History of the I Quit Match

I QuitAn “I Quit” Match is a type of professional wrestling match in which the only way to win is to make the opponent say the words “I Quit” (usually into a microphone). It is different from a submission match, in that merely tapping out, which is usually sufficient to signify submission, is not enough in this match; the forfeiting opponent must actually state “I Quit.”

Generally, whenever a wrestler knocks down his opponent with a move or inflicts a submission move, he will grab the microphone and ask the opponent to say “I Quit.” and the opponent (at least early in the match) will make some kind of retort. “I Quit” matches are commonly used to settle kayfabe grudges and embarrass rivals, since saying “I Quit” is usually a sign of admitted inferiority. [Courtesy of Wikipedia.com]

Date location / Event Winner Loser
09/22/1970 Raleigh, NC Jones and Royal Ole and Gene Anderson
* * * NOTE: For the Atlantic Coast tag team titles.
11/27/1974 Lubbock, TX Ricky Romero Karl Von Steiger
07/17/1975 Corpus Christi, TX Jose Lothario Terry Funk
08/15/1975 Atlanta, GA Mr. Wrestling II Dick Slater
09/15/1975 Augusta, GA Mr. Wrestling II Dick Slater
01/27/1976 Augusta, GA Dick Slater The Spoiler
04/05/1976 Augusta, GA Stan Stasiak Dick Slater
09/06/1976 Augusta, GA Dick Slater Mr. Wrestling II
10/15/1976 Atlanta, GA Dusty Rhodes Missouri Mauler
07/11/1977 Augusta, GA Mr. Wrestling II Dick Slater
* * * NOTE: This was a “Lights Out” match.
08/19/1978 Chattanooga, TN The Beast Bobby Eaton
02/18/1983 Hollywood, FL Midnight Rider Kevin Sullivan
* * * NOTE: This was a “Lights Out” match.
06/29/1983 Lubbock, TX Kerry Von Erich Terry Gordy
07/08/1984 Orlando, FL Barry Windham Dick Slater
01/20/1985 San Antonio, TX Kevin Von Erich Chris Adams
02/25/1985 Dallas, TX Kevin Von Erich Chris Adams
01/23/1985 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Brian Blair Jesse Barr
11/28/1985 NWA Starrcade Magnum TA Tully Blanchard
* * * NOTE: This match took place inside of a steel cage.
11/15/1989 Clash of the Champions IX Ric Flair Terry Funk
08/08/1992 Smokey Mountain Wrestling Tim Horner Buddy Landel
04/02/1995 Wrestlemania 11 Bret Hart Bob Backlund
03/15/1997 ECW Shane Douglas Pitbull #1
* * * NOTE: For the ECW television title.
12/06/1997 Music City Wrestling Flash Flanagan Wolfie D
01/24/1999 WWF Royal Rumble The Rock Mankind
* * * NOTE: For the WWF championship.
01/25/1999 WWE RAW The Rock Triple H
* * * NOTE: For the WWF Championship.
11/21/1999 WCW Mayhem Bill Goldberg Sid Vicious
02/07/2000 WCW Monday Nitro David Flair Terry Funk
01/07/2001 ECW Tommy Dreamer C.W. Anderson
08/31/2001 IWC Shirley Doe Chris Hero
06/29/2002 NWA Main Event Jason Cain Chris Champion
06/14/2003 CZW Rockin Rebel John Zandig
10/19/2003 WWE No Mercy Vince McMahon Stephanie McMahon
10/26/2003 PCW Australia Slikk Steev Limit
* * * NOTE: The match ended in a no contest.
01/16/2004 IWA Mid South J.C. Bailey Ian Rotten
08/21/2004 WXO TV Taping Tom Horner Lance Erickson
* * * NOTE: The match ended in a time limit draw.
10/16/2004 Ring of Honor Alex Shelley Jimmy Jacobs
10/22/2004 IWF New Jersey Roman Shane O’Brien
03/12/2005 NEPW Glenn Spectre Chris Hamrick
05/22/2005 WWE Judgment Day John Cena JBL
* * * NOTE: For the WWE Championship.
07/08/2005 IWA Mid South Ian Rotten Eddie Kingston
* * * NOTE: This match took place in a steel cage.
08/20/2006 WWE SummerSlam Ric Flair Mick Foley
10/20/2006 WWE SmackDown Chavo Guerrero Rey Mysterio
09/07/2007 WWE SmackDown Rey Mysterio Chavo Guerrero
09/13/2009 WWE Breaking Point John Cena Randy Orton
* * * NOTE: For the WWE Championship.
05/23/2010 WWE Over the Limit John Cena Batista
* * * NOTE: For the WWE Championship.
09/05/2010 TNA No Surrender A.J. Styles Tommy Dreamer
10/16/2010 Ring of Honor Colt Cabana Steve Corino
05/22/2011 WWE Over the Limit John Cena The Miz
* * * NOTE: For the WWE Championship.
05/19/2013 WWE Extreme Rules Alberto Del Rio Jack Swagger

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