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Irish Airborn

Insanity Pro Wrestling
“Insane Intentions” Results
Indianapolis, INDIANA

The show opened with Commissioner Dan Garza announcing some participants for the 2006 Super Jr. Heavyweight Tournament in November.  Joining Dustin Rayz, will be: Dave Crist, Jake Crist, JC Bailey, Scotty Vortekz and WSX star Josh Abercrombie!

Then Louis Linaris comes out and yells at Garza saying what has Dave Crist ever done to get into the tourney.  Dave was sitting at the commentary table due to a leg injury on crutches.  Linaris taunts Dave until he comes into the ring.  Linaris then challenges Dave to a match for his spot in the tourney and the match began…

1) Louis Linaris beat Dave Crist to gain entry into the 2007 Super Jr. Heavyweight Tournament

2) Dustin Rayz, “Sweet” Lou Roberts, & Chris Wonders beat The Mavericks & PT Hussla

Joey “Kidd” Owens (formerly Indiana Kidd) interfered and cost PA the match.

3) Dave Davidson beat “Diehard” Dustin Lee

After the match, the two men begin to shake hands but Carlton Kaz comes down and jumps Diehard.  Davidson has words with both Kaz and Greg Carey.

4) Ryan Rich beat Joey “Kidd” Owens beat Sami Callihan by DQ in a 3 way

5) Jr. Heavyweight Champion Scotty Vortekz beat Drake Younger and JC Bailey in a 3 way

6) Mid-American Champion Jon Moxley beat Billy Roc
Guest Referee- Dan Garza

After the match, Roc challenged Moxley to a 30 Minute Ironman Falls Count Anywhere Match.

7) Jake Crist w/ Neveah beat Grand Champion Carlton Kaz by DQ after interference by Greg Carey 

After the match, Kaz continued to beat down Jake Crist until fellow COC member Dave Davidson made the save for Crist!  Davidson shoved Kaz down and punched his manager Greg Carey.  Commissioner Garza announces that next month in a non title match, Kaz will face Davidson.

Then it was time for the “3 Stages of Insanity” Match between Jedd and Osyris.  Greg Carey says that Osyris already beat Jedd 5 times and there is no reason for him to wrestle him again tonight.  Jedd says that he’ll give a reason – that if he loses tonight, he will leave IPW… Osyris and Carey accept.

8) 3 Stages of Insanity Match:  Hillbilly Jedd vs. Osyris

Stage 1:  Osyris beat Jedd in a dog collar match
Stage 2:  Jedd beat Osyris in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match
Stage 3:  Osyris beat Jedd in a Fans are the Lumberjacks Strap Match with interference by Joey Owens

Osyris won the match, so now Jedd must leave IPW!  

Jedd thanks the fans after the match and urges them to continue supporting IPW.