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Get ready to hear the show that everyone’s talking about. No one is safe as the one and only Paul Roma joins ClubWWI.com for an audio event unlike any other. It’s so Notorious, it’s …” GLORIOUS!” 

Paul’s last show rattled cages all over the wrestling business. Roma tore into Ted DiBiase for his WWE return and the Million Dollar Man fired back with a statement of his own. Now the former WCW Tag Champ responds and he has many examples to cite. Plus, plenty more hard-hitting topics that will be sure to leave your mouth hanging open only ClubWWI.com including: The Reason Ted Responded, Eric Bischoff: Moron, The “Sad Pathetic Joke” of Women’s Wrestling, Hulk Hogan‘s “Attempted” Suicide, Billy Kidman’s Morphine Gimmick, The Wrestler Who Wanted The IC Title Win Instead of Honky Tonk Man, When Steve Austin Told Him That He Was Jumping To WWF, What Ted Turner Said About Selling To Vince McMahon Free (and Frank) Advice To WWE, Randy Orton Saying That Eddie Guerrero’s In Hell, The Infamous WCW Musical Belts Orlando Tapings, Turning On Arn Anderson, When Triple H Looks Like Ultimate Warrior’s Genitals, The Original ECW, Stone Cold’s Rolling Stone Article,  Rick Rude, Paul Orndorff, Ted DiBiase Jr, and More Full list is up at: http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/newsnotes/Glorious4.shtml


Is it controversial? Well, would the fact that, among many other things, Paul said that Triple H, when posing, looked like the Ultimate Warrior’s penis answer your question? It’s just one of Paul’s many opinions that are presented unfiltered on Glorious.

As many fans know, a few weeks ago Paul took to ClubWWI.com and when talking about Ted DiBiase Jr in WWE, turned his attention to another former Club guest Ted Sr – The Million Dollar Man. Roma pointed to Ted’s issues with WWE years ago and his vows to never return for moral reasons. When he did, Paul said that DiBiase did it all for the thing he cares most about – Money.


Having heard these comments, Ted DiBiase responded with a statement about WWE’s changing programming and how kid friendly they’ve become through the years. Pointing to Vince McMahon’s new drug policy, Ted defended the company he works for and added that one day soon, his son would be The Million Dollar Man thanks to them.  Roma read the statement and now, after some research, he’s come to ClubWWI.com to respond:


“He has a right to defend himself, which is fine. And this isn’t me against him. But, with that being said, in his response to what I said, he said a few things that aren’t true. He also said at the end of his response that he gave his son his blessing and The Million Dollar Man would be his son in the not-so-distant future. So, again, it’s all about money.”


James agrees with Paul’s point about the closing of DiBiase’s response. It seemed counterproductive to release a statement to defend yourself against accusations that you’re preoccupied with money and then end with a line about how one day your son will be rich. It seemed strange.


“Exactly, so he tried to defend himself, but in the end, the truth came out. It is all about money. And that’s OK, you know? You are who you are. If you’re a hypocrite, you’re a hypocrite. Just, you know, deal with it, man. Don’t come firing back at me like you’re this patron saint when you’re not.”


Guttman jumps in and says that DiBiase didn’t have to respond and, when he did, he didn’t need to defend WWE as strongly as he did. If Ted had simply said, “I went back because I chose to.” That would have been fine. But instead it turned into a long statement on WWE’s kinder and gentler side. Paul has his own theory on why Ted responded, the reason why people with Vince McMahon try to defend the company, others in his position, the mentality that he’s doing anything to help change the product, the mindset of many life-long wrestlers, and more. He goes into all that on ClubWWI.com and that’s when he shows the research he’s done and starts hitting back at DiBiase’s claims that the company has been toning down it’s offensive style since his return in 2005…


“Yeah. The other thing is that how he says he’s there, he’s making a change. Listen, you’re not making a difference. OK? Let’ s just get that straight. Let’s go over a few things here. I did a little research and (James) knows what it is. In 2006, you know, Vince (McMahon) was mocking God in a church. You have “Live Sex” on Raw – again, 2006. You have Randy Orton telling Rey Mysterio that Eddie Guerrero, who just passed away, is in hell. Now, I don’t think Randy meant that. As a matter of fact, I know he didn’t mean that. But with that said, it’s still the family that hears it or maybe Guerrero’s children hear it. You know, while you think that’s okay and working an angle, you don’t care about Guerrero’s family and how you’re hurting them or their children in saying this. Is it really worth an angle? Is that really going to get those people in the seats? Can Ted DiBiase change that? No. He doesn’t have that kind of juice to change it. He does what they  tell him to do. That’s why he’s there. Otherwise he wouldn’t be there. If he set up a deal with them saying, ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ it wouldn’t be the way it is.”


Roma’s hard-hitting ClubWWI.com audio show doesn’t end there. He takes aim at many others including The McMahon Family, Eric Bischoff, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Billy Kidman, Women’s Wrestling, ECW, WCW, and much more. It’s the audio everyone is talking about and now you can hear the full 51 minute right now only on ClubWWI!


There’s so much more to check out right now on ClubWWI.com. Remember this show and every other audio is available for MP3 download so you can take them on your phone or ipod. With tons of shows and over 200 interviews with everyone from Bobby Lashley to Mae Young, you’ll never be without something to listen to. Other shows featured include Erik Watts’s “MEGAWATTS,” Bull Buchanan’s “Bullpen,” D-Lo Brown’s “Lo-Down,” Orlando Jordan’s “Club O.J.,” and show archives from Tom Prichard and Ivory.