OWW Editorial: Some Zest From The Quest
October 18, 2005 by Kirsty Quested

For the first time in my life, I missed a deadline. That would be the September issue of this, the Zest. I won't bang on with excuses, but instead apologise to all the OWW readers and to the webmaster, Brad Dykens. Fairly inexcusable thing to do, an Editor missing an Editorial. What can I say? Shit happens, unfortunately. And it happened to me over September.

As a result, there's a helluva lot of catching up to do. The Columns section of OWW went quiet there for a little, but has since exploded back into action. The OWW Puppet Master himself, Brad Dykens, sailed in with a very interesting look at the evolution of the OWW website since its inception four years ago. It's testament to Brad's untiring dedication to the website over the years.

Dany Mercury tackled the controversial issue of WWE's latest DVD, The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior in his column The Ultimate Legacy, presenting Warrior's side of the story by refuting comments made in Official Columnist Jacob Kuhn's "Who's Telling The Truth?"

Hailing from the shores of my own country, Mikey Christ brought us a tribute to one of the greatest legends of professional wrestling, The Undertaker. Here's hoping the Dead Man is part of the roster for the New Zealand Tour Mikey.

Adam Veltri took a look at Triple H's return to RAW in babyface mode, only to switch back to his familiar heel status with lightening speed, in his column "Heel Triple H - A Bad Move." Pete Cruise provided an interesting analysis on body language in his column "The Limp Wrist Wrestling Handshake." Actually I'd been told that wrestlers often shake hands in this... mild manner... to prove that they aren't stiff in the ring. Be that as it may, I have to agree with you Pete - limp handshakes annoy me intensely, I don't care who it's from. For me, a firm handshake equals good manners.

Highlighting the Women's Division, Martin F. brought us "There's Something About Trish" and Erik S. "The Black Sheep Diva." I for one am thrilled to see Trish and Victoria doing what they do best - a return to the pure wrestling style Fit Findlay strives for and of which he should be proud. Christy Hemme is proving that she has what it takes - did anyone else see that textbook Doomsday Device at No Mercy? And we have a new Diva who has been introduced on RAW as - believe it or not - an actual WRESTLER. Long may this positive trend continue.

Efrem Soloman provided one of the most controversial columns, "The Formula of John Cena." While I don't agree with Efrem's opinion of the current WWE Champ, I've always got to give props to anyone who's brave enough to voice an unpopular opinion and stand by it.

From our Official Columnists over this last month, Rhey Higgins returned with his Smark Remark, spotlighting new SmackDown! talent Ken Kennedy. Rhey, you hit the nail on the head. I'm so high on Kennedy right now, and it has been great to see the positive feedback he's been generating here at OWW.

Two of OWW's Official Columnists, Joe L. and Jason Simmons, teamed up to bring us "Wrestling's Biggest Idiot - And It's Not The Ultimate Warrior", an in-depth analysis of Vince Russo. Joe's always unique and eloquent writing style continues to ensure his columns remain among the most popular on OWW. Jason 'XtremeFalls' Simmons also brings us his analysis of WWE's reality TV show, "Tough Enough."

Speaking of controversy, Antonio Figueroa brought us "The Career Killer" - his take on why Rey Mysterio might just be a jinx in WWE. Again, props to you Antonio, for having the stones to present your opinion and weather the backlash your column generated.

Langdon Beck took us all on a nostalgic trip as he relived some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history in his column, "Goose Bump Moments", prompting readers to share their own trips down memory lane. Langdon also brings us "Most Wanted Vol. 2", a follow-up to his very popular "Most Wanted" column.

Colm Kearns brought us the "History of the IC Title" Parts 1 & Part 2. Colm is following on from his extremely well done and definitive "History of the WWE Title" series brought to use earlier this year. These historical columns are well worth a read.

We welcome back Rohit Ramnath, who returned to OWW with his latest effort, "Let's Put It This Way: Eras" column. Rohit, it's great to see you back.

Dave Hanson demonstrated his unique sense of humour in his latest effort, "I Want My Job Back!" This hilarious parody, inspired by Vince McMahon firing us all a couple of weeks ago on RAW, seems to have been lost on one or two readers, who failed to realise that Dave's tongue was firmly in his cheek when he wrote this amusing piece. If you haven't already, and you feel like a giggle, I highly recommend you check this one out.

Those of you who read my last Zest will remember that due to the increasing popularity of the Columns Section, I convinced Brad into letting me take on a Co-Editor. Since coming on board at OWW, JT (of 411mania/wrestling fame) has proven invaluable, so much so that I really don't know how I managed without him. A wonderful writer himself, as well as pro-wrestling guru, JT has stamped his own brand on the Columns Section, providing columnists with feedback and advice, as well as editing on a daily basis and keeping me sane. JT, don't ever leave me!

JT was going to add something to this months SZFTQ, but he was too busy crying his eyes out in the corner over the death of Christian's Push / Merchandise / Character / Everything else applicable. I'm hoping that by next month he'll have recovered sufficiently to contribute to the Editorial himself.

