Former WWE CWC Competitor Discusses His Inspirations


WWE Cruiserweight Classic Competitor Anthony Bennett was the latest guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. During the interview, he discussed names who inspired him to become a wrestler, who gave him the opportunity to compete in the CWC, maintenance on his hightop haircut, and more. Here are some highlights.
What inspired him to be a pro wrestler:
“Honestly, just watching Scotty 2 Hotty and K-Kwik, and guys like that. The charismatic guys [who] had fun dancing and being characters is basically what got me into pro wrestling. I said, I want to do that. I want to be those guys.
The Worm is what sealed the deal. When I was a kid, we did talent shows, plays, and soul train lines. Me and one of my friends would always do the Rikishi dance, and I would be Scotty 2 Hotty. I would just want to go out and do the Worm. The Worm was like my signature.”
When he first started watching wrestling:
“When Kane and The Undertaker slammed the steps on Vince McMahon’s ankle. Ever since then, I wanted to be like that. I wanted to big that big guy walking around without a care. Just feeling like you are indestructible. But, clearly, size isn’t on my side.”
How he received his CWC opportunity/having to gain 25 pounds:
“Gerald Brisco came [to the Monster Factory] in 2013, he was just looking at talent, and he heard I had an amateur wrestling background. He was fascinated by it, and he said, ‘Ok, kid. I’m gonna come back next year, and this is what I want you to do. I want you to gain 10 pounds.’
And, from there, once I gained the 10 pounds, he said, ‘Good. I see that you listened, you packed on a lot of size, you’re developing a character, you’re becoming more and more comfortable with wrestling. So, now I want you to gain another 15 pounds, be at this weight, and I’ll see what I can do with you when the time comes.’ He would message me every now and then [to check the] progress]… He put my name in for the Cruiserweight Classic.”
Listen to the interview here.

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