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November’s issue of Total Wrestling Magazine is available now to read for FREE featuring an interview with Diamond Dallas Page via http://issuu.com/totalwrestling/docs/tw_7_11_2014

The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion opened up about what who he likes in WWE, his thoughts on his WWE run and the latest on Jake Roberts. Here’s what he had to say:

On who he enjoys watching in WWE currently:

I love to watch Randy Orton. I love that we have a similar finish, he is one of the top guys in the world, if not the guy. I’m a big Bray Wyatt fan too, I love his look, his promos, his energy.

His thoughts on his WWE run:

I didn’t have the run I should have had in WWE, but that’s ok, I had a great run in WCW. I lived the dream, and it was great fun. In WWE, I got the European Title, Tag-Team Titles, sure, but they didn’t mean anything to me. There was too much heat on the WCW guys at that time, they were seen as the enemy, we almost put the WWE out of business.

How Jake Roberts is doing now:

Jake’s not quite 100%, he still has a bit of pneumonia in his system. He isn’t close to dying or anything, but he isn’t a kid anymore, he’s close to 60. He’s just concentrating on getting better.”

An action packed November issue also features a column by current TNA Knockout, Gail Kimas she talks about TNA British Bootcamp 2.

We also investigate the possibility of a Stone Cold Steve Austin return at WrestleMania 31, we chat to TNA’s Rockstar Spud about how his life has changed since joining TNA and we take a look at Finn Balor, the newest star to grace NXT and wonder whether the former Prince Devitt can ascend to the top of WWE’s main roster…

All of this, plus our usual features, DVD and book reviews.

The issue is out now for FREE and can be viewed via – http://issuu.com/totalwrestling/docs/tw_7_11_2014

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