Danny Hodge & Solie Kids interview recap

Online World of Wrestling is pleased to present OWW Radio #22 with host Nick Anthony, Dave “The Kaveman” Kave, and Aaron “TNA” Kendrick.

OWW Radio Episode #22 hosted by Nick Anthony is now available for your listening pleasure. OWW Radio proudly presents a rare and exclusive 1 hour interview with this week’s featured guest; amateur wrestling great and multiple time NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Danny Hodge. 

Download this 2 hour episode here: http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/oww/radio/

OWW Radio also features a special interview with Robert and Pamela Allyn – the son in law and daughter of the Dean of Wrestling Gordon Solie, and co-authors of The Solie Chronicles, a biography based on the life and times of the late, great wrestling announcer.

 In addition to our exclusive interviews, OWW Radio #22 discusses the recent Jeff Hardy arrest, and ECW alumnus New Jack rings through the OWW Radio Toll Free number to share his thoughts on Jeff Hardy and the wrestling media.



News Segment

Nick, Aaron and Dave open the show discussing the Jeff Hardy arrest and CM Punk’s WWE success.

 Nick plays a  voice message left by New Jack on the OWW Radio Toll Free Number regarding Jeff Hardy’s arrest for drug trafficking and possession of steroids. New Jack offers his support to Jeff Hardy and lashes out at the wrestling media.

 Nick goes on to read some e-mails sent in by OWW Radio listeners on the Jeff Hardy matter.

 After the break Nick covers the news, including Kurt Angle‘s legal issues, Ric Flair signing with the new “Hulkamania” promotion and other names the new promotion is considering bringing in.

 UFC news is also covered, including the upcoming UFC 106 bout between Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.



Match of The Week

After the break Aaron”TNA”Kendrick takes us through the Match of The Week, with Nick, Aaron and Dave dicussing it.


Robert and Pamela Allyn Interview

Short break and then the interview with Robert and Pamela Allyn, son in law and daughter of the late, great, Gordon Solie. Mr. and Mrs. Allyn, along with editor Scott Teal are co-authors of The Solie Chronicles, a biography on the legendary announcer.


 Mrs. Allyn talks about what it was like to grow up the daughter of Gordon Solie and Mr. Allyn talks of how Mr. Solie got him hooked on wrestling. They talk about the new book on Solie, The Solie Chronicles and the previous book they released in 2005 about Gordon Solie, Something Left Behind. Nick mentions that the books take the form of more of a scrapbook type format and sparks a discussion as to why they felt to go that route rather than a straight biography. The Allyn’s discuss the differences between the books and also about what the new book contains, such as in depth coverage of Mr. Solie’s youth, his beginnings in radio, and ultimately his career as a wrestling announcer. Mrs. Allyn notes that the new book gives a great deal of behind the scenes information on the business of pro wrestling. Nick asks them if they follow the current wrestling programs, and then asks what they think Mr. Solie would think of the current state of wrestling. They discuss how wrestling differs today, and the commentary differs from Mr. Solie’s earlier time in the business, when often he would call matches on the fly with no idea what the outcome would be and only notes to go off of.

Nick asks if there are plans down the road for any other books on Mr. Solie and they acknowledge that there may be plans for something else in the future.



Danny Hodge Interview

After the break, Nick interviews the former 8 time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion and 3 time NCAA Wrestling Champion as well as the 1958 Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, Danny Hodge accompanied by his manager Tommy D.

 Nick starts the interview asking Mr. Hodge about his amateur background and then goes into why Mr. Hodge got into professional wrestling.

 Mr. Hodge is a great interview, and goes over aspects of his amateur days very succinctly, recalling details only he and the people that went through that time with him could.

 He also discusses his boxing days, and how it came about that he ended up being a boxer.

 Nick asks Mr. Hodge why he didn’t pursue a career as a professional boxer, and Mr. Hodge explains why he chose wrestling over boxing.

 He also explains how he was a shooter in the wrestling business, because he was never told to take it easy on anyone.

 Nick asks if current wrestlers ever contact him for advice and Mr. Hodge touches on current WWE superstar Jack Swagger as being one of the current wrestlers he’s helped develop into a well rounded pro wrestler.

 Mr. Hodge talks about his relationship with other pro wrestlers that he’s worked with, including Jack and Jerry Brisco.

