PCW (Texas) Full Throttle Results from 8/18/07



James Johnson beat Angel Of Sinn by DQ to retain the PCW Television Title, Tim Storm beat Gregory Symonds, Wally Darkmon beat J.T. LaMotta, Action Jackson & James Johnson beat Angel Of Sinn & Colossus, Mike Foxx beat Mace Malone


The following was taped for airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Lone Star Channel, as well as worldwide distribution via SmartVideo and release on DVD, with Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, TV Commentator Rob Moore and one of the PCW Knockouts. Rotating color commentators for the night were Kody Kox, Kyle Davis and Richard Hill.

At the beginning of the show, wrestlers and personnel surrounded the ring as Baxter led a 10-bell salute to the late Bronko Lubich, Brian “Crush” Adams and Dewey “Missing Link” Robertson. After the tribute, Baxter introduced special guest Percival A. Friend, who wrestled and managed in the 60’s and 70’s, most notably in Amarillo and Kansas City.

PCW owners Thomas & Chris Bussey, along with brother and personal assistant Steven Bussey, came to the ring. Thomas and Chris threatened the fans with their flip-flops and announced that Sick ‘N’ Twisted will take place on Saturday, September 1. They also continued their torment of PCW World Television Champion Jiggle-O James Johnson by forcing him to defend his belt tonight against the Angel Of Sinn from Mike Foxx’s Faithful.

Champion “JIGGLE-O” JAMES JOHNSON beat ANGEL OF SINN (w/ “Angel Of Mercy”
Claudia) to retain the belt
–Johnson was able to effectively counter Sinn’s size and power advantage with his speed and quickness. After delivering a Climax Kick (kick from the floor to the second rope), Johnson was climbing to the top rope for the O-Face (flying stunner off the top rope) when Mike Foxx and Colossus ran out and interfered, causing the DQ. The Faithful triple-teamed Johnson until Action Jackson and Mace Malone ran in and chased Foxx’s group out. Jackson wanted Foxx in the ring, but Foxx made his own challenges. He challenged Jackson and Johnson to a tag team match against Colossus and Sinn later in the night, and Foxx said he wanted a match with Malone in the main event. In addition, Foxx challenged Jackson to a Last Man Standing match at Sick ‘N’
Twisted. The challenges were quickly accepted.

TIM STORM of the DARK CIRCLE beat GREGORY SYMONDS –Symonds tried to wear Storm down with techincal wrestling moves, but Storm’s power and ruthlessness rose to the top, ending when Storm got Symonds in the Perfect Storm (Black Hole Slam) for the pin.

WALLY DARKMON beat “The MIND OF WRESTLING” J.T. LaMOTTA –The match started out very fast-paced, at times resembling a lightning-quick Lucha match. LaMotta thought he had Darkmon where he wanted him with his array of holds and maneuvers, but Darkmon overcame those to execute the Mood Swing (Canadian Destroyer) on LaMotta for the pin.

“The TEXAS LEGEND” ACTION JACKSON & “JIGGLE-O” JAMES JOHNSON beat The FAITHFUL (Angel Of Sinn & Colossus) –Notably absent from ringside was Claudia, who, it was speculated, was held back by Mike Foxx for his match later. The team from the Faithful worked well as a team, mostly working over the much smaller Johnson and keeping him on their side of the ring. All hell broke loose when Jackson finally tagged in. Colossus was knocked from the ring, and Jackson, on the second try, gave Sinn the Big Booyah (Rock Bottom) and pinned him while Johnson held onto the 7’2″ giant Colossus’ leg, slowing him down enough to keep him away from Jackson’s pin.

“The DARK MESSIAH” MIKE FOXX (w/ Claudia) beat MACE MALONE –Malone still had unfinished business stemming from Foxx throwing fire at both Malone and his mentor, Action Jackson, not to mention the Faithful breaking Jackson’s right arm weeks ago. Claudia came into play when she blew the red mist, called the Kiss Of Death, into Malone’s eyes. Foxx used Malone’s own move, the Detonator (three-step neckbreaker), on him, but Malone managed to kick out milliseconds before the three-count. Claudia was about to blow the mist again when Referee Travis Trueborne shoved her to the floor. PCW officials Kyle Davis and Kody Kox came out to get Claudia after the referee ejected her from ringside. Foxx got Malone in the Career Killer (Boston Crab) and held it for an exceedingly long time, but Malone refused to tap out and eventually used his leg strength to throw Foxx off. Malone tried to springboard off the second rope, but Foxx caught him in midair with the M.F.’er (RKO) and got the 1-2-3. The match was over, but the battle wasn’t, because Action Jackson ran out and hit the Booyah on Foxx. Angel Of Sinn and Colossus ran out and attacked Jackson and Malone. James Johnson and Wally Darkmon ran out, and the melee was on. The Faithful exited, leaving the fan favorites in the ring to prepare for future battles at Sick ‘N’
Twisted as well as Fight-Win-Survive.

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be on Saturday, August 25 at PCW Arena.
Bell time is 8 p.m.

PCW Full Throttle’s mext major show will be Sick ‘N’ Twisted on Saturday, September 1 at PCW Arena. Bell time is 8 p.m. Signed thus far is Mike Foxx vs. Action Jackson in a Last Man Standing Match.

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Submitted by ROB MOORE, The Voice of PCW

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