The lack of Christian's push is annoying me too. Batista said in a recent interview that he found it intolerable that there are some performers who are being given a chance whose hearts are not really in it, while waiting in the wings there are performers like Christian who would kill for the chance, and who would gladly devote all their time and energy. Amen Dave. I could not agree more.

I wonder who these people are, that Batista speaks of? I hope Ken Kennedy isn't one of them. I've been very much enjoying his unique character since his SmackDown debut. He's got a great look, bucketloads of charisma, a very solid move-set and a stunning finisher. I see big things in store for Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy.

Another newcomer making an impact on SmackDown is Bobby Lashley, who doesn't look like another Brock Lesnar, he looks as if he ATE Brock Lesnar and picked his teeth with Lesnar's bones. Still, you have to wonder if the WWE powers-that-be took one look at TNA's Monty Brown and thought - we gotta get ourselves one of those. Lashely has a very solid amateur background however, and I believe he's got a good future ahead of him.

Speaking of TNA, I'm so high on their X-Division. I saw my first X-Div match during their last PPV, Unbreakable, and have been extolling its virtues ever since. I'm now a huge fan of these incredible athlethes - AJ Styles, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe and up-and-comers like Austin Aries. My all-time favourite, however, is the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels, and I am practically salivating over the prospect of a 30-minute Iron Man match between Daniels and AJ Styles for the X-Title at Bound For Glory, to say nothing of the Ultimate-X match between Sabin, Williams, and Matt Bentley.

TNA has the Dudley Boyz now - or should I say, Team 3D - but before they invaded the iMPACT zone they took on my buddy Mason Raige and his partner Dickie Rodz at NYWC's Rampage in September. Mason told me he had an awesome match. "Wrestling 3D was like a crash course in pro-wrestling," he said. "They hit hard and were both ring generals. It was a real test, and even though they were victorious, that match is definitely a highlight of my career thus far. I told them that I'm sure I'll bang heads with them again, and I'm confident it'll be sooner rather than later, but hopefully in WWE." Mason followed it up by taking on the 3rd Dudley, Spike, 2 weeks later. Spike, now better known as Matt "LSD" Hyson, demonstrated the old adage of "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog" when he and his partner Mike Mondo got a double pin on Rodz-N-Raige. Mason, I know, is climbing the walls to get to Ohio Valley Wrestling. The sooner he gets those New York loose ends tied up, the better!

PHOTO: Mason Raige

On October 3, RAW went home. Back to the good ol' USA network, where the first thing they did was fire good ol' JR. Now, as worked as this may have been, giving a much-loved veteran like Jim Ross that kind of humiliating send-off was just not necessary. It's created a backlash throughout the IWC, and so it bloody should. Email WWE any chance you get, if you think, as I do, that JR's departure could have been handled in a far more respectful manner.

That said, the Homecoming show itself was spectacular. Legends galore, and some great matches. Kurt vs. Shawn III definitely ranked up there - I never get tired of seeing those two work their magic in the ring. The ladder match between Matt Hardy and Edge was also something special, if a little predictable. However, Hardy is now SmackDown-bound, where I really hope he and Christian get something going.

Bringing back Triple H as a babyface - now that was short-lived. Hardly surprising though. It seems that he's now got a fair amount to contend with in the locker room - Shawn, Show and his first face-to-face with John Cena. The reaction seems a bit exaggerated if you ask me. Granted, the annihilation of Ric Flair was not necessary, but Naitch himself is no stranger to dirty tricks, and he's been guilty of this kind of betrayal himself numerous times. Still, it keeps us on our toes for who Trips will be working with next. (Does Trips look fat to anyone else? Has he laid off the 'roids? Or has Steph been feeding him too well?)

Since the long-overdue conclusion of the "Who's Your Papi?" angle, Eddie Guerrero has returned to the lovable heel we know so well, and I'm enjoying his angle with Batista, even if they did main-event too soon at No Mercy. Still, it was only their first time, and I have no doubt that we should expect great things from Eddie and Dave.

PHOTO: Eddie Guerrero modelling his new shirt.

The Ortons seem to have disposed of the Undertaker - for now. Expect to see Taker making life hard for Randy in the build-up to Survivor Series. As much as I love Randy and Taker's matches, I'm glad to see Randy's branching out a little now. He had a great match with Eddie last week. Considering it was the first time they'd locked up, I for one was very impressed. And I can't wait to see the Animal and Latino Heat take on the Orton's this week on SmackDown.

Actually, I've got nothing but love for SmackDown right now, and why? Because it will be that brand which, for the first time ever, brings WWE wrestling to New Zealand. On March 4, 2006, SmackDown will invade New Zealand's capital, Wellington, in the Road To WrestleMania Tour. If there are any Kiwi fans reading this, all details for the Wellington show can be found at I can tell you now, New Zealand fans are frantic with excitement over the up-coming tour, and I am quite unashamedly one of them. How I will make it to March I do not know! I just know I'll be marking out madly until then.

Catch you on the flip side, grasshoppers.

by Kirsty Quested

Edrom41 wrote:
love the article, I'm personally cant wait to see what happens for randy next, Eddie and batista , and hope Christian gets pushed a lot more, as well as the cruiserweight division, oh, btw, ken Kennedy is doing great





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