Brad Dykens Reviews 4 DVD’s from November 2010

(November 6, 2010 – Union City, New Jersey)



INTRODUCTION: Women Superstars Uncensored released five DVD’s this month, one of which featured matches from the ground-breaking November 6th LIVE iPPV “Breaking Barriers” event. The second release is from a DVD Taping which which took place at the same event featuring an epic grudge match between WSU champion Mercedes Martinez and Rain. WSU also released two compilation discs focusing on the WSU careers of Alicia and Rain, as well as a third release which contains a lengthy shoot interview with Alicia. Check them all out at!



NOTES: This event was shown on LIVE iPPV on

Homicide + Mercedes Martinez + The Cosmo Club (Rick Cataldo & Brittney Savage & Jana & Cindy Rogers) + Angel Orsini + Jazz: I don’t know about you, but the first person that comes to mind when I think about women’s professional wrestling is “The Notorious 187” Homicide! Okay, I’m being sarcastic, but it’s true that I am a huge mark for Homicide. The WSU roster came out and surrounded the ring for a very special presentation. Of course, stupid Primetime Amy Lee had to disrupt the segment by opening her mouth. Seriously, she has no concept that these events are being taped for DVD, TV, and in this case, a live pay-per-view. WSU champion Mercedes Martinez came out joined Homicide in the ring. Homicide said everyone thinks he wants to fight Mercedes, but in reality he wants to team with her at the King & Queen of the Ring event. Homicide praised the WSU champion and hyped the title match tonight with Jazz. Homicide also thanked the WSU roster for making women’s wrestling as real as possible. The ultra annoying Rick Cataldo entered the ring, flanked by the rest of the Cosmo Club, and accused Mercedes Martinez of being over-rated. Cataldo cut a promo on Homicide, scolding him for stealing the spotlight from “us girls.” Blah blah blah – Cataldo got an Ace-crusher from Homicide! If they’re going to do more iPPV’s they’re gonna have to tell the performers to face the camera. A couple of magazine geeks entered the ring and they presented Mercedes Martinez with an award for “WSU Woman of the Year.” She is actually the top independent female wrestler in the world (third overall). Martinez did a speech and talked about her 70-minute Iron Woman match with Angel Orsisi. Angel jumped in the ring and congratulated her former rival, but had a bone to pick with the magazine geeks for not giving her the respect she deserves over the years. Angel said she was sick of nobody recognizing her “All Guts No Glory” championship. Angel threatened one of the magazine geeks until WSU agreed to sanction the “All Guts No Glory” title. WSU management agreed, but Angel kneed the magazine geek in the stomach anyway. Martinez checked on the geek, and Jazz snuck in and tried to ambush the champion but she was caught. Both women wanted to ring the bell and start the match right now! They started to brawl and the referees pulled them apart, choosing to save the title match for the main event.

Amber vs. Brittney Force: Amber has been around for a while, but in my opinion, she has failed to evolve as a performer. Brittany Force, on the other hand, has quickly developed in 2010 and is making the best of her opportunity in shine in WSU. I know Force has to pay some dues, but I consider it a huge upset that she had to do the job to Amber on this night.

Melissa Coates w/The Cosmo Club vs. Jennifer Cruz: Brittney Savage introduced Melissa Coates as the newest member of the Cosmo Club! Cruz was returning to WSU after a year absence recovering from an injury. I didn’t realize it was that long. Coates ate Cruz alive and finished her off with a devastating choke-slam!

Brittney Savage (c) w/The Cosmo Club vs. Sassy Stephanie: Sassy Stephanie is a great athlete and developing at a steady rate, but I don’t think she is ready to carry a championship quite yet. Bare in mind, she would still make a better champion than 105 pound Brittney Savage. The Cosmo Club proved to be an influential force at ringside, helping their leader defend her Spirit title. Stephanie started to overcome the odds, and hit the champion with her finisher! The Cosmo Club got up and distracted the referee so Melissa Coates could jump in and choke-slam the Sassy one down to the mat – allowing Brittney to get the pin and escape with her title! Savage screamed that the Club was 2-0 and added that Jana & Cindy had better win tonight!

