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One of the eight finalists in the 2007 WWE Diva Search, Jessica Hatch, was one of the special guests on this past week’s live edition of Monday Night Mayhem (09/05/07), which can be heard in streaming audio every week (hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade, and heard LIVE at 8PM ET/7PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (www.MondayNightMayhem.com, www.OnlineWorldOfWrestling.com, www.ProWrestlingPress.com, www.AllWNYRadio.com, www.Showdown,net, & www.AudioWrestling.com).

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Jessica’s interview (a Mayhem exclusive) can now be heard for FREE in Real Audio.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview provided by Mayhem listener, Daniel1991.
The Big Mosh & Blade welcomed Jessica to The Mayhem. Talk about a wonderful way to close out “The Summer Of Mayhem 2007…”
For starters, a quick background on this Texas beauty — who very well could be the next “sexiest woman on television:” a former Miss Ujena Texas, Miss Bikini America, Golden Gloves Silver Medalist, as well as a college athlete (who excelled in both volleyball & softball).

Jessica started off the interview by saying that she is ready for the competition to begin, and is ready to embrace all of the wrestling fans throughout the world. She is excited that she is having an opportunity to continue her athletic career from college to a possible career within World Wrestling Entertainment.
Jessica said that having a beautiful body & face does indeed advance you in the Diva Search, but having a great personality to really draw in the crowd — you are trying to show the fans a good time & win them over. She wants to bring her excitement & her love of this competition out on WWE.com & on national television.
The Big Mosh & Blade mentioned the past Diva Searches (with Christy Hemme winning in ’04, Ashley Massaro in ’05, & Layla El in ’06), and Mosh asked Jessica how she is different from the other finalists in this year’s competition, as well as the girls from past years, and what she can bring to the company if she wins the 2007 Diva Search. Jessica believes that throughout her life, she has been a very hard-working girl and is a different breed of sorts. By giving 110% to what the fans will see over the coming weeks ahead, entertaining those who watch the competition, & bringing her heart, caring attitude, & passion out for everyone to see will help her get where she wants to be.
Her biggest influence getting into the wrestling business this far as been Torrie Wilson. Both of their backgrounds are very similar: from competing in fitness shows. She honestly thinks Torrie is a great role model and has done so much for the business. Jessica hopes she can take what Torrie has done in her career, and follow in her footsteps.

Blade & Mosh asked if Jessica got the call into the WWE what would she like to do differently, that maybe past Divas have never done before or even attempted. She says she would like to wrestle (something she has no problems embracing), perform in front of the fans on at the events & on television (as she would love the opportunity to compete in front of children & their families), do some magazine photo shoots, & some acting (which she loves) as well. However, Playboy is something she would not want to jump into right away or consider right off the bat.

In closing, Jessica wanted to thank everyone who has gotten her to this point, and says the fans will not be disappointed in this year’s 2007 WWE Diva Search.
*All of this goodness & more can be found in this near 30-minute interview on The Mayhem: including Jessica talking about the Diva Search casting call, interacting with her fans throughout the world, & much more.
*Remember fans: Voting in this year’s competition begins this Monday, September 10th, so make sure you head over to www.wwe.com/DivaSearch, as well as Jessica’s official MySpace page (www.MySpace.com/JessDHatch) for all of the lowdown on Jessica, how to vote for her, as well as this year’s competition.
*In addition to Jessica’s interview, The Mayhem former “extreme” referee/The Monster Factory’s Jim Molineaux & Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Dan Murphy had the latest on the news dominating the scene over the past week — the suspensions/firings/releases from World Wrestling Entertainment, plus the latest development in the Benoit tragedy, and is “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair really done with World Wrestling Entertainment? Plus, PWU’s Backseat Boyz (Johnny Kashmere/Trent Acid) & a recap of TNA’s NY State debut, as “The Road To No Surrender” nears its conclusion!
September 5th Monday Night Mayhem (streaming audio): www.mondaynightmayhemarchives.com/waxfiles/090507.wax
September 5th Monday Night Mayhem (podcast):
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