FIP Heatstroke ’07 – Night 1 (DVD Review)

*** FIP DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
August 17, 2007 – Crystal River, Florida

Steve Madison + The YRR’s So-Cal Val & Becky Bayless: The event began with the return of Steve Madison, voicing his unchanged feelings for the YRR. Madison said if there was anything left of the YRR after tonight, he would be glad to take care of them next time FIP comes to Crystal River. So-Cal Val (in mini-skirt) and Becky Bayless (carrying a PUG) interrupted and said the YRR has put a hit out on Steve Madison – which was taken up by Danny Daniels!

Steve Madison vs. Danny Daniels (w/So-Cal Val): So-Cal Val was looking amazing as usual, but was really doing her best to sabotage this match from the outside! Steve Madison got a small measure of revenge on the YRR, putting down their hired assassin for the 1-2-3 to win the match! Val bitched out Danny Daniels after the match!

Seth Delay vs. Austin Amadeus: Thankfully this preliminary match was kept short. Seth Delay wins for his usual babyface pop!

Trik Davis vs. Scott Commodity: Scott Commodity has a pretty good look about him, whereas Trik Davis looks like your socially damaged cousin who likes to practice his karate moves in the back yard. File that under mysterious random analogies. In a major upset (in my opinion) the heel Trik Davis scored the victory by making Scott Commodity submit!

Erick Stevens vs. Davey Richards: Florida fan-favorite Erick Stevens came out and got some cheap pops from the locals, and issued an open challenge to anybody who wants a shot at the FIP Florida Heritage title. Davey Richards came out and said he was sick of hearing about Erick Stevens being the “Next Big Thing” in independent wrestling. It was your typical ROH-converted-into-FIP match, with all the hot action FIP fans have come to expect. It’s funny because I look back to the original FIP DVD’s and I can easily see how far FIP has come in a very short time with strengthening its product. Erick Stevens was STILL the Florida champion after an impressive victory over Mr. Davey Richards.

Necro Butcher w/Dave Prazak vs. Delirious: Dave Prazak proclaimed that Delirious was no longer apart of DP Associates, and gave Delirious one more chance to walk away and not suffer the wrath of Necro Butcher. The fearless Delirious accepted the challenge and they began their Anything Goes contest. It quickly turned into a train-wreck, the kind of train-wreck that wrestling fans love. A pile of unforgiving metal chairs formed in the ring and both warriors battled upon them. Delirious planted Necro on top of the chairs with a German-suplex, then climbed to the top rope and connecting with a Cross-body on the Butcher, landing on top of the pile of chairs and scoring the 1-2-3. Everyone in the building was very impressed with Delirious, except for one person – Mr. Dave PrazaK.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Irish Airborne: The team of Dave & Jake Crist have always been on the brink of stardom, but can’t seem to break through that threshold. They are over with the fans, but I guess they haven’t won over the promoters yet. They seem to have gotten a good opportunity since traveling to Florida to work for FIP. Irish Airborne are very familiar with the Briscoe brothers from their battles in Ring of Honor. The Briscoes were friendly with the Crist’s and granted them a shot at the FIP Tag Team titles through the spirit of competition. It was a clean match between teams that the fans love and respect, but the Briscoes once again proved to be far too much for the Irish Airborne – thus retaining their FIP Tag Team championship.

Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Black: Before the match, Tyler Black cut a heel promo, scolding the fans for not showing he and his former tag partner any respect last time they wrestled for Full Impact Pro. Black said Roderick Strong was a LOSER, and he was going to prove it by taking the FIP Heavyweight belt off of him tonight! Tyler Black is one guy who is truly on the brink of super stardom on the independent circuit and has the potential to make it to the very top of the business. Roderick Strong retained his FIP World Heavyweight title, but Tyler Black continued to elevate up the ladder of success with another amazing performance. I am really looking forward to seeing more of Tyler Black in an FIP ring.

The Heartbreak Express & Black Market vs. The YRR (Chasyn Rance & Jason Blade & Sal Rinauro & Kenny King w/So Cal Val & Becky Bayless & Rain & “Random Nameless Slut”): The carnage quickly increased to the point of chaos. Joey Machette and “Superstar” Sean Davis bled like crazy as usual. Everyone in the building was on their feet, not necessarily because of the action, but as a self-security measure, because the fighting was happening in all four corners of the arena. The YRR took an insane beating from their violent opponents, but miraculously pulled out a victory. After the match, Sean Davis challenged the YRR to a Cage of Pain War Games match – but the YRR obviously refused to accept any death-wish.


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