GOUGE “Glory Bowl” Results from 9/15

Chilly WillyGimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment presented GLORY BOWL Sat September 15, 2007 Stem, NC- Stem Fire Hall

Show opened  with announcer Jaheem the Dream and Commissioner David Blanchard setting up the rules of Glory Bowl- names pulled from a bowl to determine matchups anyone on GOUGE rtoster was eligible.  winners met in a 6 way elimination match for the GOUGE heavyweight title vacated by the iinjury to King Chilly Willy

Luther Thesz pinned The Goat with a jackhammer

Wallabee Joe w/ Count Grog pinned Felicia O after Grog kncked her out with a rag full of ether

El Gordo Diablo pinned Sweet Ebony Assassin with a loaded head butt

Otto Schwanz pinned Leroye Zbyszko with the Russ1an Sickle

Trailer Park Heat pinned  Tennessee Ernie Nord with a stunner

Seymour Snott beat Count Grog (w/ Blackie Chan) with a sleeper

GLORY Bowl final match-  as all 6 guys got to the ring Otto Schwanz had the PA guy cue the Bennie Hill theme that had all the wrestlers chase each other around the ring back thru the curtains into locker room and then out with Felicia O chasing them back out and hitting Count Grog in the head with numchucks.

Trailer Park Heat eliminated first with a loaded chain punch from El Gordo, Seymour Snott was pinned by Wallabee Joe after Grog pulled his foot from under him as he had Joe up for a slam, El Gordo Diablo was DQ’ed for using a chain, Otto Schawanz went outside the ring to help Seymour as he was attacked by Grog and Blackie Chan and then just left the building and was counted out, El Gordo and Grog and Chan took Snott outside and hang cuffed him to the fence.
Luther Thesz pinned Wallabee Joe with a jackhammer to win and become the new GOUGE heavyweight champion.

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Thursday Sept 27 Raleigh, NC- Volume 11 Tavern-Fallout Sat Oct 6 Allensville Fire Hall Thurs Oct 25 Raleigh, NC- Volume 110- Maul-O-Ween

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