The Cosmo Club (Jana & Cindy Rogers) (c) vs. The Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio): Before the match, Jana promised an easy victory, and actually dismissed the rest of the Cosmo Club from ringside. I love me some Belle Saints, and I am probably their biggest fan. Our triangle of love is both my inspiration as well as theirs, as they challenge for some coveted WSU gold. After about ten minutes, my Belle Saints made history and became the new WSU tag team champions! Way to bring home the gold, girls!

ODB vs. Portia Perez: Portia Perez has been hitting the gym hard lately, and is totally ripped to shreds. I think it’s called trimming the fat. Portia is a proud Canadian and embraces the pink-and-black philosophy. ODB hasn’t made many wrestling appearances since she parted ways with Total Nonstop Action. I’m not too star-struck when I look at ODB, but every time I see Portia I am a little more impressed with her on all levels. ODB is not dedicated to pro-wrestling at this point in her career, which is why it was a shame that Portia had to do the job for her.

Rain w/Jessicka Havoc vs. Jamilia Craft: Rain called this a ‘warm-up match’ for her WSU title shot on the next WSU DVD against whoever holds the title. Jamilia Craft is a gifted rookie, but she doesn’t compare to Mercedes Martinez OR Jazz. Rain made short work of her opponent, but hopefully Jamilia learned a thing or two from being in the ring with Rain.

Jessicka Havok vs. Primetime Amy Lee: Jessicka Havoc issued an open challenge, which was unfortunately answered by Primetime Amy Lee. Talk about an conflicting emotions. I absolutely love Jessicka Havoc (even if she is a heel), but I totally 100% despise Amy Lee (you’d know that if you’ve been reading my WSU DVD reviews). Jessicka is one of the rising stars in women’s independent wrestling, but she really took two steps back by even associating herself with this alcoholic washed up never-has-been. Thank goodness the booker wasn’t smoking crack when he made this match because the amazing Jessicka Havoc scored the victory here and continued to build her reputation in the wrestling world. TNA if you’re looking for your next Knockout, please take a long look at Jessicka Havoc! (just not this match)

Serena vs. Traci Brooks: Former TNA Knockout Traci Brooks returned to WSU to take on recently-fired WWE Diva Serena Deeb. Serena said her time in WWE changed her, and made her different than every other girl in WSU. Serena said she used to wrestle for the fans, but she doesn’t wrestle for anyone any more – and the cheers mean nothing to her! Serena made it clear that she came to WSU to become champion, and was insulted that she had to compete for a title shot. Serena promised to take the WSU title and finally give it some credibility. Well after a speech like that she can’t lose to someone like Traci Brooks. Serena begins her ascent up the ranks towards the WSU championship. Amber came out and distracted Traci, allowing Serena to hit the spear and win the match. The announcers explained that the Boston Shore had an existing problem with Traci Brooks & April Hunter.

Angel Orsini (c) vs. Alicia: This was a battle between WSU Icons, which on paper you might not expect a good match. Angel created her own championship and called it the “All Guts No Glory” title (just like Taz did in ECW with the FTW title). It’s basically another name for a Hardcore title as far as I’m concerned. Midway through the match, Angel suffered a wardrobe malfunction off-camera so somebody gave her a t-shirt to wear from the rest of the match. They went back and forth for another ten minutes but neither woman could put the other away. Angel pulled a door out and slid it into the ring. Who put a door under the ring? Angel set the door up in the corner of the ring, but Alicia was able to recover. She picked up Angel and gored her through the table! Alicia set a piece of the table in the middle of the ring and went for an A-bomb, but Angel reversed it into a Kiss of Death for the victory!

