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In May 2003 IPW Hardcore promoters created the JEFF PETERSON MEMORIAL CUP in tribute to the fallen cruiserweight star who passed in 2001 after a long battle with cancer. Since then the event has garnered a list of international stars who supported the event and honored Jeff’s memory by putting on five star caliber bouts. The previous winners were “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter, Justice, Chris Sabin, Milano Collection AT, Chris Hero & Erick Stevens. On November 20-21 sixteen men will come to Brooksville & Crystal River, Florida to try and join those names. Could this year’s winner be:
Shane Hollister
Height: 5Ft 8 In
Weight: 175 Lbs
Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Tournament history: 2009 CHIKARA Young Lions Cup VII (lost in 1st round to Trik Davis)
Where you have seen him: AAW, CHIKARA, WPPF, MCPW, 3XW Wrestling, NWA Iowa, DynastyPro, IWA-Mid South, HWA, Insane Championship Wrestling, AIW, F1RST, NWA No Limits, Luchacore, CZW
Championships held: NWA Iowa champion, AAW Tag Team champion (w/Bryce Benjamin)
Alan Wojcik: What was your reaction to being named part of Team AAW which heads to the 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup?
Shane Hollister: I feel very proud to be apart of team AAW. Makes me feel good that I am one of the guys they decided on, AAW is my home so it feel great going to the Peterson Cup.
Alan Wojcik: According to an interview with Missouri Wrestling Revival you grew up a fan of Shawn Michaels. What was it about him that made him your fave and early in your career or today have you modeled yourself after him?
Shane Hollister: Well, I think a lot of guys my age could say at some point Shawn Michaels was their fav wrestler. For me it was the simple fact that when he said he was going to tear the roof off the place he did and still does to this day. Just all around one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. I have never really modeled myself after him, just way too hard of a job, hahaha there is only one Shawn Michaels and there will never be another one so I just try to be me.
Alan Wojcik: In the tournament you are representing AAW. Talk about the promotion and the other three men making the trip to Florida with you; Arik Cannon, Silas Young and Johnny Gargano.
Shane Hollister: Like I said AAW is my home and I love wrestling for them, We have some of the greatest wrestling Fans around and we have one of the greatest locker rooms around. Guys like Silas Young, Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs, All of H.O.T, Arik Cannon and Johnny Gargano….just to name a few. I think very highly of Silas Young, Arik Cannon and Johnny Gargano they are all great in different ways.
Alan Wojcik: On occasion you work for a group called Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling. If possible please describe one of their events as their website ( might not do it the proper wording.
Shane Hollister: Mr. Chainsaw was the first place outside of Iowa I got my first feud which was with Christian Abel Which made me grow as a performer. So I have nothing but good things to say about them for that reason.
Alan Wojcik: Also on occasion you have worked for Ring of Honor. Might we someday soon see you as a full-time roster member?
Shane Hollister: Ring Of Honor is a great place to grow and continue to get better in this business and I hope very much one day to be a full time member of their roster.
Alan Wojcik: A search for promotions on Smart Mark Video showed you being part of the sadly defunct IWA-Mid South outift. Talk about working for them and what you feel led to it being shut down.
Shane Hollister: I really enjoyed working for IWA Mid-South Ian (Rotten) gave me a great spot to learn from in this business with what matches he gave me, I learned quite a bit from IWA. I really don’t know what lead to the down fall, It kinda came out of no where to me.
Alan Wojcik: You have been part of three successful tag teams. If possible talk about teaming with Bryce Benjamin, Marek Brave (iBoy) and also Trik Davis (duo called Call To Arms)
Shane Hollister: Marek and I were both trained by the same guy and lived in the same city so it was a lot of fun being his partner. When I started teaming with Bryce it was kinda just thrown together and we worked very well together and had some success as a tag team becoming AAW Tag champions. The guy I work the best with Trik Davis a master mind of the tag game, the stuff he comes up with is simply amazing.
Alan Wojcik: On a recent AAW event you were part of a tag match with Marek Brave taking on Danny Daniels/Trik Davis where you ended up being hit with a piledriver on the floor. What is your your current health status and could the neck injury possibly keep you out of the event?
Shane Hollister: My neck has been bothering me very much but I am taking the time to heal for the Peterson Cup, so it will not stop me from going.
Alan Wojcik: If you look over the other competitors that have been announced is there
someone you see that could be a roadblock keeping you from winning the whole thing?
Shane Hollister: That is hard to say there are a lot of great guys in the Peterson Cup. So that question I would say can’t be answered until I see what’s in front of me in the ring.
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