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TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: September 17, 2004
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Don West

We opened up with some new TNA Impact graphics. The voice over man let us know we would see the King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett, in action along with X Division wrestlers. What he didn’t say was that tonight will feature A.J. Styles vs. Alex Shelley, Team Canada vs. Team Mexico, and Kid Kash & Dallas vs. Amazing Red & Chris Sabin.

We went to a clip highlighting the history of TNA, dating back to the very first TNA Wednesday PPV involving Toby Keith. We saw some clips showcasing Hulk Hogan and Sting‘s appearances in TNA followed by X Division Ultimate X highlights.

A video clip for TNA Victory Road touted the PPV as such: “A new Genesis Will Unfold. The Old World Will Crumble. A Brave New World Will Emerge.” Real nice video package.

Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed us to the Impact Zone. Tenay promoted the “Most Memorable Moments from the X Division” PPV which will air this Wednesday night.

(1) Team Canada (Petey Williams & Bobby Roode & Eric Young) (w/Coach Scott D’Amore) defeated Team Mexico (Heavy Metal & Mr. Aguila & Abismo Negro) at 5:36. After a quick commercial, we came back to find all six men battling in the ring. Team Canada held the early advantage then Team Mexico cleared the ring of Team Canada with a series of head scissors take overs. Back to one on one action where Petey Williams took on Abismo Negro. Negro scored a huracanrana then tagged in Mr. Aguila. Petey took over after reversing a whip to the ropes and scored a spin kick. Williams tagged in Bobby Roode who landed a foot to the gut. Roode stomped on Aguila then scored a double underhook suplex for a cover and a two count. Eric Young tagged in and scored a sidewalk slam on Aguila. Scott D’Amore choked Aguila as Young distracted the ref. Young held Aguila in Team Canada’s corner then tagged in Williams. Williams and Young tried a double team move, but Aguila avoided it and tagged in Negro. Negro went to work on Young and scored a two count on a cover. All six men entered the ring and the action broke down. Negro and Aguila sent Williams & Young to the outside then scored over the top rope splashes on each. Heavy Metal worked on Bobby Roode in the ring. Metal took a wrong turn and went after D’Amore. Metal turned around and took a powerslam from Roode for a two count only. Metal blocked a powerbomb attempt then an awkward, “who’s spot is it?” moment occurred between Metal and Roode. Metal ended up connecting with a boot to the gut then a slam for a cover and a two count. Metal went up top for a top rope move, but Scott D’Amore smashed Metal with a hockey stick that was inside the Canadian flag. Roode capitalized with a “Power Down” Fireman’s Carry Slam and the cover for the win.

After the match, Team Canada went to work on Team Mexico in the ring. The fans threw debris into the ring as Team Canada continued to destroy Team Mexico. Hector Garza entered the ring to absolutely no crowd pop and took a beat down from Team Canada and D’Amore. Team Canada continued to work on Team Mexico as no help came from the back. Mike Tenay with the line of the night, “Team Canada has Team Mexico outnumbered.” Since when is four on four outnumbered?

Match View: This was a decent match, yet full of problems. There were obvious communication problems between the two teams. The problem with bringing in international talent is the ever-present communication barrier that leads to some awkward spots. I would much rather see Hector Garza or one wrestler from Team Mexico take on Petey Williams or Bobby Roode. These big tag matches don’t do anything. The crowd popped for almost none of the high spots, or at least the audio production make it seem that way.

A video clip highlighting the dilemma in the Tag Team Division aired. We saw how Chris Harris & Prime Time became Tag Team Champs following injuries to their respective tag team members. Video from the close of last week’s Impact showed an all out tag team brawl.

(2) Kid Kash & Dallas defeated Chris Sabin & Amazing Red at 6:49. Kash and Red were in the ring first to open things up. Kash played to the crowd before the action actually began. Red and Kash finally locked up and they proceeded to exchange mat holds. We went to commercial 53 seconds into the match. After the break, we came back to see Red make a tag to Sabin. Chris “no personality” Sabin scored a Russian Legsweep then held Kash for an Amazing Red drop kick. Sabin with a cover for a two count. Sabin delivered a back elbow then a monkey flip. Kash landed on his feet then turned around and found a drop kick to the face. Sabin missed a clothesline then took a clothesline of his own. Kash tagged Dallas in. Dallas scored a sidewalk throw down slam and made the cover for a two count. Dallas tagged in Kash after the referee basically told him to. Newbie. Kash went up top and scored a top rope splash and a cover for a two count. Dallas tagged in and delivered a right hand in the corner. Dallas took a big boot to the face then blocked a Tornado DDT. Dallas couldn’t block a side kick, yet didn’t fall off his feet. Sabin scored a top rope side kick knocking Dallas down, then tagged in Red. Kash took a tag from Dallas. Red with a clothesline and an ugly sunset flip that made no sense. Dallas entered the ring and worked on Red in the corner. Sabin and Kash went to work against the ropes. Sabin went for a side kick and completely missed. Don West said Sabin missed, yet Kash laid on the apron selling the move as if Sabin landed it perfectly. Dallas almost took Sabin’s head off with a big boot to the face. Red followed up on Dallas with a top rope missile drop kick. Red was hit from behind by Kash allowing Dallas to score a big boot. Kash went up top and scored a Frog Splash for the cover and the win.