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Jazz: WSU Hall of Famer and 2010 Uncencored Rumble winner Jazz came out looking fit as a fiddle. The last few times I saw her she looked to be a little bit out-of-shame (but that’s okay, because she had a baby and I think that is wonderful). Homicide joined in on commentary for the match and continued to praise WSU as well as Mercedes Martinez. Both grapplers took the fight to the mat and rolled around exchanging man holds. This thing was pretty old school – in a good way. Late in the match, Jazz locked in the STF and the fans chanted “please don’t tap!” Martinez crawled from the middle of the ring all the way to the ropes to break the hold. As time went by, they both started to slow down. Mercedes played possem and lured Jazz into a false sense of comfort, at which point she suddenly woke up and planted Jazz with a Fishermen’s Buster for the win!

CONCLUSION: Rain came out to confront Mercedes Martinez and to hype their upcoming title match. Rain challenged Martinez to make it an I Quit match, and the champion accepted! Homicide marked out for the Latina Sensation on commentary!

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Awesome Kong:

Angel Orsini (c) vs. Marti Belle:

Angel Orsini (c) vs. Tina San Antonio:

FINAL VERDICT: This was a great DVD featuring a good flow of matches from the opening contest all the way to the main event. I hate when wrestling shows turn the volume up and down all night and burn the fans out instead of building towards the main event. WSU is pretty good at that. They definitely need to work on their production, specifically their audio problems. The matches features on this DVD are extremely good and well worth watching if you love women’s professional wrestling. If you’re not convinced that WSU is for you, go to and check out some match previews.




IN THE RING: Angel Orsini talked about WSU finally sanctioning her “All Guts No Glory” title and finally getting the respect she deserves. Orsini then issued an open challenge!

Angel Orsini (c) vs. The Cosmo Club (Rick Cataldo & Cindy Rogers & Jana & Melissa Coates & Brittney Savage): Before the match, they set it up so that if Angel doesn’t beat all three of them, then she will have to join the Cosmo Club. Angel’s response was “bring it, bitches!” Angel finished off Rick Cataldo in seconds. Angel defeated Cindy Rogers after two minutes. Angel defeated Jana in three minutes. Angel defeated Melissa Coates by tapout. Brittney Savage tried to walk out of the match, but she was forced into the ring by Sassy Stephanie! It took about five minutes, but Angel did defeat Savage to retain the All Guts No Glory title!

The Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio) (c) vs. Jamilia Craft & Jennifer Cruz: My Belle Saints are going to be fighting champions, and they’re starting at the bottom of the roster against these two rookies. The champions didn’t waste time working over their challengers, and walking out with their titles in tact.

Sassy Stephanie vs. Brittany Force: Sassy Stephanie is getting a push now, as they talked about how close she came to winning the Spirit title at the previous show. Truth be told, these two ladies have been wrestling each other a lot for the last two years – as they sort of grew up in the business together. So it was no surprise that they actually worked well together. Sassy won the match, and they made a big deal about Force having trouble getting her first win in WSU.

Traci Brooks vs. Amber: Traci hasn’t been able to work a good match since her boob job left her with boobs 4-sizes too big. Traci and her partner, April Hunter, are developing a feud with Amber and her partner, Lexxus. Traci got a surprise roll-up on Amber to win this battle but the war is just beginning.

Primetime Amy Lee vs. Latasha: Amy Lee came out and reached for the microphone and I immediately reached for my fast forward button. I knew she would squash Latasha show I just kept fast forwarding. After the match, the Cosmo Club came out and destroyed Latasha. Brittney Savage then fired Melissa Coates and announced Amy Lee as the newest member of the Cosmo Club! Perfect. Everybody I hate in one little group. Brittney then forced Jana to shake hands with Cindy. Jana did it but then she took out Cindy and helped Latasha up to her feet. Jana & Latasha then double drop-kicked the fat disgusting Amy Lee out of the ring. Jana said she wanted to reform the Soul Sisters and Latasha accepted!

