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Muhammad Hassan wrestled for WWE until a huge controversy caused his character to be killed off. Then he was quietly released.

This Superstar’s memory remains as something WWE might like to erase, but it was also devastating to the real man behind the character.

Marc Copani, the former Muhammad Hassan recently made the news because of his new gig as a junior high principal. He recently spoke to Syracuse.com where he revealed how heartbroken he was upon his release from Vince McMahon’s company.

“I was heartbroken. I put everything I had into the WWE, and had it all taken away from me. I just withdrew from wrestling all together.”

“The character got more radicalized, and after the incident with the London bombings everyone got upset. Hassan became too controversial for wrestling.”

Copani later admitted that he will never wrestle again. This circumstance was unfortunate all around because not only did WWE capitalize on a terrorist character in a post 9/11 climate, but they did it with a man who isn’t even of Arab descent.

credit PWStream