Remembering a Friend! by Fidel Sierra the Cuban Assassin and Fantasy

One of the main reasons we wanted to write this column after our extended silence, is to ask everyone to take a moment out of your busy day on February 10, and remember Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. It will be 6 years since he passed away. He was a good friend, a tremendous performer and a generous person all around who loved his family dearly. We think of him often and miss him to this day. So for those who knew him and even if you didn’t, grab a shot of Jack Daniels and gargle one for Curt. He was one of the greats and a truly special friend.

We also want to congratulate Victoria on her awesome run with the WWE and wish her good luck in all her future ventures. It is very difficult to make the decision to retire and to get out of the business, because it gets in your blood and stays there, but surely we haven’t heard the last of her yet. She is an awesome wrestler and has had a tremendous impact on the women’s wrestling and the wrestling business in general. Enjoy your vacation and good luck.

You may have heard that Sgt. Slaughter is no longer with the WWE, but what you probably don’t know is that me and him have still unfinished business back from the AWF days. He has managed to avoid me all these years but now that he can no longer hide behind the WWE, the time has come to settle our differences. So Slaughter consider this a direct challenge from Fidel Sierra, the Cuban Assassin, anytime, anywhere, I’m there.

We recently visited the Dominican Republic where we are currently working on getting some wrestling shows going. Negotiations are also on the way for regular shows here in Florida with a possibility of expansion. Our trip to Puerto Rico went well and we were glad to be part of WWC’s closing show and special guests on the Cabana with Carlito and Primo Colon. It is always great to go back to P.R and we hope to make it back there soon, one way or the other, even if we don’t agree with a lot of things going on, but that is for some other day.

Otherwise we are keeping busy with our Business “Crazy Dave’s Sports Bar” located at 201 Keene Rd, Largo FL. 727 531-5518. Karaoke with the wrestlers went well and we have another one scheduled on Friday January 30, so if you are in the area stop by. On February 1, we also have a private super bowl party there, if interested call the bar and make your reservations now, limited space available. We have also expanded the menu, to include Cuban Sandwiches (it’s about time).

It was good to see Dick Slater a few days ago when he stopped by our bar and we are glad to say that he looked good and he is hanging in there health wise. He has a lot of problems with his back but he is a fighter and doesn’t give up. Shane Sewell from TNA also stopped by a few weeks ago and we are glad to see him doing so well, bottom line is you never know who you will run into over there, but one thing is for sure, you will have a great time, so make it a point and stop on by.

We are also available for bookings, conventions, appearances and any other special events. You can reach us at [email protected] and we will be glad to hear form you with any other comments.

Fidel Sierra the Cuban Assassin and Fantasy