DGUSA “Mercury Rising” DVD

*** Dragon Gate USA DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
March 27, 2010 – Phoenix, Arizona

Brad Allen vs. TJP: Great opener. The crowd was really into TJP, and he won the match by forcing Brad Allen to tap out!

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson): Now this is how you build a tag team division; you take the best that you’ve got at throw them into the ring and let them shine. About 15 minutes in there were chants of “this is awesome!” The Chikara boys finished off the Bucks with their Jig & Tonic finisher which is both dangerous AND amazing! After the match, the Young Bucks (who are leaving to go full time with TNA), praised Quick & Jigsaw calling them the new TEAM TO BEAT in Dragon Gate USA.

Genki Horiguchi (w/CIMA & GAMMA & Dragon Kid) vs. SHINGO: Genki Horiguchi is a little pip-squeek, but he is full of charisma and attitude. I might compare him to Rey Mysterio back in the day. SHINGO was the superior athlete, though and continued to climb up the DGUSA rankings with another victory.

Jimmy Jacobs + Teddy Hart + Paul London & Brian Kendrick + Jack Evans: On the previous DVD, which was taped 24 hours before this one, Brian Kendrick & Paul London reunited in ultra-heel fashion by assaulting the debuting Teddy Hart. This was scheduled to be a triple threat match, but Teddy Hart sauntered out to the ring and announced that he was injured for the first time in his career last night. Hart praised London & Kendrick for their accomplishments, and put himself over as a guy who puts his body on the line for the fans. Hart talked about the time Jimmy Jacobs took a horrendous bump in ROH during a botched Power-bomb off the top rope (from B.J. Whitmer). Hart said he was passing the torch to Jacobs, and asked him to take his place as Jack Evans’ tag team partner against London & Kendrick. Jacobs agreed and they shook hands. Suddenly, London & Kendrick heeled their way out to the ring and bad-mouthed Jacobs. Jimmy said whoever loses tonight has to leave Dragon Gate USA forever. Hart then took the mic and praised London & Kendrick some more, saying they were products of Shawn Michaels. Hart clarified that he loves his Uncle Bret Hart, but his favorite was always Shawn Michaels. Hart wanted to shake hands again and move on, so he slipped out of the ring and hugged both London & Kendrick. The dirty heels then attacked Hart with a low-blow! Jacobs came to his rescue, followed by Jack Evans – to start the match!

Jimmy Jacobs & Jack Evans vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick: This match had the chance to be nucking futs, but wasn’t quite as futs as I hoped. I was trying to figure out who out of these four would get booked to leave DGUSA forever, and then it became obvious – Brian Kendrick (because he is TNA). After the match, Paul London went ballistic on Jimmy Jacobs until Teddy Hart returned to the ring and gave him a Pile-driver!

Tommy Dreamer: Tommy Dreamer made his appearance and was showered by chants of “ECW!” and “Tommy!” Dreamer said that weekend was a very important weekend for the wrestling business (WrestleMania weekend in Phoenix). Dreamer had some fun with the crowd, and picked on a French fan who was professing his love for Tommy. Dreamer told the fans to have the greatest weekend of their lives because it will stick with them for the rest of their life. Dreamer said he had some stroke with the promoter here, so he wanted to get a little old school with a no rules anything goes hardcore violence!

Tommy Dreamer vs. Jon Moxley: I’m so glad Tommy is giving the rub to Jon Moxley, who I predict is going to be a BIG STAR some day! Moxley came out with some crazy-looking hot chick with a punk-style Mohawk but she was basically ignored by the announcers. They engaged in a hardcore match for over ten minutes before the unidentified chick jumped in the ring. I know I’ve seen her before somewhere, probably Facebook. Anyway Tommy was about to Pile-drive her, but the referee forced him to let her go. Tommy then whacked the referee and walked up to the crazy chick again. She slapped him, so Tommy picked her up and Pile-drove her! He really protected her way too much to look realistic but ya gotta give her some credit. Suddenly, YAMATO hit the ring and jumped on Tommy’s back, but he just flung him over the top rope. SHINGO jumped in and planted Tommy with a Death Valley Driver. Moxley covered Dreamer, but only got a two count! Moxley got frustrated and swung a chair, but Dreamer ducked and hit a Pile-driver on Moxley’s head. Dreamer only got a two count. They countered each others moves until Moxley planted Dreamer’s head into a chair with a DDT for the win! Moxley celebrated with YAMATO & SHINGO.

YAMATO (c) vs. Susumu Yokosuka: The Open the Dream Gate title is the top singles title in the Japanese verson of Dragon Gate. It is going to be defended in DGUSA, while the Open the Freedom Gate title (USA version) will be defended in Japan once in a while. YAMATO recently won the title from Naruki Doi in Japan, a match that was included on the Open the Ultimate Gate DVD bonus disc. It was a must-see match which I enjoyed very much. YAMATO is a wicked heel but has room to improve his in-ring abilities. This was a great hard fought match which ended with YAMATO retaining his title. Keep an eye on him, because he will get better every time you see him.

World-1 (BxB Hulk & Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino) vs. Warriors (CIMA & GAMMA & Dragon Kid): The six man tag team match is an honored tradition in Japan, where it has proven to be a legitimate main event style match for many promotions throughout the past few decades. It’s not long some lame attempt made by WWE at a six man tag where you throw three meatheads onto one team and everybody is out for their own agenda. The Japan six man tag is a thrill-ride full of excitment and is a true battle for a victory which will be perceived as IMPORTANT, as opposed to an unremarkable throwaway often presented by the WWE. I always say, buckle your seatbelts and get ready to be energized when you watch a Dragon Gate Six Man Tag team match. I remember when Dragon Gate first came over to be apart of Ring of Honor, and they blew everyone’s mind with their six man tag team matches, which often played out as if they were in fast-forward! This match was a true crowd pleaser, because it involved six fan-favorites. I was really starting to dig GAMMA on the last two DVD’s, so I was shocked to see him forced to tap out, giving the World-1 team the victory. The crowd erupted in chants of “That was Awesome!” and “Dragon Gate!”


BONUS DISC: The bonus disc features a “MERCURY RISING” highlight package and pay-per-view Preview, plus the following bonus matches.

The Prophet & Derrick Neikirk & Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Chimera & Malachi Jackson & The Cutler Brothers: I don’t really care for any of these guys yet. Malachi is the younger brother of the Young Bucks, and looks just like them, so I expect he will be used in Generation Me storylines some day.

Homicide vs. SHINGO: (From my review of Heatstroke 2006 Night One) Now this is the type of match that I can sink my teeth into! Homicide wrestles differently in Full Impact Pro than other places. He is very playful with the kids in the audience and does a lot more southern style wrestling. Of course there was some strong style in this match, too, but definitely not your typical Homicide match. Shingo won the match after distraction from B.J. Whitmer at ringside.

CIMA & BxB Hulk vs. Austin Aries & Matt Sydal vs. B-Boy & Chris Bosh: Hopefully you know this, but Matt Sydal is now known as Evan Bourne in the WWE. If you think he’s great in WWE, you should have seen him back then when he was allowed to shine.

TAG TEAM MATCH (JAPAN / August 2, 2009)
SHINGO & YAMATO vs. BxB Hulk & Masato Yoshino:

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