Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2009 results

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On Friday, November 20, 2009 the wrestling community came together once more for the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. The event was sponsored by Full Impact Pro and World Wrestling Network. Night one was held in Brooksville National Guard Armory, 16386 Springhill Drive in Brooksville, FL. Florida wrestling legend Tyree Pride and Hector Guerrero were in the audience. Dragons Gate USA Talent Relations representative Gabe Sapolsky was also there scouting the wrestlers. 
The following matches were part of the Pro Wrestling Riot portion of the evening:
(1) Tony Kozina defeated QT Marshall.
(2) “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas defeated Leon Scott.
(3) Craig Classic defeated Jaison Moore.
(4) Erick Stevens defeated Kyle O’Reilly.
(5) PWR Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated 911 Inc.’s Francisco Ciatso (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi.) Erick Stevens will face Santee tomorrow night in Crystal River.

2009 JPC First Round Brackets
Davey Richards (FIP) defeated Drake Younger (CZW)
Egotistico Fantastico (CZW) defeated Scotty Vortekz (CZW)

TJ Perkins (FIP) defeated Arik Cannon (AAW)
Shane Hollister (AAW) defeated Flip Kendrick (Hybrid)

Silas Young (AAW) defeated Dave Cole (Hybrid)
Jon Moxley (CZW) defeated Brad Attitude (FIP)

Johnny Gargano (AAW) defeated Chris Jones (FIP)
Louis Lyndon (Hybrid) defeated Marion Fontaine (Hybrid)

In a non-tournament match, Bumz R Us won the tag team rumble to become Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team champions.
Long Version of the results:
As is tradition with the event, Jeff’s long time friend Milo Beasley came out with the sixteen competitors for the pre-show introductions to present them with a ceremonial medallion.

(1) Louis Lyndon defeated “the Megastar” Marion Fontaine.
This is one of two matches where team members faced off (the other being Fantastico vs. Vortekz.) Early on both men traded armdrags but it appeared Fontaine was caught off guard and slid to a neutral corner. Fontaine got a hammerlock only to be countered eventually taken down a flying head scissor and dropkick which sent him to the floor. Lyndon followed with a plancha but Fontaine moved sending Lyndon to the floor. Fontaine tossed Lyndon back in the ring and the Booty Time began. Lyndon tried to use his martial arts skills but Fontaine grounded him with a body scissor for two. The action briefly went to the floor where Fontaine tried to knock out Lyndon and demanded a countout from the referee. Lyndon beat the count and nearly lost by submission to a rear chinlock. Lyndon fought to his feet and used his martial arts skills to cut Fontaine and his ego down to size. Lyndon went for a move but got hit with a superkick for two. Fontaine went up top and hit a Frog Splash for two. Lyndon tried to keep Fontaine away, kicking Fontaine to the floor and followed with a between ropes tope’. Lyndon’s suplex back in the ring was countered and then countered again. Both men traded punches and kicks but it was Lyndon who won with a lariat like move.

