Brad Dykens Reviews 2 DVD’s from March 2010

(March 6, 2009 – Union City, NJ)


INTRODUCTION: Women Superstars Uncensored released two DVD’s featuring their second annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony and matches from their third Anniversary spectacular event in Union City, New Jersey, including a blockbuster main event showdown between WSU champion Mercedes Martinez and challenger Rain with the legendary Molly Holly as the guest referee. This card is packed from top to bottom with former WWE stars and current/former TNA stars like Jazz, Angelina Love, Traci Brooks, and April Hunter. Tommy Wong & Jimmy Gentry are back doing commentary for both DVD’s, and thankfully there was no sign of Missy Hyatt.



Alicia inducted Dawn Marie: Alicia came out with all of her badonkadonk to introduce the first WSU Hall of Fame 2010 inductee, and fellow Jersey-girl, Dawn Marie. They plugged and Dawn Marie gave a nice speech thanking everybody and pushing women’s wrestling.

Angel Orsini inducted Molly Holly: Angel Orsini introduced Molly Holly, who is the star of the event in my opinion. You can sugar coat anybody to look Hall of Fame worthy, but Molly’s skill as a pro-wrestler speaks for itself. She is truly one of the all-time greatest talents, and I have unlimited respect for her. Molly’s speech was short and sweet, thanking everybody and praising the status of women’s pro-wrestling.

Mercedes Martinez inducted Jazz: Mercedes Martinez’ introduction of Jazz was perhaps the most heartfelt. Jazz came out looking like a cross between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. That wasn’t meant to sound bad. Jazz thanked everyone and also praised WSU for pushing women’s wrestling.

WSU Spirit champion Alicia vs. Jana: This match took place at an ACE event in February. When Alicia came back she said she would wrestle exclusively for WSU, but I guess that declaration was thrown out the window. They put on a basic match, but the action was fast and furious. Alicia successfully defended her title and then verbally plugged the next WSU event!

WSU champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Sumie Sakai: Sumie Sakai is one of my guilty pleasures in life; although I really have no reason to feel guilty about enjoying her matches. She possesses a sweet mishmash of Japanese and American style wrestling, and has the ability to favor either style when the opportunity presents itself. Sakai came out with a steel chair, and it became clear she would be wrestling Puroresu against Mercedes Martinez for the WSU championship. Sakai put up a good fight, but Martinez successfully defended her title for the sixteenth time!

FINAL VERDICT: The Hall of Fame ceremony was about twenty minutes, combined with the bonus matches it totals way less than an hour. The ceremony was less formal than last year, and the speeches were quick and dirty. After the ceremony, they did a physical altercation between Mercedes Martinez and Rain to hype that night’s WSU championship match. Thankfully this DVD was bundled with the amazing 3rd Anniversary 2-disc DVD.




INTRODUCTION: These events were hosted by regular WSU ring announcer Fantasy as well as TNA Knockout So-Cal Val. I love her to death, but I have no idea why WSU would waste money on So-Cal Val when they have a perfectly good voice in the lovely fantasy. Actually I do know why; she was sent by TNA to ensure that all the TNA Knockouts were introduced properly and treated appropriately.


Angelina Love vs. Sassy Stephanie: Angelina Love is so skinny she is often hard to look at, but she is a very fit type of skinny so it doesn’t look too unhealthy. She is an amazing athlete, and probably tougher than she looks. Angelina was paired with the young Sassy Stephanie, who was in line to learn a thing or two from the Canadian star. Even though it went a few minutes too long, it really was the best match I’ve seen with Stephanie involved. I’m glad she is improving, because she looks like she has a great attitude for the business. Angelina Love left with the victory!

The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus) vs. The Bella Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio): Amber has returned to WSU with a brand new heel attitude along with her partner Lexxus, calling themselves The Boston Shore. Lexxus is well known for her time in New England Championship Wrestling and Chaotic Wrestling. The Saints came from the Johnny Rodz camp in New York. Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle each have a unique look but appear to lack a certain charisma at this early stage of their career. I hope they can learn and let their characters grow, because I see a lot of potential. They were both really green and ended up being perfect cannon fodder for the Boston Shore, a combination that has been brought in to help reignite the tag team division in WSU.

