FIP Unfinished Business 2008 (DVD Review)

*** FIP DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
March 22, 2008 – Crystal River, Florida

Mr. Milo Beasley + Dave Prazak: FIP cameras caught up with the “recently fired” Mr. Milo Beasley outside the arena begging for change with not very much luck. Beasley interacted with the unsympathetic fans standing in line waiting to get in for a hot night of FIP action. The supposedly wheelchair bound Beasley begged for money and tried to sell some $5 DP Associates t-shirts. Dave Prazak, who lost his managerial license at the previous FIP event, showed up and yelled at Beasley and said if he sold any t-shirts that he wanted some of the money! Prazak snatched some of Beasley’s beggar money out of his cup and stormed off!

Jonathan Gold & Erick Stevens + Shane Hagadorn: Erick Stevens came out and addressed his disappointing loss to Roderick Strong at “Redefined,” which cost him his prized FIP World Heavyweight title. Shane Hagadorn interrupted and told Stevens to quit crying. Hagadorn said he would make his impact in FIP by beating Erick Stevens later tonight! Stevens asked “why wait til later?” and went on the attack!

Erick Stevens defeated Shane Hagadorn: It turns out Shane Hagadorn did the intense Erick Stevens a huge favor, by allowing Stevens to take his frustrations out on the brash youngster. Stevens was suffering from a bummed knee, but managed to finish Hagadorn off with his famous Doctor-bomb! After the match, FIP champion Roderick Strong snuck up behind Stevens and knocked him out with a shot to the head with the FIP championship belt! Strong put his foot on Stevens’ chest and raised his arm showing pure arrogance!

Kory Chavis & Jon Davis vs. Shayne Swift & Myles Long: These were the two mystery masked men who recently took out Shawn Murphy & Joey Machete at “Redefined.” The two men marched out to the ring and ripped off their hoods, causing Dave Prazak to proclaim, “familiar faces!” The two familiar faces turned out to be Kory Chavis (formerly known as Rainman) and Florida indy star Jon Davis (not the creator of the Garfield cartoon). They intimidating tandem made short work of the two skinny jobbers. Chavis & Davis cut a promo on Black Market and then proclaimed that they were the DARK CITY FIGHT CLUB!

Ernie Osirus vs. Chris Jones: This match was extremely unremarkable, and thankfully was kept short when Chris Jones scored the pinfall over Ernie Osirus. The Dark City Fight Club hit the ring again and destroyed the two young wrestlers and said they would wreak havoc on everybody in FIP until they get what they want! Ring announcer Jonathan Gold entered the ring and informed Chavis & Davis that the Black Market would be back next month and they are demanding a match with the Dark City Fight Club. Gold foolishly admitted than he was friends with Black Market, so Chavis & Davis told him to give them a message – and proceeded to beat the crap out of Gold!

Tyler Black (w/Lacey & Rain) vs. Jason Blade of the YRR: Last month the YRR was stripped of their groupies when Tyler Black lured Rain & Lacey back into the Age of the Fall. It looks like the YRR studs have rebounded and found themselves a couple super slutty replacements. Jason Blade was overly confident, and was comfortable enough to send the entire YRR entourage backstage while he went one-on-one with Tyler Black of the Age of the Fall. Black was not shy about parading his pair of dark angels, Lacey & Rain, out to the ring to stand in his corner. Black is without a doubt the break-out star of 2008 for all of independent wrestling. So it came as no surprise when Mr. Black scored the victory over Boston native Jason Blade. The YRR hit the ring after the match to deliver a post match beating on Black, until the Briscoe Brothers hit the ring to chase the heels away. I was left trying to think of a reason why the Briscoes would save Tyler Black – their ROH nemesis.

The YRR (Sal Rinauro & Kenny King & Chasyn Rance) vs. Delirious & The Briscoe Brothers: The Briscoe brothers challenged the YRR to a title match on the spot, but Sal Rinauro said that the Briscoes haven’t earned a title shot. Rinauro said that the Briscoes have to go through Kenny King and himself to get to the FIP World Tag Team champions (King & Blade). It started out as a tag team match, but when Chasyn Rance got involved, Delirious hit the ring to even the odds and it was turned into a six man tag team match. The battle was very exciting and went on for quite some time – over twenty minutes. The Briscoes won it, and are now in line for a shot at the FIP Tag Team championships. Go Briscoes!

Mr. Milo Beasley: During intermission, and between matches throughout the DVD, they showed various comedy segments featuring the homeless Mr. Milo Beasley begging for money and yelling at fans for laughing at him. These segments are really funny and fit in good as filler between matches on the DVD. Clearly they will be continuing to push the Milo Beasley character.

Heartbreak Enterprises (Damien Wayne & Rex Sterling w/Sean & Phil Davis) vs. Jigsaw & Seth Delay: Superstar Sean & Fabulous Phil came out and Sean, looking more flamboyant than usual, taunted the fans by saying “did you people really think that you’d seen the last of the Heartbreak Express? I don’t think so! Ha Ha!!” The Davis boys lost their right to wrestle in FIP at the last show, but now they have obtained a managers license and created Heartbreak Enterprises! Sean Davis introduced the first two members of Heartbreak Enterprises, Rex Sterling & Damien Wayne – previously known as glorified jobbers. Sean challenged anybody from the back to come out and become sacrificial lambs. Seth Delay and an unmasked Jigsaw accepted the challenge. Jigsaw recently chose to unmask himself, as opposed to being forced to unmask in a match – which is the usual custom in pro-wrestling. The match itself dragged on far longer than it should have, ending when Superstar Sean used his smelly boot to knock Jigsaw senseless and Damien Wayne followed up with a Pile-driver for the win! Heartbreak Enterprises turned jobbers into stars in one night!

Nigel McGuinness vs. “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney: Wrestling fans who have only seen Larry Sweeney’s work as a manager in Ring of Honor might be surprised to find out that he has wrestling skills to compliment his very entertaining persona as the money-hungry “agent” for Sweet & Sour Incorporated. Sweeney is cashing in on one of Nigel McGuinness’ open contracts. McGuinness found some British fans in the front row and gave them some love. They have come a long way to see their hero. McGuinness is flirting with a heel persona in Ring of Honor, but he made it clear that he might have a problem with ROH fans, but he likes the fans in Florida because they still love a good fight. Dave Prazak kept talking about a hostile take-over of FIP by “Sweet & Sour,” but Sweeney has yet to bring any of his entourage to Florida. Sweeney came within an eyelash of winning the ROH championship, but that often ends up being the kiss of death in ROH title matches. McGuinness mounted his come-back and finished Sweeney off with the Tower of London to retain his prized ROH World title..

Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries: Austin Aries always looks so familiar to me, and now I figured out why. He looks like the character Shawn from the old “Boy Meets World” TV show. If there are two wrestlers on the FIP roster with unfinished business it would be Austin Aries and FIP champion Roderick Strong. They have about four years of history, climbing the ranks as rookies, stable-mates, team-mates, co-champions, enemies, and bitter enemies. It was time to rekindle this feud down in the Sunshine State. After the two heavy hitters beat each other up for a while, ROH champion Nigel McGuinness came out and whacked Aries with the ROH belt at ringside. Strong had already crawled into the ring, and the referee counted Aries out, allowing Strong to retain the FIP championship. They are building a storyline feud over which promotions title means the most. They are also building for a McGuinness/Aries match seven days later at an ROH event in Orlando, FL.

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