(2) Johnny Gargano defeated Chris Jones.
Jones had the proverbial home field advantage it was obvious Gargano was bothered by it. Gargano tried a test of strength to silence the crowd but Jones got control of it only to be countered. Gargano countered with a punch to the jaw while Jones countered with armdrag takeover an elbow drop onto Gargano’s elbow joint. Gargano countered out with a dropkick and several shots to Jones’ head. Jones fought back with several moves ending with Gargano on the floor and Jones going after him only to see Gargano counter twice and catching Jones with a dropkick to the chest. Gargano kept on the upper body with chest chops and kicks to the ribs. Gargano got two following a gutbuster like move and followed with a clothesline and two sentons for two. Jones tried to recover but got dumped to the floor where Gargano followed and he dropped Jones on the apron face first. After taunting the fans Gargano beat the referee’s count. Gargano went up top but missed his splash. Jones got to his feet first and went on the attack with several hard shots but Gargano fought back only to be hit with a tornado DDT for two. Jones went to end the match with a top rope move but Gargano blocked it and hit a modified neckbreaker and top rope splash for two. Jones tried to fight back as Gargano laid in kicks to the body and he went up top with Jones who fought off a hold and came off with a huricurana like move for two. Jones missed a spinning body press and Gargano quickly rolled him up using the tights for leverage.
(3) Silas Young defeated Hybrid Heavyweight champion “the New Deal” Dave Cole
Early on both men tried controlling the tempo but ended up back at square one. Cole smacked Young and ran for his life around the ring only to be back in the ring getting slapped and clotheslined to the mat. Cole stopped any momentum Young built up by hitting an inverted suplex dropping Young’s mid section on the top rope. Cole went to work on the injured area with submission holds. Young fought back with body shots only to be hit with a belly to belly release toss. Cole kept the heat on Young with an elbow to the chest for two and followed with a backbreaker which he held for a submission attempt. Young fought out hitting a jawbreaker and several turnbuckle shots only to be hit with a kick to the gut. Young fought off a Tornado DDT dumping Cole to the mat. Both men fought to their feet and it was Young who was the aggressor with chest chops and a backbreaker into a clothesline for two. Young went for a bodyblock but was hit with a dropkick to the chest which got Cole a two count. Cole went for a move only to be countered but he countered back into a Liger Driver style move for two. Cole went up top and dragged Young up with him for a double underhook but Young countered with a backdrop and followed with a bodyblock for two. Cole locked Young in a STF style submission but Young fought out and hit a kick to Cole’s face. Young hit a rolling Samoan Drop and followed with a spinning bodyblock for the hard fought win.
(4) Jon Moxley defeated FIP Heritage champion Brad Attitude.
For no reason whatsoever Moxley attacked a member of the FIP ringside security and then went after the camera crew. Attitude waited in the ring not sure how to handle this and eventually he slapped the taste out of Moxley’s mouth. Moxley seemed to settle down and began wrestling with shoulder blocks but Attitude took him down with several armdrags into an armbar. Moxley fought back with chops and forearms which knocked the wind out of Attitude for a moment. Attitude fought back with a cross body block for two but his shoulder block missed Moxley and hit the ringpost. Moxley followed to the floor where he kept on the shoulder with kicks. Back in the ring Moxley tried to dislocate the shoulder socket with a stretch and knee drops. Attitude fought back with a clothesline to the floor and the match nearly became a brawl with both men using the ring post and barricades as weapons. Attitude took over with a tope’ to the floor which nearly knocked Moxley out. Back in the ring Attitude went up top but Moxley made him crotch on the top. Moxley kept working on the injured shoulder with a overhand wristlock but didn’t get the tap out. Moxley tried for a test of strength style pin but Attitude fought to his feet but Moxley got in a cheap kick only to be leveled with a dropkick. With only his right arm to use Attitude fought off Moxley as best he could with a neckbreaker and senton for two. Moxley fought back with a lariat but got only two as he took too long going for the pin. Moxley laid Attitude in the ring and went up top but his elbow drop only met ring apron. Attitude got two with a move but Moxley went back to the arm with an armbar and locked in the Crossface Chicken Wing submission to advance.
(5) Bumz R’ Us (Milo Beasley/Ray Beez/Milo Bearsley) won the Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team championship rumble. All this came about after Shawn Osborne’s retirement, Pro Wrestling Riot officials declared the tag team titles vacant. The other Tag Team Rumble Participants included:

FIP Tag Team Champions the British Lions (Christopher Gray/Tommy Taylor), Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis/Jon Davis w/Leva), Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean/”Fabulous” Phil Davis w/Amy Vitale), The Shane Twins (Mike & Todd), 2 Fast 2 Furious (Nooie Lee/Jerrelle Clark),The Loggers (Mighty Dagon/Lumberjack Manley), The James Boys (Luke & Rich) Kahagas & The Blackheart, Tony Kozina & Kyle O’Reilly.