Rick Cataldo (w/Brittney Savage & Jana) vs. Alere Little Feather: I would have thought the best present WSU could have given its fans would be to get rid of Rick Cataldo, but they instead decided to turn up the volume and push this lame character even more. Even So-Cal Val didn’t know what to make of this freak of the ring wrestler wannabe. Cataldo issued an open challenge, which was answered by the returning Alere Little Feather. I was a huge supporter of Little Feather until 2009 when she suffered a couple unfortunate injuries and seemed to really let herself go. To her credit, she acknowledged her downward spiral around this time last year and made a choice to leave the business and get her health back in order. I am pleased to report that Little Feather is back in good shape and is wrestling like her old self! She has a lot of energy, charisma, and the athletic ability has returned. Alere made short work of Cataldo and barely broke a sweat after 30 seconds. Rick Cataldo protested like a little girl and was serenaded by “Na na na na hey hey hey good bye!” Alere cut a promo after the match, saying last time she was in WSU she was really sick, adding that she was close to dying. Alere promised that she was back at 100% and she was happy! I always said Alere Little Feather belonged in WWE or TNA, despite not looking like a “Diva.” Cindy Rogers showed up and attacked her “friend” and challenged her to a match!

Alere Little Feather vs. Cindy Rogers: Cindy Rogers was on a losing streak in WSU, and that frustration has resulted in this heel turn. She seems desperate to take advantage of any opportunity to gain just one important victory. If there was any doubt that Little Feather was back in the game, this would clear it all. Rogers brought out the sorely missed technical side of Alere and they grappled like professionals. Rogers was just too aggressive for Little Feather, and eventually forced her to tap out to a submission hold. I’m so happy to see Little Feather back in action!

IN THE RING/strong>
Commissioner Dawn Marie + Rain & Amber O’Neal: The last time WSU Hall of Famer Dawn Marie was in WSU she was commissioner, so I guess that means she is still the commissioner! Dawn Marie made a few changes to the show, including making the Amber/Jazz match for #1 contendership. Rain interrupted with Amber O’Neal by her side. Dawn Marie laughed in their faces and called Rain disrespectful. Dawn took way too long in making her point. Dawn appointed Molly Holly the special guest referee for tonight’s main event between Rain and WSU champion Mercedes Martinez. Rain protested, but it didn’t work.

Jana vs. Latasha: The war of the Soul Sisters has finally come down to this, a big-time submission match for bragging rights. This match was tailor made for Jana, so if she didn’t win I would have been very surprised. The match was good, but after all the hype, it should have been GREAT. The heat was just not there. Jana was unrelenting in her assault, and finished off her former “sister” with a vicious power-bomb and stretched her into submission.

Angel Orsini vs. Sumie Sakai vs. Amy Lee: Angel Orsini came out and said her opponent, Nikki Roxx, was injured wrestling for the “other show” (TNA) so she wasn’t there tonight. Angel issued an open challenge to anybody in the back to come out and wrestle her tonight. The challenge was answered by International cutie-pie Sumie Sakai! This made me very happy, and also made the competition-hungry Angel Orsini happy. I thought we were in store for a really cool match until the chronically irritating “Primetime” Amy Lee appeared from behind the WSU curtain. I could have continued this review without saying another bad word about the worst wrestler in the history of the world, if she didn’t decide to pick up the microphone and express herself. I hate Amy Lee. She can’t wrestle. She can’t talk. She is not entertaining. She entered herself in the upcoming Uncensored Rumble, but the worst part was that she robbed the fans of a respectable one-on-one match by making it a triple threat snoozefest worthy of the fast-fwd button. Angel and Sumie tried really hard, but Amy Lee sabotaged the entire performance. They brought out a ladder and reminded everyone of the Orsini/Sakai Ladder match a few years back where Angel injured both her heels. Great, another reminder about how this match could be really special if Amy Lee wasn’t involved. I dreaded the finish of this match, thinking they would book the biggest loser in WSU as the winner, but thankfully it was Angel Orsini who came out on top.


