Ring of Honor – Canadian Conquerors


Kevin Steen & El Generico came into Ring of Honor with two simple goals: to prove they are the best tag team in the world and to become ROH World Tag Team Champions. Within a matter of months they lent credence to the first with phenomenal showings against the Briscoes and the Age of the Fall, among others. As for the second, Steen & Generico didn’t make good on that goal until September 19, 2008 at the “Driven” Pay Per View taping. That night, in Boston, the two Canadians…well the Canadian and Mexican…defeated Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black to become the 26th ROH World Tag Team Champions in a classic contest.

After a non-title victory over the Osirian Portal at “Ring of Homicide II”, and a World Title opportunity for each man at “The French Connection”, the champions stepped into the ring at “Bound by Hate” with their long-time foes, Jay & Mark Briscoe. For the first time Steen & Generico were the champions rather than challengers, and after a hard-hitting back-and-forth contest, they remained champions; finally taking that monkey off their back. Unfortunately, the joyous atmosphere was somewhat spoiled when the Briscoes engaged in a shoving match with Steen & Generico that ROH officials had to help quell.

At “Escalation”, another familiar foe stepped up to challenge the champions. Jimmy Jacobs, this time with Delirious as his partner, attempted to regain the tag titles but came up just short, and of course put the blame squarely on his partner’s shoulders. The following night at the “Rising Above” PPV taping, Steen & Generico once again squared off with Jay & Mark. Unfortunately for the Briscoes, Mark came into the match with an injured knee, and the champions took advantage of that injury to secure the victory. Once again the tension between the two teams degenerated into a fight that had to be broken apart by security.

Then, at “All Star Extravaganza IV”, it became apparent that the champions would have a new challenge to deal with in the future. Teamed with The Necro Butcher, Steen & Generico faced off against Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs, and Delirious. As Steen seemed to have the victory in hand, Davey Richards made his way to ringside and attacked Kevin’s knee with a pipe, costing his trio the match.

The next night, “Final Battle 2008”, Steen & Generico once again faced off with Jacobs & Delirious, and were once again victorious. The most shocking moment of the night came later when Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, collectively The American Wolves, attacked the Briscoes following their match with Sasaki & Nakajima. With Jay handcuffed to the ropes, the duo went to work on Mark’s knee until Steen & Generico made the save for their bitter enemies.

As seen in an ROH Videowire following that night, Jay burst into the champion’s dressing room and uttered two words that seemed improbable given his history with Steen & Generico, “Thank you”.

ROH gave the champions the first weekend of 2009 off as a way to heal up their various injuries, specifically the knee of Steen that the Wolves had attacked. But now they make their return to competition this weekend in Detroit and Chicago Ridge. First off, Steen & Generico demanded to get their hands on Richards & Edwards in retaliation for their attacks in PA & NYC. Sweeney basically said it would only happen if the belt were on the line so the champions said bring it on. “Motor City Madness 2009” will mark the first tag title defense of the year: Kevin Steen & El Generico versus Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards; be sure to check out the upcoming ROH Videowire for comments from both teams.

In Chicago Ridge, as part of the “Caged Collision” PPV taping, the champions will step into singles competition in response to challenges made by other members of the ROH roster. First Claudio opened his mouth and told ROH officials that he wanted to face Brent Albright in Detroit. He followed that up by demanding a match with Kevin Steen to prove how he deserves to be with the elite in ROH, that he is championship material. Steen was more than happy to accept that challenge.

As for El Generico, well he found himself reading thru the ROH website (albeit thru a translator) and specifically looking at Nigel’s claim that there was no one left for him to defeat in Ring of Honor. Generico took exception to this and contacted ROH to demand a match with the arrogant World Champion. McGuinness, at first, refused, but after a few minutes decided that he would accept it because as he said, “…I’m a fighting champion…And I have made a name for myself living up to every challenge that stood before me. If the fans want me to wrestle on the Pay-Per-View, and if they want me to fight that masked tart again, then I’ll oblige. And trust me, Generico will regret it.”

The men who battled long and hard to accomplish their two goals mentioned earlier now find themselves in a position where they have to defend both accomplishments. Will Steen & Generico make it out of the Motor City with the tag titles still in their possession? Can each man put down their individual challenges in Chicago Ridge? Kevin & Generico both believe they can do it, and they certainly have the drive and determination to emerge victorious. Great tickets are still available for both events right here at www.rohwrestling.com, will you be there to see if these two athletes can make good on their promises?

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