During the match the DCFC tossed the Bumz to the floor but they tossed them under the ropes not over the top. The Shane’s and the DCFC were considered eliminated when they fought to the locker room. The Loggers, HBX and British Lions were remaining and the Bumz remained on the floor. The Lions got rid of the Loggers and the HBX/Lions celebrated, well Tommy Taylor didn’t as he still despises the Express. They asked Chris Gray to eliminate himself as Taylor protested. Sean Davis berated Taylor into letting Gray go slapping him in the face. When Taylor fired a slap back he fell back into Gray on the apron. This caused Gray to be eliminated. As the Express partied in the ring, Bumz R’ Us snuck back in and tossed the Express out to win. As the celebration went on, referees had to keep the Lions from fighting each other.

(6) Shane Hollister defeated Flip Kendrick.
Hollister tried to intimidate Kendrick with some slaps to the face but Kendrick countered an armbar into one of his own only to be countered back. Kendrick hit a Lucha style armdrag which sent Hollister to the floor to rethink things. He came back into the ring and kicked Kendrick square in the gut and followed with forearms which were returned in kind. Kendrick hit a springboard huricurana followed by a dropkick to the face which got him two. Kendrick went up but Hollister cut him off and dropkicked Kendrick to the floor. Hollister followed to the floor and was met with a chop but Hollister hit what looked like a STO into the ring apron. The match came back to the ring where Hollister kept the punishement going with a modified abdominal stretch but couldn’t get the submission. Kendrick fought back as Hollister kept the fight coming to him, hitting a standing reverse 450 splash. Kendrick hit a pedigree style move but got two. Kendrick got too close and Hollister hit a jawbreaker and countered a flip by Flip with a running boot to the face. Both men were off their feet and it looked close to a double countout when they got to their vertical base when Kendrick dumped Hollister to the floor and Kendrick followed with a spinning corkscrew press. Both men struggled back to the ring but Kendrick tossed Hollister in and hit a suplex into a knee to the neck for two. Hollister went up top but Kendrick got his knees up into the Frog Splash. Kendrick decided to go up top but his corkscrew press got only two. Kendrick got close to victory but it was a spinning kick from Hollister that got the victory.
(7) TJ Perkins defeated AAW Heritage champion “the Anarchist” Arik Cannon.
Perkins wanted a handshake and he got one then he got attacked from behind by Cannon. Cannon tried to keep up with the speed of Perkins and it worked for a bit as he fought to slow down Perkins with body shots. Perkins’ chest began to welt up from the body shots as he fired in a leg lariat to Cannon. Perkins hit a huricurana which sent Cannon to the floor and when Perkins went to follow, Cannon was waiting with an attack but his chest chop met the ring post. The fight went back to the ring where Perkins hit a top rope bodyblock for two. Perkins went to work on the injured hand with and kept the right hand occupied in a stretch. Cannon backed Perkins to a corner where there was no clean break but an elbow to the face. Perkins fought back with another head shot but a running dropkick to the corner missed and Perkins got stuck in the second rope. Cannon hit a dropkick to Perkins and a standing suplex followed after. Cannon kept hitting body shots and the welt rose even more on Perkins’ body. Cannon hit an enziguri for two and the frustration began to rise in “the Anarchist.” Cannon locked in a mat based body stretch but Perkins refused to tap out. Instead he fought out of the hold hitting Cannon with a boot to the face only to be power bombed into the corner and Cannon followed with another power move for two. Cannon’s suplex was countered by Perkins into one of his own and it left both men trying to get their breath. Cannon was hit with several high impact moves in and out of the ring by Perkins which led to him hitting Cannon with hangman’s neckbreaker for what looked to be three but the referee saw Cannon’s foot on the ropes and ordered the match to continue. Cannon’s Burning Hammer led to a lariat for two. Cannon went for another lariat but Perkins avoided it and locked in a Cloverleaf like submission for the tap out victory.
(8) Egotistico Fantastico defeated Scotty Vortekz.