Serena vs. Alicia vs. Portia Perez vs. Jazz: Everyone should look forward to watching this contest, which involved four stellar athletes with very different qualities. It’s still very much impressed with Portia’s amazing physical transformation in the last part of 2010. She is totally ripped to shreds. Serena once again bitched about having to compete for a title shot, thinking she should be automatically granted that opportunity. Serena pointed out that all three of her opponents have already been defeated by WSU champion Mercedes Martinez. After a long great match, Serena had her arm raised and secured her shot at the WSU championship!

ODB vs. Jessicka Havoc: I can’t wait until Jessicka Havoc gets her title shot. She is the most unique character in WSU, and deserves an opportunity to shine in WWE or TNA. ODB is on “hiatus” from wrestling after leaving TNA, so she doesn’t care about the wrestling business right now. If they booked ODB to end Jessicka’s winning streak I would have started my own person riot! Thankfully, Havoc defeated ODB and remained undefeated in singles competition!

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Rain: One of the most humiliating things for a wrestler to do when they are at war with someone they passionately despise is to utter the words “I Quit.” Rain wanted to inflict this humiliation on Mercedes Martinez and throw salt on the wound by taking the WSU championship as well. Rain pulled out a chain and wrapped it around her hand and began punching Martinez’s leg. The champion sold a leg injury for the rest of the match. The two heated rivals brutalized each other. A few minutes later Mercedes used a chair on bash Rain across the back. They had a boring stretch while they fought in the bleachers (mostly Rain stretching Martinez). Next they went back to the ring and Rain did the Figure-4 around the ring-post (like Bret Hart) to work over the champion’s knee. Back inside the ring, Rain applied the single-leg Boston Crab. Rain was firmly in control. She transitioned to a leg-hold, until Martinez fought her way out of it using her good leg. Martinez applied the Fujiwara Arm-bar on Rain and wore her down with strikes to the abs. Martinez wedged a chair between the ropes in the corner and prepared to throw Rain into it – but Rain reversed it and sent Martinez into the corner. Rain charged and Martinez moved, causing Rain to crash into the chair! Moments later, Martinez put Rain into the dreaded Regal-stretch. Rain pulled a chain out of her cleavage and used it to punch Mercedes in the face and break the hold. Rain then choked the champion with the chain and regained control of the match. Martinez was in excruciating pain, but she hung in there like a true champion. Martinez locked Rain in the tree of woe and used a variation of the Rear Naked Choke until Rain had no choice but to scream “I QUIT!” After the match, Rain showed respect and shook hands with the champion after making her life a living hell for the past year!

CONCLUSION: Angel Orsini came out wondering if Rain thought she was in line for another title shot. Rain said she thinks she deserves another shot after hanging with the champion tonight. Angel said she’s been taking out all the number one contenders so that puts Rain on her hit-list! Jessicka Havoc showed up and said she’s already taken out Rain’s Army – claiming to have taken out Nikki Roxx & Amber O’Neal behind Rain’s back. Havoc said she’s never had her chance to shine, so she decided to use Rain to get some exposure and get to the top of WSU. Havoc called Rain a hypocrite for shaking Mercedes’ hand after the match tonight. Havoc said she doesn’t work for Rain any more, and from now on she works for herself! Havoc attacked Rain as Orsini & Martinez just watched as they brawled to the back. ODB unexpectedly interrupted to say she has had one hell of a time in WSU and thinks she’ll come back. ODB said she wanted a title shot – looking at Angel Orsini. They set up a match at the Anniversary Show and Angel went backstage. ODB shared a drink with Mercedes and the celebration began. ODB left and Serena attacked the champion from behind! Serena took the exhausted Martinez out with a spear! Serena then pulled out a pair of scissors and snipped off a huge chunk of Mercedes’ hair!




