David Benoit Claims He Is No Longer Allowed Backstage To WWE, Wants To Join AEW

David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, says he’d like to join All Elite Wrestling.

Benoit was interviewed for a recent episode of the Pro and Bro Wrestling Podcast with Fred Rosser.

At one point in the conversation, Benoit touches on his time training to wrestle with Lance Storm. Rosser – aka former WWE star Darren Young – asks if the 26-year-old has been training as of late and he replies, “I’m just messing around in the ring right now with a couple of guys from AEW.”

David did not get into specifics on who he’s been working with, but noted he has a close relationship with Chris Jericho and attended both Double or Nothing and All Out. Benoit also said he’s had gear made for when he eventually debuts somewhere.

“I want to go to AEW one hundred percent,” he told Rosser when asked where he’d like to wrestle. “I love AEW. I love what they do for the boys. Take care of them.”

Additionally, Benoit – who has posted many photos of himself at WWE shows over the years – also claims he’s no longer allowed backstage at their events. He does not explain why. The last time he attended one of their events back in March, however, he was seen wearing an AEW jacket.

Listen to the full interview below.

credit Ryan Satin

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