This was the other intra-promotional match of the opening round and both men decided to show the fans what CZW was about. It appeared CZW is about high flying action because both men went to end the match in the opening minutes. Vortekz went for a suicide dive but got kicked in the head by Ego. Ego tossed Vortekz into the ring barrier so hard that Vortekz cleared it and landed in the audience. Ego went for his ring cape and with it attached he hit a leaping elbow drop into the prone Vortekz who was left sitting in a folding chair. They fought back to the ring with chest chops and punches to the head. Ego got two as Vortekz tried to figure a way to slow down Ego. It happened when he countered a Burrito move with a Japanese armdrag and a body shot for two. Vortekz laid in the chest chops to Ego making it echo through the building. Vortekz showed he could high fly with flips and flying kicks to Ego’s body. Ego fought back using his head literally but he got locked in a headlock. Ego fought out only to be hit with a dropkick for two. Ego fired in some kicks to the head and chest which got him two. Ego hit a discus punch which sent Vortekz to the floor and he followed him out to deliver more chest chops. Both men were nearly counted out but beat the count as Ego wanted to end the match via pinfall. Both men fought for position countering each other’s finishing holds and it was Ego who got decked by two kicks to the back from Vortekz. Vortekz went for a move but got caught in Ego’s Taco Pizza submission into pin combo but somehow Vortekz kicked out of the pin. Ego dropped Vortekz on the top rope and followed up for a move but Vortekz countered out with a headbutt which sent Ego to the floor. Vortekz came off with a full flip which leveled Ego. Both men again were dangerously close to countout losses but they beat the count and fought on trading forearms to the jaw. Ego hit a slam and went up but got slapped in the head by Vortekz who came off with Ego in a spinning slam for two. Vortekz got to his feet and he delivered several forearms to the jaw but he went to the ropes instead of the pin and it cost him as Ego hit a modified Cop Killer to win and advance. After the match both men shook hands and received a standing ovation.
(9) FIP World Heavyweight champion Davey Richards defeated CZW World Heavyweight champion Drake Younger.
In the opening ceremony these two men traded verbal insults and they traded stares during the introductions. The hard hitting style of both men came out at the bell as they traded mirror moves only to be standing in the center of the ring at square one. Richards took Younger to the mat only to be countered into a waistlock. Richards countered out into a standing position and actually backed away from Younger letting him get to his feet. Richards went after the left arm while Younger went after the left leg with both men ending up in the ropes. Richards delivered a kick to the back which was returned by Younger who then traded forearm shots that sent Richards to the floor. Richards seemed to have a plan and it slowed Younger down to a crawl. Richards went on the attack but got caught in several armdrags which left him on the mat with Younger holding the left arm. Richards backed Younger to a corner and didn’t give a clean break. Richards ripped at Younger’s face as the referee threatened the DQ. Younger dumped Richards to the floor and followed with a rolling tope’. Younger kept Richards on the defensive with chest chops but Richards fought back. In the ring Younger hit a standing suplex for one. Younger hit a slam and went up but came down jamming his knee on impact. Richards went right to work on the injured left knee with an Indian Deathlock like hold but Younger refused to quit, instead he created a rope break. Richards let the hold go but not the attack on the knees. Richards went for a running clothesline and ran into Younger’s boot. Richards hit a kick to the gut and Younger struggled for breath. Younger got it back but Richards locked in another leg submission but again Younger got to the ropes. Richards dropped Younger on the top corner but got headbutted off and Younger followed him only to miss the Frog Splash and Richards locked in a Cloverleaf but again Younger got to the ropes. Richards was clearly pissed off and this allowed Younger to get his wind and fire back at Richards with punches and kicks and a full nelson suplex for two. Younger kept on the attack with a Burning Hammer like move but he got two. Both men went to end the match as Younger went for a suplex but Richards countered into a Dragon Screw. Richards went up top hitting a missile dropkick and some devastating kicks to the chest of Younger but Richards couldn’t put him away. Younger countered a waistlock and Richards went to the floor where he kicked Younger in the head stopping a suicide dive. Richards went for the kill in the ring with several head shots but got two. He called for the DR Driver but Younger countered into a corner with chest chops. Again both men went up the ropes and got crazy with dueling headbutts. Richards got control and brought them off in a superplex but he couldn’t go for the pin. Both men hit clotheslines, kicks and forearms to the face. Younger got a pin attempt but Richards fought out once more. Younger got to his feet first and Richards got caught with a super Michinoku Driver for two!! Somehow Richards kicked out and countered a Cop Killer. Richards kicked Younger in the arm and hit the DR Driver but Younger kicked out!! Richards frustration reached the roof and he locked in a Cloverleaf which despite his best effort Younger could not escape. After the match Richards took the house mic and was going to address the fans and Younger but instead he handed Younger the CZW belt. Younger declared Richards a true world champion.


