Carlito Released

After much anticipation, Carlito has finally been released from his WWE contract.

Today, WWE released Carlito in a fairly odd manner. He was fired from the company because he failed a drug test. Now, many fans had been predicting for a while now that Carlito will be getting releasd, but not many of them had pictured this scenario.

Things aren’t looking to good for Carlito’s brother Colon, who’s also signed to WWE at this time. It’s no secret that the only reason Colon had a job with WWE is because of his brother. As long as Carlito was signed to the company, it pretty much guaranteed Colon a spot on the roster. However, after this recent release, he might be sent home as well.

Since Carlito was released after a failed drug test, TNA probably won’t sign him immediately because it would cause bad publicity for the company. Their best bet it to wait for the news to die down a bit, and then sign him once everything his off the fans’ minds. Looking at how talented Carlito is, it’s probably in TNA’s best interest to sign Carlito as soon as they see a chance to do so.

This is definitely not something that’s going to shock the wrestling world, most fans knew this was coming for a while now. However, it’ll be interesting to see which way Carlitio’s career goes on from here.


Author: Pavitar Sidhu

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