Indy Wrestle Line 8/19 Independent Report

Indy Wrestle Line 8/19 Independent Report
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Hello everyone and welcome to your Indy Wrestle Line Independent report I am the Weekend Warrior Randy Klemme.
Hopefully you had a chance to get out and enjoy an independent wrestling show in your area this weekend…
Did want to address a call that I received on the hotline, asking about our schedule here on option 2….well the only change is that Russ Ray will be on mainly Tuesday thru Thursday with his “The way I see it” feature. This was done to help me out during the week as my REAL job has been very busy of late. I will try to be on as soon as I can Friday evening with the first weekend update. To the caller in Bowling Green, Kentucky, I apologize for getting on so late this past Friday, but I had to be on the road 14 hours until I could get to a computer and call in a report. I know you are a regular caller and I will work harder to be earlier, but the paying job has to come first…
Not alot of indy news to report this weekend, however it is being reported that indy star Matt Sydal is telling friends he will soon be signing a WWE developmental contract. That’s a blow for indy wrestling fans, but hopefully a good step for Matt….
This weekend’s birthday shoutout goes to Violent Ed celebrating a birthday on Wednesday this week…Have a good one Ed….
Now let’s get into the weekend results we have so far..
It was a BIG Saturday night in the EWF Arena in Marion, Indiana as former WWE star Rikishi was in the house..
Sweet Lou beat Carlton Kaz
“Diceman” Ronnie Vegas & Joey Owens beat Lawrence Bon Poffo & Jamie Crisis
EWF Ladies Champion Destinee Blade beat Camron Star
Sami Callihan beat Hillbilly Jed
Nate Phoenix beat EWF Midwestern Champion Wildman Rogers to win the title
EWF New Era Champion Just Justin beat Louis Linaris
Big Ric Cannon defeated EWF Heavyweight Champion Osyris to win the title and end a 16-month title reign
and it was Rikishi & Bob beating Mr. Main Event & Andrew Troyea
Northern Wrestling Federation was in Walton, Kentucky Saturday night…
Dr. Melvin Winkleman defeated Jarred West.
Muldoon defeated The Zodiacs in a handicap match.
Benjamin Kimera defeated Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus by DQ
The Crybaby defeated Tiny Tim
NWF Tag Team Champions The Thugs defeated Pompano Joe & Ice
Jesse Hyde defeated Anthony Bryant
and Stewie Backlund defeated NWF Champion Ryan Stone by DQ when Roger Ruffen interfered
Friday night NWF was at BoneKrusher’s in Cincinnati, Ohio
Muldoon defeated T-Money
Brett Michaels defeated Zodiac 1.
Aaron Williams defeated Nasty Russ
Danny Montgomery defeated Zodiac 2.
Jon Moxley pinned Tiny Tim
The Hippies defeated Freaks & Geeks
Unified Champion Chrstiopher Michael Lotus defeated Benjamin Kimera by disqualification
and The Crybaby & Anthony Bryant defeated Ice & Stewie Backlund
Don’t forget, if you would like to leave me a wrestling question or comment, you can do so after the tone at the end of this report or you can drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. Also check out my MySpace page at
So until next time, this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme, get out and support independent professional wrestling

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