Night two of the 2009 Jeff Peterson Cup took place on Saturday, November 21, 2009 in the Crystal River National Guard Armory 8551 W. Venable St.

The following matches were part of the Pro Wrestling Riot pre-show:
(1) Kyle O’Reilly defeated Craig Classic.
(2) Raymond “Killing Machine” Snow (w/ Amy Vitale & Phil Davis) defeated Lou Gotham.
(3) Tony Kozina defeated Jaison Moore.
(4) FIP World Tag Team champion Christopher Gray (w/Phil Davis) defeated Jerrelle Clark of 2 Fast 2 Furious & PWR Tag Team champion Milo Beasley (w/Milo Bearsley)
(5) PWR Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated Erick Stevens via DQ.
Before the match Stevens gave his reason for attacking his former partner Roderick Strong on October 3rd. He said when Strong hit him with the boot in the corner it brought back horrible memories. Stevens realized he cared only about one person, Erick Stevens and no one in Riot or FIP was going to stop “the Train.”

Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup second round:
Davey Richards defeated Egotistico Fantastico
TJ Perkins defeated Shane Hollister
Johnny Gargano defeated Louis Lyndon
Silas Young defeated Jon Moxley

Davey Richards defeated TJ Perkins
Silas Young defeated Johnny Gargano

Davey Richards defeated Silas Young

In non tournament matches:
Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis & Kory Chavis) defeated the James Gang.
Texas Bullrope Match, Wrestling Legend “Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. “Superstar” Sean Davis(w/Phil Davis & Amy Vitale)

Drake Younger won the Dragons Gate USA Fray! Match. Also in the match was: Chris Jones, Brad Attitude, Flip Kendrick, Arik Cannon, Dave Cole, Scotty Vortekz & Marion Fontaine.

