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Earlier this evening, it was announced that lucha libre star Perro Aguayo passed away at the age of 73. Aguayo began his wrestling career in 1968. He helped found AAA in 1992 and brought in the biggest business draw when he had a three way feud with Konnan and Cien Caras.

Aguayo was also known for his run in CMLL, where he began his retirement tour in 2000-2001. During his retirement tour, one of his successful matches was taking the hair of brothers Cien Caras and Mascara Año 2000. Though many thought he was officially done after his retirement tour, he came back onto the lucha libre scene in 2005 and again in 2007.

His last match on record was in 2007 in a tag team match which consisted of his partner Rayo de Jalisco against Mascara Año 2000 and Universo 2000 in Tijuana.

In 2015, Aguayo lost his son, Perro Aguayo Jr. (35) following an in-ring accident, which caused severe whiplash, and breaking of three vertebrae in his neck. Since the incident, Aguayo didn’t interact with his public following.

credit wrestlinginc.com