Former WWE Star Damien Sandow Returning To The Ring With “Millennial Slayer” Gimmick

After two and a half years away from wrestling, former WWE Star Damien Sandow (Aron Stevens) will be returning to the ring at a Battle Arts PRO event on July 13 against Timothy O’Connor. After being released by WWE in 2016, Stevens made his way to Impact Wrestling for just under a year before deciding to take a break from wrestling to pursue an acting career.

Yesterday, he announced his return on social media and is going with a “Millennial Slayer” gimmick.

“Well, you might as well hear it from me first,” Stevens said. “I’m here in Toronto at Battle Arts Academy. I attended a wrestling show and I had an epiphany. I’ve been gone for two and a half years, look what’s happened to the world, look what’s happened to the business. The world needs me and the business needs me. So, tonight, the ‘Millennial Slayer’ was born. Stayed tuned.”

Along the the video promo, in the captions he wrote:

“Hey, Santino Marella, thanks for letting me run the Battle Arts Academy Rising Stars show. Sorry I had to make an example of someone. The world needs me. We all know this #prowrestling #battlearts #back

“Timothy O’Connor nothing against you as an individual. Just your generation as a whole. #millennialslayer [will] see you [on] the 13th at the Don Kolov Arena, if you are not still nursing your wounds & and if you can put your cell phone down long enough to actually show up. #truth #someonehadtosayit”


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