AS I SEE IT: Tournament of Death Results

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

A day that began bright and sunny didn’t end that way for seven wrestlers yesterday afternoon…but ended pretty damned well for one… at the “Ultraviolent Underground”… aka Markland’s Little Acres Saturday afternoon.. 600-700 fans, however, had more than their usual share of blood and guts yesterday as Combat Zone Wrestling prexented Tournament of Death 10.

First round:

  • Fans bring the weapons match
    MASADA defeated Dysfunction after hitting a Death Valley Driver off the ring apron with Dysfunction through a table for the pin.
  • “Get hit with shit” match
    “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont defeated Necro Butcher, in what had to be the biggest win of his wrestling career when Tremont he came off the top with a diving headbutt through light tubes for the pinfall
  • Light Tube Celebrations Match
    Big Japan’s Jaki Numazawa defeated Danny Havoc, after Drew Gulak’s bodyguard Mr. Tofiga (think Mr. Hughes with a Samoan twist his the ring and blindsided Havoc with a light tube bat into the back.Numazawa then threw Havoc into a pit of light tubes for the pinfall. Drew Gulak undoubtedly checked his cellphone out in the Midwest, and was pleased to know his bodyguard screwed with one more CZW hardcore wrestler .
  • Barbed Wire Boards, Thumbtacked Kick Pads Match
    Big Japan’s Masashi Takeda (no idea where his thumbtacked kick pads were…but no one was complaining much) defeated Scotty Vortekz Semi-Finals
  • Kenzans, Whips and “Anything Else We Can F***ing Find in the Back” Match
    MASADA defeated Matt Tremont by submission after beating the crap out of Tremont. MASADA drove three kenzans (heavy lead plates with brass needles) into Tremont’s head with his bare hands and chairs! The finish saw MASADA choke out Tremont with a steel chair assisted STF for the submission
  • Masashi Takeda defeated Jaki Numazawa in a Barbed Wire Boards, Light Tubes and Thumbtacks Match
    In an all Japan, er…BIG Japan final; It was a battle of Big Japan’s finest that saw Takeda that defeat Numazawa. Starngely enough, it may have seen the most wrestling of any match of the day.

    Non-Tournament Matches:
    * DJ Hyde pulled himself out of a match with Sami Callihan and Greg Excellent in order for Callihan and Excellent to face each other. After poking some fun at “The Boss”, including various “mark” jokes, both wrestlers wearing old DJ Hyde ring gear and doing a slow motion comedy “match” ala CHIKARA; DJ Hyde said that thee winner woudl get him (but never when). Excellent allowed Callihan to score a pinfall. As a result (Hyde’s supposed “stipulations” to face him were never stated, due to the comedy skits), on the July 9 Arena show, Excellent will be Hyde’s “slave” on July 9. Sami Callihan will also have to face Necro Butcher before he can face DJ Hyde.

  • Philly’s Most Wanted defeated Devon Moore and Little Mondo, when Joker pinned Devon Moore. As a result, Joker challenged Devon Moore for the CZW Title on July 9!
  • 2011 Tournament of Death Final/Barbed Wire Ropes/ Light Tubes Log Cabins/Panes of Glass Match
    MASADA defeated Masashi Takeda in a psychotic match that saw TAKEDA put through glass pane soaked with lighter fluid, propped up by two cement blocks…TWICE. Post match, MASADA challenged Danny Havoc for his CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title at the July 9 Arena show with the winner will face Big Japan Death Match Champion Ryuji Ito at the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show on September 10 in a Champion vs. Champion Match! The weather wasn’t as physically hot as other years for this outdoor show. Some years the atmosphere can be an endurance contest for fans, but this year saw cover later in the show helping a lot for fans,and seemed to keep the alchol-inspired crowd misbehavior down for the most part. “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont was perhaps the day’s big winner as he took a beating, most notably an ugly looking black eye after a shot to the face during his match with Necrobutcher, but got over like crazy The South Jersey independent workers got over the previous month at the Arena, then got over in front of a bloodthirsty crowd which came from as far away as the Carolinas, Illnois, and New England to attend. Until next time…

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