Very long version of the show:
(1) In a 2nd round match, Davey Richards defeated Egotistico Fantastico.
Richards wanted to end it fast but his attack was matched by the speed of Ego who ran Richards all over the ring and then on the floor where the fight went into the fans. The referee gave the men some leeway and held counting them out. Ego went for a suicide dive as Richards was prone in a chair but this time it failed. Richards had to drag Ego and his cape back into the ring. Richards went on the attack working on Ego’s left leg. Briefly he began talking to the fans instead of beating on Ego. Richards kept on the knee even as the fans cheered on Ego. Ego fought back with punches and kicks to the ribs. He followed with a takeover slam for two. Richards ducked a move and decked Ego with an enziguri and waited for Ego to get to his feet before striking with a kick but his next kick met air as Ego was out of the corner. Ego hit a dropkick to the head and locked in Taco Pizza and let it go for a DVD for two. Richards got a dropkick to the knee and a kick to the chest before locking in the Cloverleaf but Ego got to the ropes. Richards taunted the fans who cheered for Ego before he went up top and went nowhere as Ego met him. They came off when Ego hit a huricurana for two. Ego went for the Queso Killer but Richards countered out and this time the Cloverleaf got him a submission win.
(2) In a 2nd round match, TJ Perkins defeated Shane Hollister.
Early on there was a feeling out process of sorts and neither man gained full control. Perkins briefly locked in a Human Torture Rack but let it go for an armbar. Hollister hit a double knee to the chest but Perkins fired back with a neckbreaker for two. Both men fought for control with waistlocks but Hollister got in a kick and slingshot elbow for two. Hollister locked in a double underhook bodylock but Perkins got out catching Hollister in a leg submission but Hollister made it to the ropes only to be hit with chest chops. Both men used the ropes as leverage to keep the other off guard and ended up on the floor as Hollister landed on Perkins. Back in the ring Hollister went up and he got caught by Perkins with both feet to the face. Perkins missed a spinning kick but Hollister hit his but he got caught in a Cloverleaf but somehow Hollister got to the ropes for the break. Perkins looked pissed off as he hit a brainbuster but he got rolled up for two and decked with a Hollister kick to the chest for two. Perkins was slow to get to his feet and his goldbricking nearly worked in a inside cradle for two. The two men fired shots at each other as Hollister hit the Voorhees Complex but somehow Perkins kicked out and won via Scorpion Deathlock submission.
(3) In a 2nd round match, Johnny Gargano defeated Louis Lyndon.
Gargano jumped Lyndon as he was removing his ceremonial afro wig and kept the punches going until Lyndon fired in some shots. Lyndon got a head scissor which made Gargano bail to the floor only to come back in to be hit with a double chop. Lyndon got spit in his face and then kicks to his head from Gargano. But instead of going after Lyndon, Gargano took some time to use Lyndon’s headband as his own. Gargano added the wig before attacking Lyndon with a rear chinlock. The fans were behind Lyndon as he fought to his feet hitting forearms but his armdrag attempt failed as Gargano slipped off. Lyndon hit a splash but his next corner move was stopped by an STO into the buckles. Gargano ended up on the apron and Lyndon went to attack but he got hit with a spear. Lyndon dropped Gargano to the floor and followed out with a moonsault. Both men got in the ring where Lyndon went to end it with a palm strike but got countered by Gargano who hit a Fisherman buster for two. Lyndon hit several handstrikes but Gargano hit a superkick and avoided another palm strike to roll up Lyndon with the tights.
(4) In a 2nd round match, Silas Young defeated Jon Moxley.
Moxley didn’t wait for the introductions as he jumped Young and both men ended up on the floor using the ring apron, guard rails and anything else they could grab as weapons. Finally the two men came back to the ring Young got Moxley on the mat with a side headlock trying to slow things down. Moxley countered out into a head scissor but Young countered out into a Boston Crab. Moxley spun his legs and powered out but Young hit a slingshot neckbreaker from the ring apron. Moxley fired back with forearms and chops in the ring and on the floor. Back in the ring Moxley went to work on the arm going for the Chicken Wing submission but Young got out with a suplex. Moxley went for the Chicken Wing again but got caught in the Boston Crab only to see Young countered out. Moxley and Young traded punches