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Announces The Top 50 Independent Women Wrestlers of 2009!!

In 2003, The Wrestling Clothesline, being an avid supporter of women indy wrestling, decided to take the idea of ranking wrestlers in a slightly different direction. Since the WWE wasn’t taking women wrestling seriously and many promotions don’t give the ladies a second thought, someone has to give credit to those women who are working week in and week out, in the high school gyms and broken down Elk’s Lodges, for barely enough money to pay for gas and tolls.

It seems everyone now does a Top (insert number here) for the guys in wrestling. Since our list began, numerous web sites (and now a major wrestling publication) have tried to imitate it. However, all those lists include WWE talent. Here at WrestlingClothesline.com, we feel the need to give all those women out there on the indy scene the recognition they deserve.

The original Wrestling Clothesline Top 50 Independent Women Wrestlers was such a unique concept that Bill Apter’s Total Wrestling Magazine featured the list (both on the cover and with a multiple page spread!!)

Now, in 2009, the time has come for us to once again rank those women that we feel are at the head of the pack, on the independent wrestling scene.

The complete list, along with how it was compiled can be found at: http://wrestlingclothesline.com/Top50Women2009.htm

Brett A. Schwan
The Wrestling Clothesline