 He then talks about working with Ed “The Strangler” Lewis, a notorious shooter in his day, then about his time working with Leroy McGuirk.

 Nick asks Mr. Hodge about the territory days, and Mr. Hodge has great things to say about Hiro Matsuda, who is known to have broken some big names into the business.

Mr. Hodge then talks about promoters he’s worked with.

 Nick brings up Mr. Hodge’s NWA World Jr. Heavyweight title reigns, and also the fact that he was the longest reigning champion with that title ever. Mr. Hodge shares some memories of his time as reigning champion.

 Mr. Hodge addresses the incident where his father intervened in a match and cut his opponent Angelo Savoldi for a comment he had made in an interview.

 He then goes into some of his favorite opponents in the business, with Mr. Hodge actually naming his two toughest opponents ever.

 Mr. Hodge talks about his numerous battles with Lou Thesz for the NWA Heavyweight Championship.

 Nick brings up the difference between American wrestling and wrestling in Japan that Mr. Hodge discusses, and the numerous times he went to Japan to wrestle.

He also speaks of the great respect he was shown in Japan.

Nick brings up the car accident Mr. Hodge had in 1976 that broke his neck, and his subsequent forfeiture of the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

A great discussion ensues concerning his retirement and what he did afterward.

 Mr. Hodge speaks about the change in pro wrestling, from the days he was in the business to the way it is portrayed today.

 Mr. Hodge speaks on Elvis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jim Ross, Vince McMahon and the Cauliflower Alley Club.

 Nick asks Mr. Hodge about receiving the Lou Thesz award, the WWE Hall Of Fame, and about Mr. Hodge’s book that’s out, Oklahoma Shooter: The Dan Hodge Story.

 A great interview, one of the best ever heard on OWW. A great guy to talk with, and just as genuine and real as you’d ever want to meet.



This Week In Wrestling

Hosted by Dave (From September 14 – 20)

1997: WCW holds Fall Brawl in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

1998: Billy Kidman defeated Juventuud Guerrera for the WCW Cruiserweight Title

1970: Satoshi Kojima is born Toky, Japan

1996: WCW holds Fall Brawl in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

1997: Curt Hennig defeated Steve McMichael fo the WCW US Title

2000: Men’s Teiho defeated Trent Acid to win the vacant CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan

1972: Harley Race defeated Pak Song to win the vacant NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title

1999: Vince McMahon defeated Triple H for the WWF Heavyweight Title

1960: Phil LaFon is born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1997: Dick the Bulldog Brower dies

1981: Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in Kansas City, Missouri

1982 Harley Race defeated Dick the Bruiser for the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title

1995: WCW holds Fall Brawl at the Astro Civic Center in North Carolina

2000: WCW holds Fall Brawl at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York

2001: The Dudley Boyz defeated Kane & the Undertaker for the WWF Tag Team Titles in Nashville, Tennessee

1963: Masahiro Chono is born in Seattle, Washington

September 18

1956: The Fabulous Moolah defeated Judy Grable in the tournament final to win the WWF Ladies Title’

1994: WCW holds Fall Brawl at the Roanoke Civic Center in Virginia

1995: Marcus Bagwell & Scotty Riggs defeated Harlem Heat for the WCW World Tag Team Titles in Johnson City, Tennessee

2003: Brock Lesner defeated Kurt Angle for the WWE Title

2003: Los Guerreros defeated the World’s Greatest Tag Team for the WWE Tag Team Titles

1993 – WCW holds Fall Brawl at the Astro Arena in Houston, Texas

1999: ECW holds Anarchy Rules at the Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois

2000: The Colorado Kid defeated Jerry Flynn to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title in a tournament final in Tampa, Florida

1960: The Blue Panther is born in Gomez Palacio, Durango

1993: Shinya Hashimoto defeated the Great Muta to win the New Japan IWGP Title Nagoya, Japan

1997: WWF holds One Night Only at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England

1999: Mankind & the Rock defeated the Undertaker & Big Show for the WWF Tag Team Titles in Houston, Texas

1980: The Grappler defeated Ted Dibiase for the Mid-South North American Title in Louisiana

1950: Greg Valentine is born in Seattle, Washington

1958: Arn Anderson is born in Rome, Georgia




OWW Radio wish to thank the Producers who make these shows possible every week OWW Radio would also like to extend a huge thanks to our guests Danny Hodge and Robert and Pamela Allyn.




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