Alicia (c) vs. Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo: As if we didn’t get a big enough dose of Rick Cataldo earlier, he returned by the side of former Spirit champion Brittney Savage. Now this match had some good heat. Alicia had gone back to being a blonde, perhaps symbolizing the total eradication of ring rust she had when she returned from her brief retirement. It’s funny how Brittney Savage was ‘so cute’ as a babyface, and ‘so hot’ now as a heel – but I still don’t think she should be wrestling main events after only two years in the business. Especially since most of that two years was spent competing in unrealistic inter-gender matches with her boyfriend, Danny Demanto. I’m not saying she doesn’t have potential; I’m just saying it’s too much, too soon. Midway through the match, Savage locked Alicia in the Camel-clutch, and tried to ‘break her back and make her humble’ – as the announcer put it. Savage was playing dirty, as was her dirty boy toy at ringside, who was supporting her 100%. Cataldo distracted the referee, which distracted Alicia, allowing Savage to plant the champion with the Facelift! Alicia miraculously kicked out and mounted a come-back. Alicia hit Savage with the A-bomb, but Cataldo got up and grabbed the referee’s attention so Alicia couldn’t get the pin. The stupid referee wouldn’t leave Rick Cataldo alone. Brittney Savage used a hair-spray in Alicia’s eyes to take her out and scored the pinfall while pulling the tights to recapture the Spirit title! Savage broke every rule in the book, but she did it behind the referee’s back! The announcers called her a “cold hearted b*tch” – which is funny because her real life boyfriend’s nickname is the “cold hearted player.” Alicia recovered and destroyed Cataldo while Brittney retreated backstage with her newly won Spirit championship!

April Hunter vs. Traci Brooks: Despite a severe back injury that retired her several years ago, April Hunter has come back to pro-wrestling. I believe I read somewhere that she needed the money to pay for her mother’s medical bills. Traci Brooks was recently released from TNA, and was announced as a “former TNA Knockout” by ring announcer So-Cal Val. Traci made fun of that statement by doing the quote marks with her fingers. These two former Playboy models started the match by fondling each others surgically enhanced breasts. By the way, they used to team together as T and A in Mexico. I used to think Traci Brooks was an excellent technical wrestler, but ever since she got her boob job she has been absolutely useless. They are clearly too big for her body type and it severely reduces her mobility. Unfortunately, this match was garbage, but fortunately, it was short. They shook hands after the match, and April cut a short promo saying she was back and WSU seems like the place to be. The Boston Shore team of Amber & Lexxus saw an opportunity to make a name for themselves at the expense of a well-known star who was at half capacity. Traci returned to the ring to prevent a 2-on-1 attack and offered to reform T & A to face the Boston Shore – any time, any place. I was quite harsh with my review of Traci, but she really is quite adorable.

Jazz vs. Amber O’Neal: Amber O’Neal was defending her 5-0 winning streak since debuting with WSU, using the same screwy modified bridging backslide to pin her opponents in all five victories. Jazz was there not to back up what she’s done, but to prove that she can still do it in the ring. They made a big deal about Jazz having wrestled at a WrestleMania – which really is the biggest deal for a pro-wrestler. Beating Jazz would not only be the biggest win of Amber’s streak, but the biggest win of her career. They did a lot of mat-wrestling, and kept the fans attention with some classic moves. Late in the match, Jazz did an airplane spin and accidentally knocked out the referee. A second referee, the stupid one from the Alicia/Brittney match, came out and took over referee duties. Amber hit Jazz from behind, and she ended up taking out the new referee. Amber put Jazz in her patented screwy modified backslide, also using the ropes for leverage, just as the original referee woke up and counted the 1-2-3 – handing Amber her sixth victory in a row and an opportunity at the WSU championship!

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Rain: The special guest referee was WSU Hall of Famer Molly Holly! Rain has missed several scheduled matches with Mercedes Martinez, but this time she finally showed up to fight for the WSU championship. This would be a long grueling wrestling match that will certainly be included on the WSU Best of 2010 DVD. Around the 30:00 mark, they were both exhausted and looking to finish the other off by any means necessary. Rain brought a chair into the ring and used it as a weapon. Rain set up for a DDT on the chair, but Martinez reversed it, only for Rain to reverse it again and plant the champion head first into the chair! Martinez had the sense to put her foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall attempt. Rain followed up with a body-slam and placed the chair on Martinez’ stomach. Rain did a second rope moonsault, but Martinez moved and Rain crashed and burned! Both wrestlers struggled to their feet and exchanged moves until Martinez pulled out a Fishermen’s Buster on the chair! Martinez covered Rain and referee Molly Holly counted the 1-2-3!! Great match.. get the DVD and love it!

FINAL VERDICT: One of the best WSU events EVER.

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