but Moxley grabbed Young by the hair and threw him to the ring apron. Back in the ring Moxley went to work on the neck with a submission vise hold. Young fought out but got caught in a figure four head scissor submission. Young freed himself only to be hit with a dropkick and an arrogant pin attempt from Moxley who went back to the neck. Young escaped with a kick to the head but missed a corner move. Moxley went for a clothesline but got caught by Young in a modified surfboard with forearm shots to the face. Moxley nearly tapped but got out and delivered forearms and went up top but Young moved and got a pin for two. Moxley went back up and this time hit a missile dropkick and a DDT for two. Moxley locked in a rear naked choke hold but somehow Young got out with shots to the knee but the choke was locked back in by Moxley. Young rolled to his stomach so Moxley switched to a traditional sleeper but Young got to his feet and fought out only to be caught in it again but this time Young got to the ropes and after a break he hit an enziguri followed by the Chicken Wing but Moxley fought out. Both men traded moves but it was Young who came out on top with a Finlay Roll into an Arabian Press.
(5) Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis & Kory Chavis) defeated the James Boys (Bo & Luke).
Sorry to say but this was an ass kicking from bell to bell as the DCFC was in total control. Davis and Chavis humiliated the James Boys ending the misery with Project Mayhem. After the match Chavis took the mic to say January 16th the DCFC will Evolve in Rahway, NJ. (see for more info)
(6) In a semi-finals match, Davey Richards defeated TJ Perkins.
This quite possibly was Perkins’ highest profile match since joining FIP and he showed a serious face during the introductions. Both men kept the action mat based in the opening minutes and surprisingly Perkins was able to go hold for hold with the FIP World champion. Perkins focused on the left arm and shoulder of Richards who tried to counter with headlocks and waistlock takeovers. Richards grabbed the leg and went for a submission but Perkins got to the ropes causing a break. Perkins got on the offensive again with a front facelock into armdrags. Perkins kept control with an armbar as Richards tried to escape but got tagged with a dropkick and again back to the mat with the armbar. Richards got out with a kick and then tried to bully the referee who was close to calling for the DQ but cooler heads prevailed. Instead Richards laid into Perkins with kicks to the chest sending Perkins to the ring apron to recover. Richards gave him too much time as Perkins hit a cross bodyblock from the top for two and traded kicks and forearms with Richards. Both men nearly knocked the other out with the kicks to the head and barely beat the standing ten count. Both men fired in the head shots but Richards grabbed the left leg for a Dragon Screw only to be hit with a superkick for two. Perkins was hit with a German suplex but fought out into a cross armbreaker after a kimura. Richards got into the Cloverleaf but Perkins countered into a small package for two into a Figure Four Deathlock but Richards got to the ropes. Richards fought off a facelock into the corner only to be tagged with a kick but Perkins shoulder block met the ring post and Perkins tapped out to a kimura lock.
(7) In a semi-finals match, Silas Young defeated Johnny Gargano.
Gargano waited until Young got to ringside before diving over with a plancha. Gargano dragged Young into the ring where the attack continued with forearms to the face. Young fought back ducking a move and hitting Gargano with a powerslam. Gargano blocked a ring apron spear and dropped Gargano with a DDT for two. Young grabbed Gargano on the apron where they fought for position and they came back in the ring with Gargano hitting a superkick for two. Gargano got his breath but hit full nelson was turned into a victory roll for two by Young. Gargano hit a running forearm to the corner but Young hit a backbreaker for two. Young went for the Finlay Roll but Gargano countered onto the ropes and he hit a spinning neckbreaker like move. Both men went for a small package and actually rolled around the ring. Gargano went for a rollup but this time the tights didn’t help him. Young locked in a full nelson with a body scissor and despite his best effort Gargano tapped out.
(8) Drake Younger won the Dragons Gate USA Fray! Match. Also in the match was: Chris Jones, Brad Attitude, Flip Kendrick, Arik Cannon, Dave Cole, Scotty Vortekz & Marion Fontaine.