SINGLES MATCH (01/10/2009)
Rain vs. Rachel Summerlyn: Missy Hyatt decided to bring up some real life dirt about Rain which had nothing to do with WSU and turned out to be wrong information anyway. Rachel Summerlyn is a hardcore Texas blonde with a big pink booty also making her debut with WSU. Rain won the match, her first match appearance with WSU, and is being built up to be a top heel in the company! Rain pounded on poor Rachel after the match…..

Rain vs. Miss April (aka A.J. Lee from NXT): In the first round, Rain put away one half of the WSU tag team champions (Brooke Carter). Now the second round featured Rain moving past the other half of the WSU tag team champions (Miss April). Rain was on an aggressive mission to secure her place in the finals of the J-Cup tournament. The only reason this match was included on the DVD was because of Miss April’s popularity as “A.J.” on WWE’s NXT Season 3.

Rain vs. Angel Orsini: For some unknown reason, Angel Orsini (aka the Pink Power-Ranger) came out slapping hands with the fans, taking somewhat of a babyface role against the heel Rain. Orsini was trying to win her second straight Women’s J-Cup tournament, but Rain desperately wanted to claim the prize for herself. These two partners in crime fought hard for the very prestigious trophy. They went back and forth for about fifteen minutes before Orsini planted Rain with her finisher to become the 2009 Women’s J-Cup tournament winner!!! Angel was presented with the J-Cup trophy (shouldn’t it be a cup?) and cut a babyface promo while surrounded by all the other participants of the tournament. Angel praised Rain as a worthy competitor. Rain was the only WSU employee to stay in character. Rain said she had a deal with Angel and was supposed to get WSU title match before Angel lost it! Angel said she won the J-Cup and she earned her title shot fair and square.

Rain vs. Nikki Roxx: Rain came out and said since Roxx was off working in TNA, she has taken control of WSU. Rain is also a former employee of TNA; remember Payton Banks? Both of these women managed to escape TNA without getting ruined, and are without a doubt two of the greatest female wrestlers on the independent circuit. Rain grounded Roxx and stretched her on the mat. Missy Hyatt showed her class by calling it “Rain isn’t used to being on the top, she’s usually on the bottom with her legs up in the air.” Between Hyatt’s nonsense on commentary, Rain and Roxx were putting each other in some great wrestling moves. Surprisingly, Rain hit the implant DDT on Roxx and scored the 1-2-3 to win the match. I think Rain deserves a one-on-one shot at the WSU championship, now!

Rain & Angel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez & Nikki Roxx: This is kind of like putting MENTOS in the ring with SODA, because you just know something is going to explode before it’s all said and done. Rain was calling the shots for her team, and the combination of Mercedes Martinez and Nikki Roxx was built on the respect they earned for each other on a previous DVD, where they faced off in a 35:00 classic. The finish saw Rain hit the Implant DDT and score a pinfall over WSU champion Martinez. This match could have been a twice as long, but the drama began to unfold after the bell. Rain continued the assault on Martinez, as Angel watched from the sideline. The heels quickly jumped out of the ring when Roxx showed up swinging a steel chair! Angel looked around nervously, as Rain watched her master plan unfold in the ring. Roxx suddenly turned heel and assaulted Martinez with the chair and a Barbie-crusher! Rain stepped in and embraced Roxx, as Orsini desperately tried to put two-and-two together. Rain said they were there to take every title that WSU has to offer. Rain offered Orsini a spot in their group if she bashed Martinez with a chair right now! Orsini picked up the chair and thought about it for two seconds before bouncing it off of Rain’s skull! Martinez woke up from her unconcious state and Orsini told her that she earned her respect. Orsini said she busted her ass to make WSU, and won’t let Rain & Roxx come in and take over. Martinez got up and said her feud with Orsini included the greatest matches in WSU history. Martinez talked about the honor of the WSU championship, and addressed Rain & Roxx (but I couldn’t hear what she said).

