Sunset Flip Presents: Future of NXT Stars

Sunset Flip Presents
Future of NXT Stars
By Jim Boy Star

This past Tuesday on NXT, we witnessed one of the most historic episodes in NXT history. Granted, it is a very short history, but history nonetheless. Three wrestlers were eliminated. My initial feeling was a sigh of relief because it means WWE is going somewhere with the show. In an even more surprising move, three wrestlers were eliminated when I originally thought there would only be one.

The premise of NXT is supposed to be that there is only one winner. So, if that is the case what happens to the losers? Do they get fired from the company? Do they go back to FCW, put on a mask and say they are someone else? Or are they automatically in the next season of NXT? WWE has made the statement that they plan on continuing NXT in the future.

Daniel Bryan has given off the interpretation that he may comes back as someone else or even his original name Bryan Danielson. Most Danielson fans are probably hoping to see that happen but I am not one of them. In fact, I think it is really moronic.

It would be like me saying “Jim Boy Star is done with the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show” then the camera goes off and comes back on in 10 seconds and I have a wig on. Then I say “This is Star Boy Jim and welcome to the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show”. Come on! You know it is the same person!
Actually, my scenario may be more creative than what WWE is going to do. At least in my scenario, the other person has a wig on.

Unfortunately for Michael Tarver, I can see WWE just releasing him. As I have mentioned plenty of times before, nothing seemed special about Tarver. He was half way in the hole when they announced that Carlito, a man at that time was barely on TV, was his pro.

The other person that was eliminated this past week was Skip Sheffield. I thought it was interesting that John Cena wrote something positive about Skip Sheffield on his twitter account. Perhaps that’s the next step. Sheffield befriends Cena and then at some point turns on him and say that he just used John Cena to get on one of the main shows to show how much talent he has.
Oh wait…….. I don’t think WWE is creative enough to think of that, which means that will not happen. If there is another season of NXT, my guess is that Sheffield will be on that season.

Now that there are people no longer in the NXT competition there are lots of questions that need to be raised, including:

If you were a Pro and your Rookie was eliminated, do you still get a vote?

Do you still get to be on the show?

Don’t be surprised if neither of those questions are answered.

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I will not be doing a column next week so have a great week and the next column will be done for Memorial Day.

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