The One Year Anniversary
July 28, 2006 by Adam "The Adaman" Heap

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Hello loyal Obsessees. Now, forgive me if this sounds pretentious, but I have recently gone through my one-year anniversary right here at OWW. And in ‘honor’ of that, I went back through all my columns and had a look to see how my views on the topics I wrote about have change in that time, be it my first article just over a year ago or my most recent one three weeks past. So enjoy!

07/09/05: The Turn of HBK - My first ever article went up about the heel turn of Shawn Michaels when he hit Sweet Chin Music on Hulk Hogan from behind. Now, frankly, I expected it to be a longer turn for Michaels, and I think he could have had a decent run as a heel. However, the 1-month turn was brilliant and Shawn played the part to perfection. I guess the main reason he didn’t want to stay heel is becoming obvious now that he is uncomfortable in his role in DX. And his Christian values are also holding him back from doing anything heavy here. Nonetheless, Shawn is going due to injury soon and I believe that he has had a very big impact over the last year.

08/01/05: The Return of Eugene - Oh God, how I wish I had never written this. Eugene is possibly the most idiotic gimmick ever. I hate the crap out of him now, which shows you that viewpoints can change. Let the Sandman beat the crap out of him for three straight weeks and I still won’t get bored. Either ditch the gimmick or fire him. Please.

08/29/05: Where Are They Now? - I was surprised not to see the Draft Lottery this year, but then again I was surprised to see ECW back this year, so I guess it equates to the same thing. I stand by what I said here, with Christian, Batista, John Cena and Kurt Angle all having had a major World Title Reign since then, and Big Show even recently winning the ECW World Title, which I thought was wrong, but I’ll run with it.

09/24/05: The Animal Still Rules - And I have to maintain my position here as well. Batista was the man on SmackDown! when he left, and he will be the man by the end of the year. People don’t support him because he ‘has no wrestling ability, can’t cut promos, etc, etc’. You know why I support him? Because he puts every ounce of his energy into making his feuds work. He always puts in 100% for his company, and he deserves more than criticism.

10/18/05: Finally, Some New Faces - I stand by Kennedy and Lashley ? and I doubt anyone will disagree that they’ve become major talent. Both of these men have done great works in the company, a microphone master and a technical wrestler, giving it their all. Future of the business. And boy oh boy did I underrate Mickie James. She is a genius, and albeit a few match stuff-ups, she has performed very well.

11/22/05: RAW's Five Defining Moments 2005 - Not much to say here. Once again I continue to agree with what I’ve said here.

12/16/05: Bobby Lashley - The Real Deal - I hate to say I told you so, but I will. Lashley = U.S. Champion, I said. Thankyou WWE, this man deserves it. Lashley put in the effort, showed his worth to the fans, and is the U.S. Champion, well deserving of it too. He’s shown he can put on any sort of match and his character has developed nicely over the ¾ year or so he’s been there now. Expect to see more of him in the coming months as a main player. As a sidenote, I think his feud with Booker shows people that the U.S. Title can be just as important as the WHC. Lashley’s been in the main event of SmackDown! for weeks, and I say good on him.

01/26/06: Rob Van Dam: One Of A Kind. - Well, I told you so, but I wish I hadn’t. RVD, you stuffed up. RVD = WWE Champ, I said. He had the world of wrestling around his waist and he threw it all away, and he’ll never get it back. He’s lost the titles, the company’s trust, and for that he’ll be scorned for years. I say shame on him. Yet he proved his worth too in the time he has been back, making it in the final 4 again in the Rumble, winning the MITB at ‘Mania, and pleasing the world by stealing Cena’s WWE Title. But I only wish he hadn’t done this, and he has been driven below the ropes for me for a while now.

02/19/06: 2006: The Year Of Rey - Once again, I told you so. Rey = World Heavyweight Champion, I said. And I was right. Again. I stand by Rey, he’s putting everything into the company and a feud with Booker should be good for him, although I doubt he’ll come out of it with his title. For the people complaining about his size, shut the hell up. RVD is a light-heavyweight. Shawn Michaels is a light-heavyweight. They’ve both held the titles. Just because the title is named the ‘Heavyweight’ title doesn’t mean no-one can hold it. It is a name, for crying out loud. Get over it soon.