Rain vs. Angel Orsini: These two had a very unstable alliance with the common goal of defeating Mercedes Martinez, until it finally came to an end (as you read in the previous match). Angel Orsini was like a pack of Mentos, and Rain was a bottle of Coca-Cola. Instead of doing a fight to the death, they decided to go the methodical route – with a series submission holds. Both girls tried to wear the other down, hoping to force them into giving up. The finish saw Rain take the easy way out, and DDT’d Angel head-first on a chair for the win!

#1 CONTENDERS MATCH (10/03/2009)
Rain vs. Portia Perez: Rain came out with her hired assassins, Hailey Hatred & Jessicka Havoc, poised to cement her self-proclaimed status as the number one contender to the WSU championship. Portia Perez came out and protested the hired assassins being present at ringside, but they would not listen to the referee as he pleaded for them to leave. Thankfully, Angel Orsini & WSU champion Mercedes Martinez showed up and chased Hatred & Havoc backstage, which is where they stayed for the rest of the match! So it was one-on-one with two solid performers wrestling a very competitive match. Rain did manage to score the victory all on her own. The match was pretty good, but the finish was more than a little anti-climactic.

Rain vs. Mercedes Martinez (c): The special guest referee for this match was WSU Hall of Famer Molly Holly! Rain had missed several scheduled matches with Mercedes Martinez, but this time she finally showed up to fight for the WSU championship. This was a long grueling wrestling match that was worthy of headlineing this Best of Rain DVD. Around the 30:00 mark, they were both exhausted and looking to finish the other off by any means necessary. Rain brought a chair into the ring and used it as a weapon. Rain set up for a DDT on the chair, but Martinez reversed it, only for Rain to reverse it again and plant the champion head first into the chair! Martinez had the sense to put her foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall attempt. Rain followed up with a body-slam and placed the chair on Martinez’ stomach. Rain did a second rope moonsault, but Martinez moved and Rain crashed and burned! Both wrestlers struggled to their feet and exchanged moves until Martinez pulled out a Fishermen’s Buster on the chair! Martinez covered Rain and referee Molly Holly counted the 1-2-3!!

GETTING KONG’D UP (06/26/2010)
Rain vs. Amazing Kong:

FINAL VERDICT: Buy this DVD and let Rain pour all over you. She is as talented as she is hot. Her matches will satisfy you in so many ways. Go for it!




INTRODUCTION: I have never really been able to figure out if I love or hate WSU Icon Alicia. For years I have watched her matches unable to develope a complete opinion of her. The problem is that I usually enjoy her matches but I could never attach myself to the character. Five minutes into this shoot interview, I was struck with a negative feeling in my gut when I heard that annoying “Jersey Shore” type accent. I briefly paused the DVD so I could clear my mind, or more importantly OPEN my mind to the world according to Alicia.

MY THOUGHTS: One thing that immediately bugged me was hearing Alicia brag about wrestling since she was in grade 8, all the way through high school, and then missing her prom even though she was prom queen. Never mind the boohoo prom story, but I get really annoyed by underage people in the professional wrestling business. I wonder why the wrestlers let her hang around? Hmmm. She didn’t earn any points with me when she was asked about Missy Hyatt and she only had good things to say about that worthless piece of over-priced rat feces. I guess one could look at it from a different perspective, and praise Alicia for maintaining a positive attitude.

FINAL VERDICT: I will keep this one brief. If you’re already a fan of Alicia, you’ll love this shoot interview to death. If you hate her, or are unsure of your opinion (like me), you will wish you never got this DVD in your mailbox.






FINAL VERDICT: I did not get this DVD release (yet) but I have watched pretty much all of Alicia’s matches in WSU and the DVD will surely be an amazing success. Despite her annoying personality, she actually does perform well in the ring. It doesn’t hurt that she always wrestles the best female wrestlers in the world. Maybe they are the ones making HER look good? Either way, they are GREAT matches!


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