Match View: This was a real sloppy match. Sabin & Red each have potential, and each has his moments in the ring, but neither one really does anything for me. Unless TNA gives each one some character depth, all I see are the blown spots and the same moves I’ve seen ad nausea. When a match is as sloppy as this one, sometimes I wonder if the wrestlers just want to quit the match, start over, and re-do the whole thing.

A video clip of Alpha Male Monty Brown’s highlights aired. Pounce, Pounce, Pounce. That’s all you need to know.

A clip from the “Biggest Flop…er…Biggest Match in TNA History” aired which highlighted Jarrett using a guitar on the head of Jeff Hardy to defeat him to retain the TNA Title. Interviews from Dusty Rhodes & Vince Russo aired discussing Jeff Hardy receiving a re-match for the TNA Title. Russo blamed Dusty Rhodes for Jeff Hardy not being the TNA Champion. Jeff Jarrett taunted Vince Russo to bring in some… Outsiders. Jarrett told Russo to think about it long and hard. Tenay speculated whether the next #1 Contender would be Hardy, Monty Brown, Abyss, Raven, or someone from outside of TNA.

The Elite Guard entered the Impact Zone and stood outside the ring. Before Jeff Jarrett came out for his squash match, Lex Lovett entered as the chosen jobber. Jarrett taunted the crowd as he entered the Impact Zone with his guitar in hand.

(3) Jeff Jarrett defeated Lex Lovett in a Non Title Match at 2:44. Jarrett jumped Lovett before the bell rang, then stomped on him in the corner. Jarrett scored a drop kick off the ropes then took a kick to the gut. Jarrett ducked a clothesline and Lex flew over the top rope to the outside. Just as I thought, the action spilled to the outside where Jarrett can hide his in-ring weaknesses. Jarrett sent Lex into the Spanish Announce Table then took him back into the ring. Jarrett choked Lex across the middle rope and yelled out to any and all Title Contenders. Jarrett scored a splash on the middle rope, sending Lex’s throat bouncing off the ropes. Jarrett waited for Lex to get up then missed a right hand. Lex countered with three right hands then a kick to the gut. Lex scored a Buff Blockbuster then went up top. Lex went for a top rope splash, but missed. Jarrett with a kick to the gut then set up for the Stroke. Jarrett paused way too long for believability, then delivered the Stroke. Jarrett made the cover for the three count and the win.

Match View: Lex looked halfway decent in the ring. Sure, he’s not a legit wrestling star, but he certainly held his own. Jarrett just had to have his customary outside the ring action to consume most of the match. Not much to this other than giving Tenay and West an opportunity to discuss possible TNA Title contenders.

A voice over from Scott D’Amore indicated that Petey Williams is on his way to becoming the greatest X Division Champion of all time.

Alex Shelley & Goldylocks came out for the main event match. You can tell Shelley is not into this “baby bear” character at all. He basically forced a heel smile on the way to the ring at Goldylocks’ urging. Plus, knowing that you’re about to lose a match won’t put you in the best mindset. A.J. Styles came out as we went to commercial before the main event.

(4) A.J. Styles defeated Alex Shelley (w/Goldylocks) at 6:33. After the commercial, Tenay let us know that TNA’s Lead Analyst, Jeff Hammonds, is not here this week because of NASCAR commitments. Darn. To the match where Styles and Shelley locked up with a test of strength. Styles with a wrist lock which Shelley countered with an over the top rope toss to the apron. Shelley wanted a test of strength. Styles answered the challenge and the two battled hand in hand. Shelley and Styles exchanged monkey flips as the two continued to hold hands. Real nice spot with Styles ending it with an arm bar hold. Styles bounced off the ropes and scored an arm drag take over. Styles with a flying knee drop off the ropes. Styles with the cover for a two count. Shelley with a drop kick. Shelley paused, then took a drop kick from Styles. Styles with a cover for a two count. Styles with a Stunner off the apron on the top rope. Goldylocks distracted Styles giving Shelley the chance to drop Styles across the top rope with a throw up slam. Shelley with a knee to the back then a double knee smash in the corner. Shelley with a snap mare and a drop kick to the back of Styles’ head. Shelley with a Russian Legsweep and a cover for a two count. Shelley delivered a knee to the gut then missed a corner splash. Styles responded with an overhead German Suplex. Styles ducked a clothesline and scored a chop. Styles with a tilt o whirl back breaker sending Shelley into the corner. Styles connected with his sweet Back Flip Reverse DDT spot. Styles picked up Shelley and went for the Styles Clash, but Shelley kicked Styles in the head, breaking the hold. Shelley with a sweet spinning neck breaker on Styles followed by a cover for a two count only. Shelley went for a suplex, but Styles blocked it. Styles turned it into a victory roll for the three count and the win.

Match View: Solid action. Shelley is a real great worker and could certainly be featured in more prominent roles. Easily the best match on Impact in quite some time. Styles was solid in the ring as usual and had the crowd eating out of his hand. Nice main event match.

To close the show, a sweet video package aired highlighting each of the main players in TNA. Real nice video production from the TNA crew.

Source: www.pwwew.net