03/15/06: 2006: A Matter Of Respect - Chris Benoit is out of action, and the WWE still don’t know what they have. Chris ? go to TNA. Deliver a blow to the WWE; see how much they’ll miss you. He’ll have potential over there.

04/14/06: The Draft Lottery: 2006 - So much for that. ECW is the new flavour of the year, and without Sabu, RVD, and Angle, it has lost star power. With Big Show as Champion, it has lost ECW Credibility with the fans. Without Sandman in matches or without his music, the fans are getting angry. It won’t be there by the end of the year. Vince ? be smart. Go back to the Draft next year.

05/09/06: The Return of DX - Ha ha, well, once again I told you so. DX has come back and come back strong, and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping soon. Let them play around for a few months and beat up Vince. I’m interested to see what other people’s thoughts are on new members and such, but I say let HHH and HBK by DX. They don’t need anyone, they’ve proved it, and they’re having fun. Good on them.

06/04/06: SmackDown! Struck Down! - Finally, we’re getting back where we’re supposed to be. Lashley and Booker have been keeping SD alive, and I give distinctions to both of them. JBL is the new commentator, developing well. Kennedy is back on the scene, and Batista is back strongly. To the people who said ‘it’ll only get worse’… Bull. SD! At the moment is coming in as a stronger brand than even RAW and ECW, and they’ll be the ones on top soon. Talk of a Hardy Boyz reunion makes me excited and I’d love to see Jeff back and give Matt the push again. It will grow over the months as people come back and I’m all for it.

07/01/06: Bring In The Young Guns - Over about three weeks since I wrote this, and I stand by it. Gunner is developing nicely IMO.

Well, that’s my spiel on things for a while. I may have strayed but I wanted to voice my opinion on a number of issues, so thanks for bearing with me if you’re reading this. Props to Brad, Kirsty and JT for letting me enjoy my first year here. Here’s to many years of writing to come!

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Jon Rosaler wrote:
Congratulations,man. I only wrote to the SD! Struckdown Column so far. Yes, I know you were talking about me with the 'getting worse; mentioning. Well, now Jack Balck is gone from the SD! page, but so is Gunner Scott and Paul Burchill (via OVW). That Brand is the real DOA in November. Yeah, Richard's was very vogue about saying 'Smackdown is DOA,period. It's only a matter of time,,,' I honestly disagree with him there and as far as I'm concerned with Benoit going to TNA? Nah. Everyone keeps saying he's going to ECW, which is stupid. ECW already has RVD and Kurt Angle and they are both gifted Wrestlers who wrestled on Raw and Smackdown! Chris Benoit was Eddie's best friend and I think it would be best for everyone if the man just stayed on Team Blue.
Charles Lalonde wrote:
I agree 100% with you on every article when you say fire or ditch the Eugene gimmick, Eugene is nothing more than WWEs Rain Man. Chris Benoit would put TNA to a slight advantage being a former WWE World Champion and would have great feuds with the likes of Monty Brown, Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and so on. Guys like Lashley, and Kennedy would headline a Wrestlemania in the near future, the icing on the Smackdown cake would be a feud between Lashley and Kennedy, that would be nice as Lashley has been in the main event spotlight before (singles, tag, 6-man tag) and Kennedy owns 2 victories over Batista, and has recorded victories over Rey Mysterio, Booker T and so on
Leesa Neel wrote:
I thank you are one of the best writers on OWW. I don’t thank WWE should let DX beet up on Vince it gets boring
Tealmania wrote:
Adam, I thought this was a great article but when you said fire Eugene I completely disagreed with you on that I like his Gimmick also I think he is one of the most underrated wrestlers on Raw in my Opinion.
Corbin wrote:
This just seems like more of a ego-trip article to me. Sure, you got some stuff right. But the stuff you didn't you dismissed as WWE being stupid or wrong. I don't see how you say you saying Gunner Scott was going to be a future star is somehow proven or anything. He's not even in WWE anymore. I also don't see why you want Jeff to come back. Sure, it might get Matt back up from his boring state right now where he still lives off the pops he gets for getting screwed by Edge. But who would they feud with? The Pitbulls? Or how about the current 2 cruiserweights as tag champs? Please. I respect your articles and think you know your stuff, just this one came off the wrong way.


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