I didn’t try to keep up with this amazing & crazy match which must be seen on a Dragons Gate USA event (this one will be on the Peterson Cup DVD as well). It began with two wrestlers and another entered every two minutes and eliminations happened the normal way except for countouts. The order of entry was as follows: Arik Cannon, Brad Attitude, Dave Cole, Marion Fontaine, Flip Kendrick, Drake Younger, Chris Jones and Scotty Vortekz. The order of elimination was as follows: Cannon by Kendrick’s Spiral Tap 540, Cole by Younger’s half nelson suplex, Fontaine by Attitude’s Adjustment, Kendrick also by the Attitude Adjustment, Jones via a Vortekz/Younger double team top rope move, Attitude by Younger and Vortekz was beat by Younger and Cop Killer like move.
(9) In a Texas Bullrope Match, Wrestling Legend “Outlaw” Ron Bass defeated “Superstar” Sean Davis (w/Phil Davis & Amy Vitale)
All of this stemmed from the October 3rd FIP event where Brad Attitude defeated Heartbreak Enterprises member Rhett Titus for the FIP Florida Heritage championship with some help from Ron Bass. After the match Davis called Bass out to face him tonight, not knowing it would turn into a bullrope match. Davis refused to let the referee tie the rope around his wrist. So Bass grabbed the cowbell and hit Davis with it which allowed the referee to tie it on. Davis slid to the floor and Bass dragged him into the ringpost and then Davis came back in the ring bleeding from the post shot. Bass tagged Davis in the gut with the cowbell and then rubbed the rope into the eyes. Bass dragged Davis to the middle of the ring where he continued to use the bell as a weapon. With no DQ Bass used the rope to choke Davis. Vitale got on the ropes and with referee busy it allowed Phil Davis to toss baby powder into Bass’ eyes. This allowed Davis time to recover and use the rope to choke down Bass. Bass fought to his feet and he smashed Davis in the head with the bell which made the cut on the forehead even deeper. Things got ugly when Bass went to hit Davis but the referee was pulled in the middle and he was hit with the bell cutting him open. This gave Phil Davis a chance to once again get involved using the cowbell on Bass. But Bass ducked the shot and Phil Davis was leveled by the bell cutting him open. Bass smashed both men with the bell sending blood all over the place. Bass got in one final shot with the bell which knocked Davis out long enough to get the pin. After the match Vitale bravely confronted Bass in the ring but she ended up over his knee getting spanked like a seven year old.
(10) In the finals, Davey Richards defeated Silas Young
Richards got the referee to check something on Young’s kneepad and Richards used this to attack. But it backfired as the fight went to the floor as the other 14 competitors came to offer support. Finally the match came back to the ring where Young hit Richards with several right hand punches. Richards fought back with a knee to the gut but his DR Driver was countered into a pin attempt by Young. Richards hit a running knee to the gut before taking the match to the mat with body scissors. Young fought out of the hold but Richards kept control as he taunted the fans. Richards hit a slam and a top rope headbutt for two after a cocky pin attempt. Richards followed with a back suplex but Young fired back with bodyshots only to be taken down by Richards who got in the referee’s face over a slow count. Young caught Richards with a backdrop and absorbed some kicks from Richards and he decked Richards with a kick to the face but couldn’t make a pin. Young hit two clotheslines and a cross bodyblock for two. Young followed with an enziguri into a Fisherman Buster also for two before locking into the full nelson body scissor but Richards got to the ropes. Both men went up top and fought for control and Richards ended up hitting an in-ring missile dropkick followed by several stiff kicks to Young’s body. Richards followed with a handspring move for two and waited for Young to get to his feet. The DR Driver was blocked again even as Richards delivered knees to the face. Young countered out into a backbreaker for two. Young went up for a move but missed but not the superkick or the Finlay Roll into the Arabian Press but somehow Richards kicked out!!! Richards cut Young off as he went up and they came off release German suplex. Richards hit the DR Driver but somehow Young kicked out of the pin! Richards called for a top rope move and came off in a Shooting Star Press and he won the trophy after locking in the Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. After the match Richards said he was the most dominate wrestler going today, however he wouldn’t be dominate without the level of competition he faced this weekend. Richards said all of the Peterson competitors were the future of wrestling and they would Evolve soon.
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