and 2 (NWA) Joel Deaton andDave Deaton
Thunderfoots 1 and 2 (IWA) David Isley and Gene Ligon
Tiger Mask Tiger Mask (History)
Tiger Mask I Satoru Sayama
Tiger Mask II Mitsuharu Misawa
Tiger Mask III Koji Kanemoto
Tiger Mask IV Unknown
The Titan Brian Kendrick
Top Gun (Portland) David Sierra
UFO () Bob Della Serra
Vader (WCW) Leon White
The Viper (GWF) Mike Davis
Twin Devil #1 Alfonso Sanchez
Viet Cong Express #1 (Stampede) Hiroshi Hase
Viet Cong Express #2 (Stampede) Fumihiro Nikura
The War Machine (NWA 1987) Ray Traylor
White Knight (Texas) Dick Steinborn
White Venus Peggy Patterson
WHO (WWF) Jim “The Anvil” Niedhart
Wild Pegasus (NJPW) Chris Benoit
The Wrestling Pro Leon Baxter
X (TNA) Pierre Carl Oulette
Yellow Dog (WCW) Brian Pillman
Yellow Dog (WCW) Tom Zenk
Yellow Scorpion (Tennessee) Buck Lawson
The Yeti (WCW) Ron Reis
Zan Panzer Brad Anderson
Zanta Klaus (WWF) Balls Mahoney
The Zebra Kid George Bollas
The Zodiac (Florida 70s) Bob Orton Sr.
The Zodiac (Calgary) Barry Orton