Extreme Wrestling Federation Results on 9/1

EWF Results for 9/1/07 in Marion, IN
The event started with General Lee doing what appears as a new interview segment called “GENERALLY LEE SPEAKING”.  He claims to be an all around star, # 1 Manager and a world class wrestler and that  Wild man Rogers is just a redneck, trailer trash, etc.

General Les calls out Mr. Main Event to make a deal to manage him tonight against Wildman Rogers and says he secured a deal from the Commish that Mr. Main Event will be guaranteed the main event spot tonight on if he agrees to representation.  Mr Main Event accepts.

* The returning Dusty Dillenger beat Orlando Savage
* Matt Cavins & Dark Lion beat Craig Poling & Damian Michaels
“Just” Justin came out with his head all bandaged up (Due to the post match attack last week by Mr. Main Event).   Justin claims that he has been advised by a doctor that he cannot compete this evening.. .just then Mr. Main Event & General Lee charge the ring and attack Just Justin… Wildman Rogers runs down to make the save… Lee & Mr. Main event hightail it back to the locker room.
* General Lee beat Bob
Next Commissioner Tony Angelo comes out says he needs to handle a few items of business. First thing is that he understands there is a “disgruntled” employee in the back and calls out Snake… Snake goes on to say that he has been with the company for a long time and has never had a title shot…he says that he will se to it that he gets one even if he has to buy the shot… .Snake goes on to exclaim that he has won the lottery and whispers something in the commish’s ear…t he commish announces Snake is due to get a title shot?
Secondly, the commish announces is that SEPTEMBER 29th the EWF will host the first ever “STEEL CAGE MATCH” not only is it EWF’s first cage match, but it will be the fist match of its kind in Marion, IN… The Commish also announced that due to an earlier statement by General Lee about Mr. Main Event wanting to be in the main event that he will promise that Mr. Main event will be a participant in a Cage match on Sept 29th… with who the commish says will be found out this week on www.ewfarena.com.

* Midwestern Title: Nate Pheonix (c) beat Mr Fitness w/ Tiny
* EWF Champion Big Ric Cannon beat Pat Tanaka with an outside distraction from Damian Michaels and a quick roll up…
* Mr. Main Event w/ General Lee beat Wildman Rogers
After the match, Mr. Main Event & Lee “handcuffed” Rogers to the bottom rope and began kicking him… Bob ran out to help Rogers which in turn caused Ric Cannon out to run out and attack Bob… this made it 3 on 1 since Rogers was cuffed to the ropes…then “Just” Justin came running out with a swinging chair to send Cannon, Lee & Mr. Main Event headed back to the locker room…

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